8 Chapter 8

A few weeks later, Yo Han has been officially announced as an S-rank Hunter. He was given the benefit of a solo raid, which means he can raid solo, and no one can stop him. He only needs to show his S license, and he is good to go. Thus, in 3 weeks of taking down C-rank gates and above.

Yo Han cleared a total of 30+ C rank gates, 14 B rank gates, and 6 A rank gates in solo. All of his achievements were in the news and he became known as one man army because he soloed every gate he goes to and for a better public image, he allowed every news reporter to come with him to raid.

Thus, he showed them one of his skills, Knight Summoning. They were stunned by the skill of Yo Han which earned him the nickname of the one-man army and also earned another nickname, King of White Knights.

He become the symbol of hope for the Republic of Korea and he became more popular than ever.





In Seoul Airport, a man was wearing an orange shirt, sunglass, and black pants, and had a suitcase waiting outside. This man is Hwang Dongsoo who finally returned to Korea.

Soon after, a car pulled up and Hwang Dongsoo entered the car.

" I want you to head straight to the gate where Hunter Sung Jin Woo entered, " Hwang Dongsoo said, the driver nodded as he drove away.

Hwang Dongsoo looked at his tablet and saw the news about Sung Yo Han, wearing white armor, and a spear.

" This guy must be Sung Yo Han, a brother of Sung Jin Woo who was known as the weakest E-rank hunter. What a peculiar duo, a guy who's known as the current strongest S rank hunter, Holy Knight, Sung Yo Han, and then, Sung Jin Woo, the weakest hunter. While I might not be too sure I to be able to defeat Sung Yo Han but I sure can defeat Sung Jin Woo. Then, my goal for today has been decided " With his signature cruel smile, Hwang Dongsoo relaxes himself in the car, drinking a soda.

As for Yo Han, he drives his car to where Sung Jin Woo will be raiding with his guild and some joint venture with other hunters. He also wanted to go there for something, a way to increase his popularity. By being popular, he will overshadow Sung Jinwoo and thus, all the attention will go to him.

It is a way for him to ensure that Sung Jin Woo will grow stronger in secrecy but even then, gaining popularity is not that bad. Jin-Ah's school life is getting better with his brother being popular, it's like a chain reaction where when one of the siblings becomes popular, the other will be popular in the neighborhood, trying to suck up and leech off some money. That's how it is, life is always fair to those who worked hard.

Hours later, Yo Han arrived at the site just to see the red gate.

" Looks like it has begun, Hwang Dongsoo should have arrived any minute now," Yo Han said, checking the surrounding, not minding the panic-stricken hunters and the Hunter Association trying to contact the higher-ups.

Soon after, someone arrived from White Tiger Guild since this is a place where White Tiger Guild operates. He is Baek Yoonho, the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild.

Baek Yoonho notices Yo Han standing leisurely, not even stressed a little bit. Baek Yoonho walked towards Yo Han, who notices Baek Yoonho walking towards him. He smiled and waved at Baek Yoonho who waves at him back.

" Looks who's here, I didn't expect to see you here, Hunter Sung Yo Han. What took your interest to come here? " Baek Yoonho said, in just weeks, Baek Yoonho and Yo Han strike up a good friendship with each other and sometimes spar which Baek Yoonho loses... All the time.

" Nothing much, I just heard the news that my brother, Sung Jin Woo is inside and was trapped by this red gate. But, I know he'll make it out alive, I came here for another thing, it's about Hunter Hwang Dongsoo who arrived in Korea today and knew about the accident where his brother was killed. He might have come for revenge against my brother " Yo Han casually said, as if it has nothing to do with him, which in a sense, he was right.

But, as a family, he will do anything to make sure nothing harms his family, no matter how much of a little threat they are to his family, as long as it can cause any danger, he will do anything to stop it.

While at it, Yo Han leveled up quite a lot when he was clearing multiple gates and has reached 99, and 99.999% remaining to become level 100. He was also given a task by the system.

