Reincarnated in the DC Universe with the Omnitrix.

A guy dies and mysteriously reincarnated in the DC universe, after 10 years of living in poverty he is blessed with an alien device that latched unto his wrist.

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10 Chs


[Next day after the battle with Chemo. In a Highway east from Gotham.]

"In the drive way ♫ In the drive way♫ In the drive way, I'm gonna drive! ♫ Driving the trusty Rustbucket♫ That has always helped me out! ♫" Ben.

Our sweet/devilish protagonist is currently on the highway, driving away his worries while singing a catchy/annoying tune that he just made.

He could've stayed in Gotham and...

"NO! There's no freaking way I'm staying there!" Ben.

Geesh! Calm down fella, I'm just narrating the reasons to the readers.

"Alright, just make sure to be truthful from A to Z." Ben.


AHEM! He could've stayed in Gotham but a certain bat-dressed multibillionaire made him change his plans. Especially after what happened with Chemo.

Ben knew that Chemo's incident, and his presence in it, would give Batman a validate reason to keep an eye on him, and while Ben can evade some surveillance here and there, it's impossible to evade ALL forms of espionage.

Besides, it would make him feel chased and he would feel asphyxiated.

So, he just decided to let things come his way and not be bothered by anything else, what's going to happen, happen, and that's all. From what he's researched, the Justice League is not one to randomly start fights, especially with kids so, he just has to wait things out until some world ending crisis appears and they forget him.

Which won't happen anytime soon given that he gave Red Tornado a massive upgrade and hacked into Batman's monitor. Not his smartest move, NGL.

"Hey!" Ben.

Stop breaking the fourth wall already! Keep driving and follow your script!

"Fine, but I don't get why we're making a chapter this soon when the script was halfway through." Ben.

Because for reasons I don't understand, this is one of out best fanfics and readers love it, one in particularly was asking for another chapter and the author complied.

"Hmph. What a bitch." Ben.

Yeah, and these fourth wall dialogue will not be counted for the word count of the chapter, which is 2000-2300 words average.

"Alright, cameos cut and go for the next scene!" Ben.

[Meanwhile, in the Justice League's Watchtower. 9:35AM.]

Superman returned from Space along Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, apparently, GL needed help to catch Starro's offsprings and they decided to help him out, imagine their surprise when they returned and found Chemo hanging in Earths' orbit like a satellite.

Now, another briefing about Ben Tennyson is about to begin.

"Any news about Tornado's enhanced body?" Superman.

"The analysis made by Batman showed that Tornado's whole body has changed completely from his original schematics." Green Arrow.

A hologram boots up showing Red Tornado's blueprints.

"As you know, Tornado's body has an Air Elemental spirit named Ulthoon that grants him control over wind, alongside his "electromechanical sentience" matrix, as T.O. Morrow called it, he has enough power to remain operational almost indefinitely." Wonder Woman.

"Yeah, what's weird about that?" Aquaman.

"Tornado's matrix and Ulthoon have formed a symbiotic relationship of sorts." Cyborg.

The hologram changes, showing Tornado's matrix and Ulthoon and the effect each of them have. Ulthoon creates wind energy that's redirected towards the matrix and this one in return recharges Ulthoon when it's too tired.

"As you can see, the symbolic relationship not only gives Tornado a significant energy boost, but it also enhances the power his aerokinetic abilities." Cyborg.

"Not be rain on the parade but, having all that power wouldn't be harmful for him, given that his body DOES have limits regarding that, to prevent damages I mean." Flash.

"That's the next subject." Cyborg.

The next hologram shows how Tornado's systems have completely changed to adapt the new output of energy throughout his body.

"When Benjamin transformed into the lifeform known as 'Upgrade' he changed everything within Tornado's body. From his regulators to his cooling systems, everything was adapted so that he could fully utilize his newfound energy without problem." Cyborg.

"This was possible due to him using Batman's enhanced Extreme environment suit as spare parts for Tornado." Cyborg.

"Cool. It's like he absorbed it and became stronger." Shazam.

"Yes, that's essentially what happened to him." Cyborg.

"What did Batman said about losing the suit?" Hawkman.

"Something along the lines of 'I'm a billionaire' or something like that." Green Arrow.

"Ollie…" Flash.

"Fine, he said that the suit was an expendable loss if that assured Gotham's safety, he won't take the loss too hard and he's already making economical movements to fill his personal budget again." Green Arrow.

"Speaking of which, where is Batman anyway? He's the one who requested this meeting?" Shazam.

"I don't know, he suddenly said that he had more pressing matters to attend to and told me to file the report." Green Arrow.

"What, too good for us again?" Green Arrow.

