Reincarnated in the Astral World

[WARNING: MATURE/R-18 CONTENT] Drowned in loneliness, emptiness, darkness. Lost in slaughter in pursuit of revenge. Longing for love, Liam dies shortly after completing his life's mission of avenging his murdered family. Once a young orphan, now the King of Assassins, hailed as the Dark Demon, the monster under the villains' beds, finally earns his rest. However, fate has a different plan for him. Due to a timely intervention, Liam is reincarnated into a magic world, born in a family surrounded by love. Struggling to balance his dark side with his identity of a child, Liam, now Arthur, swears to do everything necessary to protect his family this time. Once again, the world will feel the blade of the Demon, this time to protect what belongs to him, driven by the warmth of his new family. Follow Arthur and his beloved companions on their journey of adventure and growth to power, watch him become a Demon God who will raze the world to the ground to protect his loved ones. In a world where the strong prey on the weak, only a true monster can make them feel fear. ________________ Additional tags: Fantasy - Adventure - Action - Romance - Harem - R18 - No NTR - No Yuri - Weak to Strong - Bloodlines - Evolution - Ecchi - Smut - the taboo word with "I" and "cest" Last but not least, if you enjoy the story, leave comments, reviews, and power stones! Discord link for characters' pics and more: https://discord.gg/UQMA8XHAJR

LamenThief · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
139 Chs

Calmness Before the Storm

'Hmm… so soft…' Arthur wakes up feeling very good; he's lying in his bed, and there's something soft under his head. He feels a little confused because the last thing he remembers is falling into the backyard and hearing his mother's sweet voice.

He opens his eyes groggily and is surprised by a beautiful view of two huge fluffy mounds right in front of his eyes. 'What are those…' He needs a few seconds to realize that his head is resting on his mother's soft thighs, and what he's seeing are her flawless, huge breasts.

'Were they always this big?' That's the first thought that comes into his head, but then he immediately feels guilty for finding his mother's breasts attractive. He tries to get up, but she places her hand on his forehead and gently pushes him back.