[ MISSION: Be the spotlight

Description: Be in the spotlight instead of Sung Jin Woo to divert certain person's attention

Completion rate: 99.99

Reward: Level 100, ??? ]

By defeating Hwang Dongsoo, it should be enough to divert the attention to him. Thus, Yo Han comes here for this mission.

While Yo Han and Baek Yoonho talked for minutes, Hwang Dongsoo finally arrived as he got out of his car.

Yo Han who sees that Hwang Dongsoo finally arrived, uses his fast step and instantly arrived in front of Hwang Dongsoo who was startled by the appearance of Yo Han. Yo Han was at eye level as Hwang Dongsoo, who's a staggering 7'5. From what Yo Han knows in the solo leveling manhwa, Hwang Dongsoo dwarfed Sung Jin Woo by a foot and more, thus, Yo Han who's the same height as Hwang Dongsoo.

The reason for his growth spurt is because of his fast growth in leveling up, affecting his hormones to produce bone growth. In just three weeks, he goes from 6'5 to 7'5.

" You must be Hwang Dongsoo right? If you are here for revenge, you must defeat me first " Yo Han with an annoying tone, tried to provoke Hwang Dongsoo which was successful, he didn't even try to communicate and used his fist to respond. Yo Han dodges his attack gracefully while all of the news reporters and cameramen are trying their best to stay on the ground on how hard and strong Hwang Dongsoo's punches are.

Yo Han kept dodging for a minute that Hwang Dongsoo was angry to the point he just wanted him apart but Yo Han stop dodging and let Hwang Dongsoo punch him. As soon as the punch landed, Hwang Dongsoo felt like he was punching the hardest wall ever created. It's like he punches the hardest material.

" What's with your body? " Hwang Dongsoo asked in disbelief.

" I don't know. Made of a diamond? Adamantium? Vibranium? You try to guess but even then, you won't ever defeat me with puny strength of yours. Now, it's my turn, brace yourself, Hwang Dongsoo" Like Yo Han said, before Hwang Dongsoo could brace himself, Yo Han's that seems like to contain multiple nuclear bombs was hit to Hwang Dongsoo's body, making him fly far away.

The crowd was agape at what they witnessed, the traitor Hwang Dongsoo was sent flying by Sung Yo Han. The cameraman was filled with excitement as this could be one of the headlines on Sung Yo Han cementing his standing as the era's strongest hunter. To defeat Hwang Dongsoo, an S rank with a single punch is something.

[ MISSION has been completed, and you have been rewarded:

1. Level 100

2. Divine Blessing - You are qualified to bless someone and make them 2x stronger, permanently.

3. Awakening - You have the power to awaken someone, can be used to reawaken. ]

Yo Han who recieved his reward feel himself floating in ecstasy.





" Hmm, a worthy opponent has finally sprouted. Antares, make sure to find this person and if possible bring him to me. The shadow monarch is just a weak pebble compared to this person, thus, find him, no matter how long it takes. " An unknown being said, making Antares, the Monarch of Destruction, the king of dragons, affirmed to the order of the unknown being.





Yo Han who has recieved the reward, checked his status

[ Name: Sung Yo-Han

Age: 22

Occupation: Hunter

Job: God's Vessel

Level: 100

HP: 6,105,000

MP: 500,800

Strength: 5,000 + 100

High Vitality: 5,000 + 100 + 5

Agility: 5,000 + 100

High Intelligence: 5,000 + 8

Sense: 5,000

SP: 100

Perks: Double Stat Points, Fast Growth, Lady Luck, Enhanced Regeneration, Illusion Immunity

Skill: Stealth, Dominator's Touch, Quick Step, Body Armor, Holy Radiant Lvl. MAX, Purification Lvl. MAX, Knight Summoning Lvl. MAX, High Heal Lvl. MAX, Awakening, Divine Blessing.

Inventory: Swift Knight's Rapier, Holy Knight's Shield, and Spear, 7 Healing Potions(500HP)