"No, I'm not sure why, but he didn't say it in his usual arrogant 'I'm too good for you guys' tone." Green Arrow.

"Huh, is it weird I'm more interested in that than in Tornado's upgrades?" Shazam.

"No, it's not weird, but we should focus on this anyway." Green Lantern.

"Has there been any side effects so far?" Martian Manhunter.

"None that we're aware of, that's the reason why Tornado's currently doing some tests at Wayne Biotech." Wonder Woman.

"That's good to know." Superman.

"Changing into more pressing matters." Zatara.

They look at the next hologram, showing Ben and the aliens he's changed into so far.

"Benjamin Myers Tennyson is a normal human with a device we've confirmed it's the same from the capsule we found weeks ago. The capsule was transporting this watch-looking device that allows him to transform into different lifeforms." Zatara.

"We've catalogued at the very least 6 lifeforms he can change into." Wonder Woman.

The holograms changes into Heatblast.

"A fire lifeform he calls Heatblast. Pyrokinetic abilities in everyway possible, he fought Amber's fire by absorbing it and making it his own and it seems that he knows how to control his own temperature, given that when he fought against Robin in Bludheaven, he didn't burn the asphalt that much." Cyborg.

"So, a walking fire. I think it wouldn't be much trouble, unless he burns down an entire forest." Flash.

Superman nods and Cyborg changes the hologram to XLR8.

"The next being is extremely fast, his speed is completely natural since Batman didn't find any instances of Speed Force energy when he ran away from him in Bludheaven. The 'rollers' in his feet are made from an unknown material that almost negates friction, allowing him to speed up with almost no drawbacks." Cyborg.

"Low friction equals low control; he won't be able to handle close curves like that." Flash.

"Indeed, and given the speeds he can reach, a crash can be fatal for him." Zatara.

"We don't have more footage of his abilities but we deduce that they work similar to Flash's, albeit much slower." Wonder Woman.

Cyborg closes in Diamondhead's hologram.

"A crystal lifeform with Geokinetic abilities revolving around crystals known as Diamondhead. The crystals are harder than steel and sprout from his body but he can also create them from underground. Analysis revealed that said crystals, while being strong and durable, are weak to high frequence soundwaves, making them shatter." Cyborg.

"Wouldn't he die if he's hit by something like that?" Shazam.

"We're not sure how the species body deals with these types of damages but it's definitely not a good thing for him." Wonder Woman.

The next hologram reveals Ghostfreak.

"Seriously, a ghost?" Shazam.

"Despite being a ghost, Batman's readings regarded him as a 'living' being." Wonder Woman.

"Why the quotes?" Hawkman.

"Because said being is in a state of neither being alive nor dead. Its readings are very confusing so we won't be briefing on him during this meeting." Wonder Woman.

"His body produces a concentrated energy similar to ectoplasm that can be used as a beam of light, also, even though this hasn't been confirmed, Batman speculates that his weakness might be light." Cyborg.

"Why?" Martian Manhunter.

"Because when he shot the beam from his chest, Batman noticed some purple 'skin' under his grey coat. He assumed that it doesn't likes light but it thrives in darkness, since he claimed to be in a bigger advantage during the night when fighting Gentleman Ghost." Cyborg.

"And phasing through the walls, right? I mean, that's a ghost's trademark ability." Shazam.

"And body possession, don't forget that." Green Arrow.

"Neither of both abilities have been confirmed but we still recommend wariness about them." Wonder Woman.

Cyborg changes the hologram and shows Four-Arms.

"The next lifeform is a hulking creature of massive physical power. His strength is way beyond superhuman, topping most of the League's members in strength alone. Apart from his size, extra pair of arms and eyes, there's nothing much to the creature, yet." Wonder Woman.

"Isn't that a bit too ambiguous?" Hawkman.

"Maybe, but lack of data about this one only allows us to focus on what he showed during his battle against the monsters Brother Blood summoned." Wonder Woman.

"Right, one must possess great strength to vanquish those hellborn monsters and even then, not many can remain unscathed after fighting against that many monsters." Zatara.

The last hologram shows Upgrade.

"And last but definitely not least, the techno-organic species that's known as Upgrade. A malleable body that can change its size at will gives him an edge to escape dangerous situations but his most remarkable ability is the manipulation and alteration of technology." Cyborg.

"Once he sticks to what we assume can be any type of technology, he can enhance it to surreal levels, just like he did to Tornado." Wonder Woman.

"Tornado was NOT meant to receive an enhancement of this magnitude since various scientists, including Batman, tried to enhance him, and even then, Upgrade was able to do so in a matter of seconds and without too much issues." Cyborg.

