1 Rebirth, Excitement

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"I didn't expect there to be a spirit origin pearl hidden here. Today is really my lucky day!

"Chu Xiu, I'm so grateful to you for giving me this great opportunity. I'll accept it with a smile. Hahahahaha!

"To thank you, I'll send you to your death as a reward. Don't be too grateful to me!"

"Not good, Boss. A king-grade corpse beast is coming!"

"Tsk, break his limbs and let him buy time for us as bait!

"Goodbye, Chu Xiu. Also, thank you for the spirit origin pearl!


Click, click. An intense pain swept through his entire body.

Chu Xiu stared fixedly at the departing figure. His heart was filled with indignation!

"Just a little more, just a little more, and I could…"

"Roar!!!" An overwhelming roar resounded.

Chu Xiu felt his body tremble. Then, his vision turned black…

In a single villa in a well-known villa district in West Rainbow City.

"Chen Li, I'll definitely kill you!"

With a furious roar filled with killing intent, Chu Xiu suddenly sat up from the bed.

"Huff! Huff!" At this moment, he was covered in cold sweat and panted as he looked around.

'What's going on?! I'm still alive? Wasn't I chewed alive by a king-grade zombie beast?'

Looking at the abnormally familiar surroundings, Chu Xiu was a little surprised.

He remembered that he had clearly discovered a fortuitous opportunity by luck earlier. Before he could enjoy it, he was discovered by his enemy, and his fortuitous opportunity was snatched away.

In the end, he died with hatred. How did he come to another place in the blink of an eye?

'Wait, this is!'

Chu Xiu suddenly thought of something. He quickly got up and went to the head of the bed.

Sure enough, he saw the pineapple phone1 by the bed. He quickly turned on the phone.

"Year 2023, July 8th!" Looking at the time displayed on his phone, Chu Xiu found it unbelievable.

He searched online in disbelief.

He realized that today was indeed the 8th of July, 2023! At the same time, he saw something on his phone.

News of abnormal scenes in various places was reported.

Especially when he saw many red clouds appear. They had already lasted for many days.

Chu Xiu let go of the phone and sat at the head of the bed in a daze.

"Red clouds, an abnormal environment, and July 8th, I was really reborn!"

Looking at the familiar arrangements around him, Chu Xiu was very sure that he had really been reborn.

Recalling his experience, he immediately felt that it was very difficult!

His name was Chu Xiu. He was 25 years old this year, and was the boss of a listed company.

Three years ago, his parents had an accident, making him take a leave of absence from school when he was in university to deal with the company his parents had been running.

Thanks to some coincidences and decisive decisions, he seized the opportunity and obtained financial freedom.

Originally, he could have lived a carefree life.

However, he did not expect to encounter the end of the world!

'It's July 8th, so there's still a week before the blood rain falls.'

Chu Xiu walked out of the room to the balcony and looked up at the sky.

It was already morning, but the dense red clouds in the sky did not dissipate.

If one kept staring, it would make one feel depressed and uneasy.

It had been more than a month since this red cloud appeared.

At first, people were curious, but later on they got used to it.

They just treated it as an accident of nature.

However, Chu Xiu knew that the appearance of this red cloud was not something natural.

A week later, the noon on July 15th.

That was a day that Chu Xiu could not forget. That day was also the day the chaotic apocalypse began!

That day, the red clouds strangely dissipated, and then the black sun rose.

At that time, countless people walked out to see this magical scene.

Fast-forward almost 10 minutes after the black sun rose.

There was suddenly rain in the cloudless sky.

Furthermore, it was a very bright red rain of blood!

Countless people were caught off guard by the rain of blood.

As for Chu Xiu, because he happened to be flirting with a girl in the hotel, he was not drenched in the blood rain.

However, it was also because of this that he saw the cruel scene after the blood rain with his own eyes!

After the blood rain stopped, all the creatures that were drenched by the blood rain mutated!

This included the majority of humans, 70% of them!

They had become crazy monsters that did not have any consciousness, and only knew how to eat meat and drink blood!

As for the animals and plants, they also mutated into terrifying creatures!

The ants became the size of a human head, and savagely tore apart human buildings.

Countless plants mutated and grew larger. Some trees mutated until they were as tall as 30-floor buildings!

At that moment, order collapsed and the world was in chaos.

Everyone went crazy seeking survival!

The entire planet expanded dozens of times in size before being enveloped by the red fog.

All the electronic signals failed, except for some simple appliances.

Those precise machines that relied on very accurate electromagnetic signals had lost their effect!

This especially included the satellites around the planet and the space stations.

They were all ineffective, and could not be used!

Chu Xiu was someone who had personally experienced this apocalypse, and had been lucky to survive.

Unfortunately, after the apocalypse, all his money had become useless paper.

During the apocalypse, strength was the only standard.

And because he had been hiding in the hotel, he had missed many opportunities.

As such, in the next five years, he had been able to become a grade 4 warrior thanks to his ruthlessness, but on the whole, he was still at the bottom of the struggle.

Even if he happened to discover an unused spirit origin pearl, he did not expect his whereabouts to be known by his enemies and his opportunity to be snatched away.

In the end, his limbs were broken, and he became the food of a zombie beast!

"I didn't expect to be reborn a week before the apocalypse!

"Hehe, hehe, hahahaha! I, Chu Xiu, am alive!!!"

Chu Xiu laughed heartily.

A bright light at the end of the tunnel, a chance to survive in a desperate situation!

Even though he had experienced five years of brutal life, this was the first time he had felt so happy!

'Phew, since it's a week before the apocalypse, I have to make plans early!'

Chu Xiu slowly heaved a sigh of relief to vent the frustration in his heart.

'A week later, when the blood rain descends, special opportunities will appear at the same time!

'I was very careful before I was reborn, causing me to miss many opportunities.

'But this time, I definitely won't give up. I want to catch them all!

'Besides, there's that guy, even though we don't know him now.

'However, this doesn't stop me from taking action in advance!

'Chen Li, I will definitely kill you with my own hands this time!'

The killing intent in Chu Feng's heart soared when he thought of the person who had caused him to undergo rebirth.

His eyes revealed a cold killing intent that would make people tremble unconsciously.

During the apocalypse, having enemies was not a special thing.

However, when it was someone who had snatched Chu Feng's great opportunity, this enemy had to die!

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