240 Who is Holy Son?!

"He is finally here!" a soft whisper escaped a woman's lips as she looked at the handsome man's face in the Illusionic pilar.

"Where is that soft smile on your face, huh... Little Yan?" Her soft whispers are unheard because of the noise of the crashing waves on the shores.

As the sea winds hit her face her long white hair fluttered in the air. She turned her pink eyes to the right side of the rock where she was sitting.

Her fingers gently caressed the intricate white mask as a beautiful smile graced her lips "I went in search of a lost thing but it seems like I lost my heart to you *chuckle* Little Yan..."

But then the smile on her face disappeared as a stoic look appeared on her face. *swoosh* A Demon Spirit Great White Shark leaped from the seashore, transforming into a woman before her.

The woman bowed respectfully before Bo Saixi "High Priestess." Bo Saixi gave a nod "Xiao Bai." Xiao Bai then glanced at the Illusionic pillar and raised her eyebrow "Hm? Who is that guy?" (A/n: Pic here)

"Is he that Holy Son who arranged this giant pillar? I am really surprised it even reached our Sea God Island..."

Bo Saixi glimpsed at Xuan Yan's face intently and she couldn't help but smile. She only saw him that one night and his face is clearly etched in her mind. Now she is so happy that she got to see his face again even if it is just a projection.

She controlled her lips "Xiao Bai can you leave?" Bo Saixi didn't want to be caught smiling like a lovesick fool looking at Xuan Yan.

Xiao Bai, sensing the High Priestess's desire for privacy, quickly nodded. "Yes, High Priestess..." With a respectful bow, she retreated, leaving Bo Saixi alone with her thoughts.

Once she was alone, Bo Saixi's gaze remained locked on the Illusionic pillar, and a sigh escaped her lips. "Acting as both Dio Brando and Holy Son, now what is your plan... Little Yan?"


"That is the... Holy Son?" Tang San blinked his eyes standing at the top of a snowy mountain. *tap* "Quite a dashing young man..." Tang San turned and smiled "Uncle..."

Tang Xiao walked near him with a smile "So he is the youngest Titled Douluo in History..." Tang San clutched his palm "Don't worry Uncle, we will definitely get our revenge on both Spirit Hall and DIo Brando."

The Spirit Hall's cruelty, which had led to the loss of Tang San's mother, and Dio Brando's actions, who had taken her away, fueled his determination. Tang Xiao smiled looking at his determination and tugged his shoulder "That's how Brother Hao's son should act..."

"*sigh* Xiao San, I am sorry I can't bring Brother Hao into the Sect, You know the Elders are still angry at him for our clan's decline..."

Tang San shook his head, understanding the complexities of their situation "It's okay, Uncle." Tang Xiao laughed "You are also a genius, Xiao San... you just have to work a little harder and the hidden weapons were exceptional."

"Even that Dio Brando and Holy Son don't have twin martial spirits and these hidden weapons..."

"You can surely become powerful in the future."



Everyone on the mainland is awestruck looking at the handsome young man's face. They all thought that Dio Brando was the hottest man but it seems like there is another young man who could outrun him.

Xuan Yan sat on his throne beside Bibi Dong and all eyes were still on him. After a deep silence, the crowd again erupted in loud cheers.

"He is so hhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttt!"

"W-What the hell..."

"Not just handsome... he is beautiful."


Tang Yueha, covering her ears to escape the commotion, couldn't help but laugh. Liu Erlong, seated beside her, shared in the amusement. "They are going crazy..."

"Yeah, our Husband's looks are just otherworldly..." *chuckle* They chuckled, sharing a moment of pride in their Husband's appeal.


The arena's announcer finally regained control. "Calm down... Haha... Now that His Highness is here, shall we begin the final match of this tournament?"


"Quickly finish the match, I can't wait to see the match after that."

"Yeah, yeah..."

"Of course, Dio Brando is going to win the tournament...."


"Where is Dio Brando?"

The announcer continued "The Finals of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. The Golden Generation of the Spirit Hall vs The Blue Tyrant Academy!"

The team members of the Golden Generation team stepped into the Arena. Shui Yue Er standing at the side of the Arena raised her head and looked at the Holy Son. Her eyes condensed "Where is Yan?"

She asked looking at Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu. "Why is he not here till now?" Zhu Zhuqing sighed "Yan is here..."

"H-Huh? If he is here? Why is he not showing himself?"

Shui Bing Er also asked, "Zhuqing, where is Mr.Yan?"

"How can we go to the Arena with only six members?" Xue Wu asked in concern. Zu Zhuqing frowned her eyebrows, she also didn't know what exactly is his plan.

"Come girls let's go!" Zhu Zhuqing said. The other girls were puzzled "Zhu Zhuqing, how can we-"

"I am the Vice-captain. Just follow me." Zhu Zhuqing strictly said and the others looked at each other confused. Shui Yue Er closed her eyes "I believe in Yan. Let's go he will surely come."

*tap* The six girls also entered the Arena and the Audience was surprised to see that Dio Brando was not there.

"H-Huh? Where is Dio Brando?"

"Where did he go?"

"D-Don't tell me, he ran away in fear?"


"Then tell me why he is not here?"

"How the hell do I know that?"

"Then just shut up!"

"W-W-Wait, maybe the Spirit Hall killed him?"


"You know? Maybe the Dio Brando is actually stronger than the Holy Prince. So the Spirit Hall used their Titled Douluos to kill Dio Brando."

"Now we all think that Dio Brando ran in fear, but he was actually killed by the Spirit Hall?"


"Don't spread... 'What if' or 'Maybe' "

"Shut ya ass up!"

