Reincarnated In Power Rangers

MC gets reincarnated in PowerRangers 2017 version

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Chapter 2

[A/N:Which ranger should Alex be Green or White.]

Things went on like usual as Billy and Alex were hanging out and watching the basketball team practice as Billy saw Kimberly was sitting a few feet away from them, she was glancing at them from time to time. Billy whispered, "You know you don't have to ignore her for me.I Know she made mistake,I already forgave her for that."

Alex shook his head and replied, "Are you sure."Billy nodded, just then the basketball ball team who was practicing then accidentally slammed the ball.in Kimberly's direction, Kimberly closed her eyes and waited for the ball to hit,but it never came as she heard a familiar voice"Are you okay?"

Kimberly opened her eyes to see it was Alex and he had caught the basketball, she was shocked as she was pretty sure he was quite a distance from her as she asked"How?"

Alex with a weak smile said, "I practice martial arts a lot."Kimberly nodded but did not believe the excuse as she apologized to Billy"I am really sorry about distancing myself away from you Billy after Alex left I tried hard to fit in with others that,I kinda lost myself."

Billy smiled and said, "I understand, and apology accepted."Alex watched this with a smile patched things up with him. Billy then turned to Alex with slight excitement asked"How the hell did you do that?I mean you were not even close to her."

Alex with a weak smile and said, "Like I told Kimberly, I practice Martial arts."Billy asked, "Then teach me."Alex felt like the very saying from the frying pan and into the fire.Alex was somehow able to change the topic,while he was sure Kimberly would keep this event in her mind.

The next day everyone saw police around the school as Alex who parked his car walked towards Billy and Kimberly and asked"What happened? and What's with all the cops?"

Kimberly answered"Our football legend Jason Scott tried to prank the school by bringing a bull in the school changing room, the cops got notified, and let's just say the idiots panicked and crashed their car. Which now has him under house arrest with an ankle monitor, and sentenced to a weekend's detention until the end of the year."

But soon more problems popped up like Kimberly is a former Cheerleader, after a photo of a former teammate in a compromising position was leaked even though it damaged her relationship with her friends, and the same thing with Billy who after testing mining explosive, which caused his lunchbox to blow up. Which lead to both of them to a weekend's detention until the end of the year.

The next three weeks the relationship between the three was like before, also Kimberly was all changed, she cut her hair and her attitude seemed to now be slightly edgy and rebel-like, as Alex smiled at her and said"I like the new haircut."

Kimberly grew smile and replied, "Thanks, also do you want to out for a swim tonight."Alex's eyes widened as he asked, "where?"Kimberly smirked and said, "That is a surprise. Just pick me up at my house."

Alex nodded, while both of them didn't notice a certain Jock was glaring at Alex from time to time, while during lunch break a Billy was excited and said"I was thinking of going exploring the mines a bit."

Alex immediately stopped Billy and said"No way bro, I know you are planning to blow up the mines again.I am telling you it is dangerous."Billy nodded and let it go, as both Billy and Kimberly were going to their detention classes.

That evening Alex went to pick up Kimberly who was wearing a white Tank Top and leather jacket as she got into the car and asked,"There is a small river, not far from the abandoned mines,it is a nice place for a swim." and within a few seconds, the car sped off the road and straight to the mines.

Kimberly while looking out the car window asked"Alex do you have girlfriend?"Alex was slightly surprised at the question,but he answered"No,I don't have one."Kimberly was happy,but made sure to contain it and whispered"That is a surprise."