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Reincarnated In Pokemon


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Not enough chap im just filling it up im just filling it up im just filling it up im just filling it up im just filling it upim just filling it upim just filling it upim just filling it up

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I like your story a lot. It has really good potential to be a big time hit. I like that you made him op in a world where he actually needed to be op not just like “oh I want to make a champion level trainer in six months of the start off is journey.” Most people off set that by having said character train multiple Pokémon before their journey and have the character train as well. You did a good job of making it a necessity for him to be strong. I look forward to read info more.


Started off really good and i was excited with how the story was going till chapter 11 where it just turn creepy with children being in love, kissing and all those stuff. The romance is forced, make no sense/wasn’t given ample time for it to actually bloom and kinda ruin the story. It would do better with the love interest and the romance removed or push back further when they’re old enough


Espero grandes cosas de las obras de pokemon y me dejan decepcionado espero que sea mejor en el futuro pero el agrada por como está ahora 👍🏻