1 Chapter 1: Meeting GOD, Wait heinn!!!

I'm dead.

Yeah, no joke, I'm really dead. I was walking down the street and suddenly, BGHHHH!!! A FUCKING TRUCK with a drunk driver hits me. It's like those cliché Fanfics.

Now, I'm in a black place that I assume is the void relying on my infinite otaku knowledge and wisdom, and I hope that some ROB or GOD comes and gifts me some wishes. and I'm sure it will happen really soon hihihihihi


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I have been here for what seems to be years and in those years I have noticed that I have no body and that each Minute that passes I feel more comfortable, I think once again relying on my wisdom that I'm a soul and I'm getting purified by the void.

But before I reach a conclusion, an overbearing sound that chook me to the core greeted me, and an overwhelming light blinded me. ' how is that possible I have no eyes. ' i thought.

And a few seconds later the light dimed down and the most handsome man I have ever seen stood before me and spoke with a voice that calmed me down :

" hello there poor child, how did you get here? by your looks, you have been here for a really long time. " Questioned the 'being' in front of me.

Me: ' Hello, great being I'm honored to meet you, and for your question when I died in an unfortunate accident caused by a truck, I found myself here. May I ask who are you? ' i hope whose gonna give me some wishes. '

The great being: " oh, I haven't introduced myself yet I am what you mortals define and know as 'GOD', and as for your situation, it's something that has never happened before because it's basically impossible. and you're a really lucky guy because your idea of me giving you wishes to interest me. After all, I'm bored of being alone. so now you can choose a world to go to and it includes fictional worlds, a character's memories, appearance, and powers, and because I'm a good guy I'll give you 2 wishes. "

Me: ' Wow ( meme: Hold up, wait a minute something ain't right!! ) this is going too fast. but I was born ready for this. for the world, I'm choosing 'Naruto' because it's my favorite anime, I would prefer if it was at the beginning of cannon and if I have the same age as naruto, as for the character I choose ( insert pokemon sound effect ) 'Saitama' the cheat, overpowered bald hero I always loved his character and strength Mr. GOD '

GOD: "I see an interesting choice but before we proceed to the wishes do you want reincarnation or transmigration. "

Me: ' i choose transmigration because I don't want the emotional attachment to the village and I would like to spawn near Konoha. '

GOD: " ok let's go with that..... aaand done now let's begin with the wishes. "

Me: ' Ok, for my first wish I choose.... '


hi dear readers, it's my first time writing and I'm nervous so please don't be harsh on me and give me some recommendations for his second wish and the functions of his system.


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