Loud bickering began to spread across the Arena, people guessing why Dio Brando was not here. Where did he go?

As the audience engaged in heated debates and speculations, Tang Yueha couldn't help but sigh "What is Husband planning?" Liu Erlong rolled her eyes "Who knows? Wait... I do remember, in chapter 206 he said, 'He would fight all the matches for the Academy except the final.' "

Tang Yueha also frowned hearing this "So you are saying that the Author is foreshadowing something?"

Liu Erlong rubbed her chin "Maybe he wants the Spirit Hall to win the Tournament and after that, he will somehow create someone like him and fight himself."

-_- What kind of crazy plan is that?

Ah Yin, Long Yeyue, Ma Xiaotao, and Ah Rou sat in the garden, their eyes fixed on the Illusionic Pillar. "What is going to happen?" Ah Rou asked nervously.

"*chuckle* Why are you panicking, Ah Rou. Nothing will happen." Ah Yin laughed.

The announcer is also puzzled "Um.. Where is Dio Brando?" He asked looking at Zhu Zhuqing.

Bibi Dong sighed "Zhuqing is in an awkward situation, Yan'er. Just what is your plan?"

A smile appeared on Xuan Yan's lips as he looked at her "Plan? What plan?" H-Huh? Bib Dong was confused hearing this "Yan'er, how are you gonna escape this situation?"

Xuan Yan's smile grew, and he replied "Escape? As if I am afraid of anyone. I am just gonna be honest."

He uttered and stood up from the throne. Bibi Dong's frown deepened "Being Honest?" Xuan Yan, with a smile, stood up on the railing of the balcony.

Everyone in the arena raised their head looking at Xuan Yan standing there as his hair fluttered in the air. The people around the mainland were also puzzled.

Xuan Yan took a step forward placing his foot in the air, but as if there was an invisible floor he stood in the air. He took another step as if he was walking down an invisible staircase in the air.

He parted his lips speaking "You all might wonder... why Dio Brando is not here." The audience was surprised to hear his charismatic voice and all of their ears were piqued up in curiosity.

*swoosh* A void appeared on his right side and he pulled his EA out of it as his white hair began to change color and his golden eyes turned royal blue.

H-HUH? Everyone stood up from their seat in utter shock looking at the Martial Spirit and his face. D-DIO BRANDO IS THE HOLY SON?

The kings, Emperor, and Sect Masters were also abruptly taken aback by the big revelation as their eyes widened in sheer disbelief.

Zhu Zhuqing smiled seeing this "This is why he revealed his Martial spirit in the Semi-finals..."

Shui Yue Er and the Skywater Academy's girls' eyes trembled in deep shock "Y-Yan?" Zhu Zhuqing spoke "En. Yan is the Holy Son and the Dio Brando."

"Surprised?" Xiao Wu asked with a chuckle.

In the VIP rooms, Shui Mei and Shui Wuchang also stood up from their seats "Mr. Yan is... the Holy Son?"

The revelation hung heavy in the air, a collective shockwave rippling through the arena and beyond. The audience in the stands, initially buzzing with anticipation, now sat in stunned silence, their eyes locked onto the enigmatic figure who had just shattered their perceptions.

A collective gasp swept through the arena, followed by hushed murmurs and stunned expressions. People exchanged bewildered glances, unable to process the shocking truth.

"T-Then Dio Brando is the Holy Son all along?"

"We all got fooled?"

"B-But why?"

Across the mainland, news of the revelation spread like wildfire. People from all walks of life, both young and old, shared in the collective shock.

Families and friends gathered around Illusionic Pillar viewing the match, their jaws dropping as they watched the scene unfold. The shockwaves of the revelation reverberated far and wide, leaving the world of spirit masters in a state of disbelief.

Ning Fengzhi, with a stern expression, couldn't help but murmur, "Mr. Yan... is the Holy Son." Ning Rongrong had a complicated expression on her face seeing this as she rubbed her forehead in disbelief. 

The Sword Douluo's eyes condensed "This is a problem." Voices echoed through the VIP rooms. One by one, they whispered among themselves, trying to make sense of the revelation.

"Then all this time, Dio Brando was just a facade?"

"How could we not see this coming?"

In the arena, Xuan Yan continued to stand indifferently, his royal blue eyes scanning the crowd. The shock and disbelief still echoed around him, but he appeared unfazed, his actions deliberate and calculated.

Bibi Dong, on the other hand, had gone through a whirlwind of emotions, her perplexed expression gradually morphing into a wry smile. She had underestimated Xuan Yan, and now she realized that his audacity had caught her off guard.

Xuan Yan's hair turned back to normal as he spoke "Now you might think, why did I create an identity called as DIo Brando."

"Well, you guys must have guessed. Just to hide my identity."

"You all created rumors about both Dio Brando and the Holly Son of the Spirit Hall. I used that and created anticipation and gathered you all here...."

Everyone let out a deep sigh coming to terms with the revelation. They all understood that Dio Brando and the Holy Son are the same person.

"The reason why I gathered you all here and the Illusionic pillars..." *WOOSH* Xuan Yan's aura began to change dramatically, his golden eyes shining brilliantly as red and golden spirit energy swirled around him. 

*thrumb* Because of the extreme output of the spirit power forming around Xuan Yan, the whole arena began to shake fiercely.

The audience was startled and clutched onto each other for balance. Even in the VIP rooms, those in attendance found themselves gripping their seats tightly, their expressions a mix of awe and disbelief.

"W-What an absurd output of energy..."

"The w-whole land is shaking."


*swoosh* And he released his spirit rings as they formed around him...


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