Reincarnated in The originals as a human

Marcus flex was a normal Teenager a fan of tvdu but mostly The originals.What happens when he gets put in the body of another human in New Orleans?what happens when he finds out that vampires exist?what happens when he connects the dots and finds out he’s in the world of tvdu?Find out by reading!(This is the originals only fan fiction no Tvd!)

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Chapter 5:George kills his sire and finding Elijah

Rebekah dashed over to George and grabbed him by the neck and slammed him onto the wall.

Rebekah:who are you to question me?im an original you know I can kill you before you can even blink.

George:yes I'm well aware of that but klaus would be really angry if you killed me his best spy.

Rebekah:What makes you think that klaus cares about you?

George:oh I don't think he cares about me at all but this city he does.

Rebekah then let's go of his neck as George leans in looking like he's about to kiss her but whispers into her ear

George:bye now!

George dashes out of the house in less than a second.

Later that night

In the night in a bar at New Orleans vampires are feeding on humans like it's an all you can eat blood buffet

Nightwalker:oh my god man this blood is delicious!

Nightwalker 2:Hell yeah Marcel let us have a feast today man I just want a daylight ring so bad.

Nightwalker 3:yeah being a vampire is cool and all but not being able to walk in the day?man that shit sucks.

Nightwalker 4:Hey what do you think happend to Emma?

Nightwalker 3:what didn't you hear?marcel kicked her out and she ran away ain't nobody seen her since and since she can't run around in the day since she isn't a daylighter nobody knows where she is.

Daylighter:I see you guys are having a fun time.

Nightwalker 1:yes sir we are.

Daylighter:I hard you guys talking about that bitch that I turned into a vampire a few months back.

Nightwalker 3:yeah and what?do you have something to says?

Daylighter:woah easy now I've been a vampire for a lot longer than you a lot.

Nightwalker 2:how long?

Daylighter:almost a decade Marcel turned me a few years back after seeing my fighting skills and taught me all about being a vampire that's why I'm in his closes circle well not as close as Thierry but still close.

Meanwhile at the back of the bar feeding on a human girls wrist George could be seen lurking in the shadows.

George:Darling forget that I fed on you go home and sleep.George said looking into the girls eyes and compelling her.George loved compulsion it was one of his favourite things as a vampire to just be able to control other humans minds.

After the party was over and most of the vampires had left George also left the quarter and whent down an alleyway.

A vampire jumped down from the building emerging from the shadows.

George:Hello?who are you?

Emma:Oh so you don't remember me huh?

George:you?your that vampire bitch that turned me.marcel and his man have been looking everywhere for you.you don't even have a daylight ring.how have you not been found yet?

Emma:I have freinds that helped me hide.

George:wow good for you.

Emma:yeah it is good for me.Now I'm going to kill you.

Emma said as she dashed at George and punched him in the face George whent flying towards the building.


George said as he grabbed the metal pipe and slammed it on Emma's head Emma then got up and kicked George and grabbed him by the throat slamming him into the wall.

George then head butted her and have her a sidekick to the body and a right hook to the face followed by a takedown.


Georg then punched her in the face repeatedly.She then pushed George of of her geogre feel on the ground and Emma got up George grabbed a stick on the ground and snapped it in half Emma dashed at George and slammed him into the wall when George stakes her in the heart.

George dropped Emma's body to the floor as her face started to turn grey.

George then compelled someone to get rid of the body and clean up the blood off the floor.

George the whent back to the house.

The next day

George woke up in the morning and whent downstairs to see Hayley klaus and Rebekah sitting down

George:Good morning.

Klaus:Hello young George shouldn't you be trying to find out where Elijah's coffin has been stolen by marcel?

George:Even though I had nothing to do with that and I was out killing my sychotic sire who was trying to kill me sure klaus I'm going to spend my whole day looking for Elijah.

Klaus:good.Rebekah you should join him.

Rebekah:Fine i want to find Elijah anyways then I can leave this place.

George and Rebekah where out finding Elijah when George suggest St.annes church.

Rebekah:why do you think that Elijah's coffin is in there?

George:Becasue marcel would whant to put it somewhere where nobody would no where it is something he could use against klaus.

Rebekah:so where in St.annes church?we just go in there and his coffin is just in there.

George:no it will be in a basement or something along with his secret weapon that klaus has been obsessing about.

Rebekah:you mean like how marcel knows how all the witches in the quarter are doing magic?

George:yes.now let's go.

George and Rebekah then walk in the church and go into the basement.

George then tells Rebekah the plan.

George:ok you go inside there since whatever's marcels secret is in there then I get the coffin out.

Rebekah:and your sure about this?that marcels secret weapon is in there?

George:yes I am sure.

Rebekah:ok but I'm not going to be the bait and I'm an original a 1000 year old vampire I can't be taken down easily.

Rebekah said as she opens the door and walks inside and gets slammed into the ceiling.

George uses this to run inside and drug Elijah's coffins outdid St.annes church.

Meanwhile rebekah gets slammed into the wall again and again and then drops to the ground.she then gets up and looks at the mysterious girl with an angry look and then runs out of the church.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter

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