Reincarnated in The originals as a human

Marcus flex was a normal Teenager a fan of tvdu but mostly The originals.What happens when he gets put in the body of another human in New Orleans?what happens when he finds out that vampires exist?what happens when he connects the dots and finds out he’s in the world of tvdu?Find out by reading!(This is the originals only fan fiction no Tvd!)

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Chapter 3:Striking a deal with klaus and meeting Elijah

Hayley:Wait what?your actually here for klaus?you know that he's a 1000 year old originals hybrid right?I thought everyone was scared of that guy.

George:oh they are I'm just a new vampire and heard he's one of the originals and whant to meet him.also not everyone knows your carrying his miracle baby now do they?

Hayley tightens up after she hears his words and shuts the door.

Hayley then phones klaus and tells him about he man at the door wanting to meet him and that he knows about there child.

Klaus arrives at the house and snaps hero he s neck.

George walked up in a room where he sees a blonde haired man with blue eyes wearing a grey t-shirt smiling looking at him.

Klaus:well you took your time.

George:Yeah well I am new at this and since it's the first time having my neck snapped by an original I'll take that as a victory and a defeat.

Klaus laughs as he says.

Klaus:so you know i am?did Marcel tell you?and if so why are you not scared of me?are they all like this?has my reputation as an original who could kill even ancient vampires in a matter of seconds been destroyed that much!klaus says angrily.

George:No ok that is not true very one still fears you klaus milaleson the joh bad wolf the original hybrid the most ruthless of them all.I just want to strike a deal with you.

Klaus:what kind of deal?

George:I can spy on Marcel and his vampires and tell you his every move.

Klaus:Aren't you one of his vampires?shoudnt you be guarding him right now or fulfilling his orders?

George:No I am not one of Marcel Gerard's vampires and I never will be now are you ready to strike this deal or not?

Klaus:(smirks)we'll go in then have at it amuse me.Klaus says in a dark tone.

George:I will be your spy in exchange for your blood and a lot of it at that.

Klaus:you want my blood?that is very valuable.do you think that you can just walk up to my house wait to see me and talk to to me so informally?WHO DO YOU THINK TOU ARE TO MAKE DEMANDS IN MY HOUSE!klaus mikaelson says angrily.

George:you need me and don't even think about the compelling stuff ok because I know this has been amusing to you but this is my life.i have been ingesting vervain inside of me for days.

Klaus:your interesting I like you.Fine!get me all the information on marcel Gerard and his little hand of puppets that he likes to make thinking he's the king of my home.now what is your name my friend?


Klaus:That's it no second name.


Klaus:Very well George I look forward to working with you.klaus says as he shakes George's hand.

Later on that day Elijah arrives at the house and after a long disscusion with klaus meets George.

Klaus:oh and by the way brother meet the new addition to the family George!he is my spy to see what Marcel and his vampires are up to and he will help me retake our home.

Elijah looks at the man with caution.

Elijah:Niklaus have you taken the necessary mesasures for if our new addition to the family here decides he doesn't whant to follow one of our rules?

Klaus:relax Elijah I have not compelled him he's on vervain and he interests me out of all the vampires he seems to not fear me don't you George.

George:even though I know you could kill me in a second I am not scared of you klaus or you Elijah.

Elijah was shocked at klauses trust in this vampire in 1000 years it was rare for klaus to trust anyone and klaus trusting this vampire and adding him to the family?maybe there was hope for his brother after all maybe his brother can finally have his redemption.

Elijah:well Niklaus it seems you are progressing even closer to your redemption.elijah says with a smile on his face.

Klaus:Charming.klaus says returning Elijah's smile with a smirk.

Klaus:Now brother and George let's get planning shall we.

A few days later

George had been working as klauses spy for the past few days and had told klaus everything about Marcel and his vampires and about New Orleans he mostly just told him what he knows about marcel from the show and told klaus that he got the information by listening to marcel and his vampires.

Elijah had also taken an interest in training George to become a better vampire.George embraced Elijah's friendship and took it as an act of kindness.

Hayley had also become close with George.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

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