1 1.Reincarnated

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"Aaaaghh...Did I die?...*sigh* Looks like I died"

"How did I die? Let me recall it again

Hmm......When I'm going back home from school, I walk to a pedestrian lane when suddenly truck-kun came rushing to me, *sigh* I'm just a normal human so I froze in the spot, *sigh* most of the people think that something like that is easy to dodge but no, I'll tell you the truth you're going to froze in the spot just like that, that's how I end my life" I shuddered in fear recalling truck-kun

"But now where am I? Hello? Did I go to hell or heaven? or am I able to be one of the famous reincarnation thing?"

Suddenly the whole place became white and an angel is standing at my front.

The angel then spoke

"Yes you will be reincarnated, since I know what are you going to ask me, I'm going to answer it now, You will be reincarnated because the one that managing the truck is a God. He's playing with it and go uncontrollable, then he crash into you, he might be able to save your life by faking it but he became unconscious when he crash into you" said the mysterious man with a stoic expression

"As for why he's unconscious, he's on his mortal form so I assume you already know now why he's unconscious"

"As to repay you and not to tarnish his reputation as a higher God by the other God's by abandoning you, he gave you three wishes, he's not here because of work"

"So I'll give you an hour to think about it, the world you'll be in is random, so think carefully and also I have to agree first before granting that"

"Yes! Thank you very much!"

After about half an hour

"Okay my first wish, I want to become the strongest in using weapons like sword, spear, any weapons, I want to defeat pure power with expertise in using a weapon, I want to become jack of all trades but I'm already at the pinnacle of any weapon"

"Okay, Next"

"Next is, I want a system, specially a system with a shop and I w-"

before I can continue speaking the angel interrupted me

"Okay I already know that, it's been a talk in the gods lately, many person request something like that so what's next"

"I want a good and loving family"

"Okay since you already say your wishes, it's time to know where is the world you're gonna be reincarnated"

'Plssss... not a world with no humans.....and also I want to be a human..... plssss....'


*Pokemon world X*

"Hoooooh!" I said while jumping in joy

'I don't know if I can use my skills but one thing for sure I will be bless with a good family and I have a system'

"Wait, you shouldn't be happy right now this is not the Pokemon world you think of" said the angel with sympathy

"Wait what do you mean?"

"This world Pokemon is the same but..... the Pokemon here is much more aggressive"

"That's why the humans fear it in this world"

said the angel with pity

"If human fear them then I'm going to be their hero, isn't a reincarnated person always become a hero?!"

"Now that you say that there's only a little number of reincarnator that died or didn't become a hero, hm.... Even a farmer become a hero huh"

"Impressive! so it's because of the system huh, okay human! my God will give you a gift if you manage to save that world! but remember don't do something bad to the other creatures in that world, they also have sentient"

"Yes, but if I want to save the world it need sacrifices like some creatures there being killed"

"*sigh* do what you want to do but if you manage to save the world in what we think is a 'save' then we will give you a gift"

"Okay, I know what you're talking about"

"Farewell then human"

After the angel said that I immediately lose consciousness and feels like I have a new body but I can't see anything.

'Wait did I reincarnated as a Pokemon?!!'

'No way I'm in a egg, *sigh* no use complaining I'm already an egg'

'*sigh* so I'll remain as a virgin even in this world huh'

'I can't mate with human since I'm a Pokemon but I can't mate with Pokemon since I'm a human *sigh* really, what a drag'

"It's a baby boy!"

"Wait let me take a look"

"Wait let me see it first! I'm the one who gave birth to it!!"

'Ahh.... phew... I'm not a Pokemon thankfully'

'So I just can't open my eyes huh, I'm not in a egg'

"So your name now is-"

The mother stop her words and think for my name.


Suddenly I heard a sound and a screen appear in my mind

*Host don't have a name recommended having a name*

*Would you like to replace your name L.A with a new one*

'Yes, New world, new personality'

*Host name -__________*

*Kirito, my idol in SAO"

*Host name - Kirito Araria

"Then your name will be Kirito, Kirito Araria"

'I wonder how did the system influence my parents, But it's made by the God so no doubt about it'

"Such a cute baby boy, I'm sure you're going to be popular in girls when you grow up" said the mother

"Yeah, He will become much more handsome than me"

'I can't see their faces'

'My eyes is close'


*Mission : Learn to walk*

Description: The host need to learn how to use his muscles in legs to stand and use his legs to walk

Reward: Five pokeballs

*Mission : Learn to talk

Description: The host should be able to talk and use his vocal chords to spoke sentence of words

Reward: 10 repel

*You can view your mission in mission log*

'So this is my mission huh, thankfully it don't have penalty or time limit'

'Anyway it's the start of my journey, Let the adventure begin!!'

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