"But that's not what concerns us about his abilities. When he merged with Tornado, he gained access to our coms systems for a brief period of time, not even an hour and he was able to enter Batman's monitor of his suit." Wonder Woman.

Everyone contemplated the subject with a deep thought. Batman's technology is almost untraceable and virtually impossible to hack from long distances, yet Upgrade did it in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

"This is very serious, if Batman's equipment can be hacked, who knows what else he can hack effortlessly." Superman.

"Indeed, the last thing we want is a kid with the launch codes for the nukes." Zatara.

"That's why we should talk about what to do with Benjamin." Wonder Woman.

"You speak as if we have the right to order him in any way." Martian Manhunter.

"We don't, but that watch can be a danger to society and himself. Removing it can guarantee a normal life for him." Wonder Woman.

"And what about the Pentagon? What's their take in this?" Green Arrow.

"The Pentagon is waiting for our actions." Wonder Woman.

"Typical, leaving us to deal with this and then reprimand us in case it backfires." Zatara.

"Yeah, I don't really see the problem with this." Shazam.

Everyone looks at him with confusion.

"I-I mean, he just got some alien device that gives him power, I'm sure he'll just enjoy them for a few weeks and then tire himself out." Shazam.

"How can you be so sure?" Flash.

'Because the same happened to me!' Shazam.

"Because he is a child, every child has had that part of his life where they wanted powers at some point." Shazam.

"Even so, the risk remains the same." Aquaman.

"What's Batman's take on this?" Green Lantern.

"Remove the watch. What are the guardians saying about the aliens Ben's transforming into?" Green Arrow.

"They're cross-referencing in their data banks. They know that they should have information about the guy with the four arms since they have some memories of a war against them." Green Lantern.

"This might be getting out of hand." Zatara.

"As long as we don't have any real cause to capture Benjamin, we should remain keeping an eye on him. That's all for today's meeting, call in case anything else happens." Superman.

Everyone nods and leave.

While the heroes were having their meeting about the Omnitrix wearer, others had the same idea.

(???. 7:08PM)

There was a person standing in the middle of the room while being surrounded by numerous monitors, said monitors were showing seven different persons.

A bald man.

A woman with a crown.

A robot with his brain being shown.

A kid with a haircut that looks like horns and a cat.

A man with green clothing and a sword in his back.

A man with some sort of scaled armor.

A man with some English clothing.

"Haas the information been validated, Brain?" Spoke Vandal Savage.

"It has been, Savage. The technology this kid possess is from the same origin of that our spies in ACE Chemicals sent us from the capsule retrieved by the Justice League." Brain.

"Interesting, the power to shapeshift into different lifeforms… in the hands of a child." Lex Luthor.

"Such device must belong to us, who knows what other monsters he can transform into." Queen Bee.

"I think they're more of aliens than monsters. Aren't them, Teekl?" Klarion.

"MEOW!" Teekl.

"Demons? What are you saying, Teekl? We've seen demons and those are definitely not. Don't tell me you've been sniffing catnip again?" Klarion.

"What are the plans to steal said technology?" Count Vertigo.

"Patience, Count. With the Justice League making contact on the child, it is plausible that they've already depicted him as a person of interest and is currently under surveillance." Savage.

"We have to seize the moment, Savage. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep my forces at bay, they desire a war!" Ocean Master.

"And they'll have it, Orm. We just need a few more days until the serum is completed. What's the results on Chemo's body?" Savage.

"Better than expected, the monster fulfilled exceptionally his role as the perfect guinea pig. My scientists assured me that in two weeks, the serum will be ready for safely consume." Ra's Al Ghul.

"As efficient as always, Ra's. Speaking of efficiency, congratulations on your explosive campaign launch, Luthor." Savage.

"Ah, it was nothing. Just some bribes here and there and no one seems to care about a retired supervillain running for office." Luthor.

"Typical of humans, they can only see the benefits, but ignore the poison underneath." Klarion.

"To finish this meeting, I've been thinking of inviting the clown over with us." Savage.

"Savage! You know as good as I that he cannot be controlled." Luthor.

"I'm aware, I never said he would join the Light. He'd be more like an... convenient distraction." Savage.

"Oh… Oh… I see what you're planning, no objections from my part." Luthor.

"Neither from here." Brain.

"Just don't bring him to my country." Queen Bee.

"I agree! I like that clown!" Klarion.

"No objection, just, keep him far from the bat." Ra's.

"Whatever." Ocean Master.

"I also agree." Vertigo.

"Very well, lady and gentlemen, see you on our next meeting." Savage.

One after the other, the monitors shut down and the room was only lit by the light on top of Savage's head.

"Soon, the world shall step into the Light." Savage.

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