132 The power of Space!

Xuan Yan smiled "First, Let me show the teleportation power. I know you can also use it."

Di Tian nodded "Well, I can use it for small distances. But not as Young Lord. You can disappear from one space and appear on another. But I simply travel through space quickly. and I can immobilize a part of space."

Xuan Yan nodded and pointed his finger at the centre of the Lake of Life. With a smirk on his face, as his eyes glowed "With my manipulation of Space, distance becomes a mere intellectual concept. I consider the possibility and I am there. I can be everywhere or nowhere. Space is mine to do with as I wish. The very atomic fabric will rearrange itself to confirm my presence."

In the next instant, Xuan Yan appeared in the centre of the Lake of Life. Di Tian turned and looked at Xuan Yan. He also disappeared and travelled 'through' space in front of Xuan Yan.

Sensing his arrival, Xuan Yan tore the space open and saw DI Tian's shocked face. Xuan Yan smiled. What Di Tian did was blend into space hiding his presence and moving quickly. He did the same when he first met Xuan Yan in the forest. It's like space-level camouflage.

"Di Tian, did you notice any changes when I teleported here?" Xuan Yan asked. Di Tian lightly nodded and said "I sensed some depletion in space."

"Right. I depleted the space from there and simply chose to occupy the space here." Di Tian looks kinda confused hearing this.

Xuan Yan chuckled "I will give you my space movement technique later for you to practice." Di Tian nodded "Thank you, Young Lord!" and bowed.

"For Now, I will show you how efficiently you can do things by manipulating space." Xuan Yan said and a stone flew toward him quickly levitating before him.

"You can pull and push objects. I am not controlling the stone, I am controlling the space around the stone." Di Tian was amused and touched the stone levitating before him.

"Hold it." Xuan Yan and Di Tian grabbed the stone in his hand. But suddenly he kneeled on the water and his hand was submerged in the water. Di Tian was shocked he can't pick a small stone?

"I just increased its gravity. And I can decrease it too." Xuan Yan said and the stone in Di Tian's hand suddenly become light. He stood up holding the stone.

Xuan Yan smirked, "Shall we play with space a little?" Seeing the smirk on Xuan Yan's face, Di Tian took two steps back in fear. He is going to do something absurd.

Xuan Yan extended his hand and pointed his forefinger upwards "Do you know what happens when we condense gravity and space into a single point and make it denser?"

Di Tian timidly shook his head as he don't know what will happen.

"Singularity will occur!"

*shreeekkkk* a small black ball appeared on Xuan Yan's finger. *crack* *crack* The very fabric of space began to tear apart attracted towards the black ball. And the water also began to levitate towards the black ball.

"It is called a black hole, nothing escapes from its gravity, not even light." *CRACK* The whole space around them began to break like glass as they were attracted towards the black hole.

Ah Yin and the others near the log were frightened seeing the black open space surrounding Xuan Yan and Di Tian, the space is distorted into pieces and it is approaching them.

Di Tian was scared seeing the space crack around him. Xuan Yan smiled and retracted the black hole and the space restored itself in a blink of an eye.

Di Tian was scared to death for a second. Xuan Yan chuckled "Wanna see the white hole? the black hole bends space, attracts objects and destroys them. But the white hole explodes outwards releasing a powerful shock wave." (A/n: It's like push and pull of the magnet.)

Di Tian shook his head hurriedly and said "N-No, Young Lord. I've seen enough."

"There are even more things you can do. This is just a small example."

Xuan Yan smiled seeing Di Tian's confused face 'Ciel, If I can control space even more proficiently. I can even change the flow of time, right? Because the time flows relatively slower in space.'

[This Space-Time topic is so complicated, Master. Space-time serves as the boundary of existence, separating different realities and timelines and keeping them flowing and functioning properly; distorting this boundary can cause devastating effects, causing timelines to become fluid, and even destroying the world.]

[You are still not on that level, Master. And if you really can master this power, then you can erase any existence and can alter timelines, and worlds. You can bend the reality itself. Time and Space belong to you. It is literally a nigh-omnipotent power that causes a plethora of effects.]

Now, Xuan Yan's brain began to boil. But then he sighed, he doesn't need to think about that now.

[Why are you curious Master?]

'No. I just thought if I want to meet that Goddess what power level do I need to be in? She created an alternate timeline in this world distorting the Space-time continuum, right? Then...'

[You always thinking about that Goddess...*sigh* I also have a beautiful face, you know?]

'Huh? When did you have a body? You are just an Ai right?'

[Master, you are mean. You gave me a sexy body while you named me. Uwahhh...]

'Eh? Show me that sexy body of yours.'

[Yes Master.] Ciel cheerfully replied and sent the projection of her body to Xuan Yan's mind.

Xuan Yan was shocked to see the naked body. Light blue hair and red eyes with a gorgeous face. Moderate Boobs and damn those curves. Xuan Yan facepalmed. he thought of Ciel while naming her. So she exactly changed into Ciel's appearance.

[Master, how is my body? Hehe...]

'Yeah, Yeah..very good.'



Smiling Xuan Yan looked at Di Tian "I will give you my void step. Try to master it." DI Tian nodded respectfully.

Xuan Yan stretched his hand and placed his finger on Di Tian's head. He gave him his movement technique - Void step!

"Comprehend it!" Xuan said and Di Tian bowed as he disappeared.


Xuan Yan appeared before the five scared ladies near the log. Ah Yin hurriedly stood up and asked "Husband, what happened there?"

Xuan Yan giggled and patted her"Nothing big. Di Tian asked to train him in space elements. So I showed him."

"Oh. Ok!" Ah Yin smiled. Xuan Yan turned and saw Xiao Wu shocked and blinking her eyes repeatedly "Husband?"

Xuan Yan nodded and held Ah Yin's shoulder "Yeah. She is now my wife and really your sister now." Ah Yin stood flustered and her cheeks turned red.

Xiao Wu smiled happily and nodded. Xuan Yan already has many women and she doesn't mind having Ah Yin in the harem too and Ah Yin can also be happy like this.

Ah Rou also smiled as she already heard from Xiao Wu that Xuan Yan has many other women. Bi Ji also smiled looking at them. But Zi Ji had a somewhat complicated face looking at Ah Yin.


In the night~

"Hngh~?" Ah Yin's eyelids whimpered as she felt a moist thing on her boobs. She opened her eyes and saw Xuan Yan sucking on her boobs. He has already lowered her robe and is licking her boobs.

Ah Yin was startled and hurriedly looked to the side. Xiao Wu is sleeping hugging her Mom. The four of them are in the same bed sleeping together.

Ah Yin hushed "Husband..." and grabbed his head.

*pop* Xuan Yan took his mouth from her nipple "Oh, you woke up? You slept crushing my face in your boobs, so...*num* *num*" he again bit her nipple.

"Hyaangh~!" Ah Yin coquettishly moaned but she hurriedly closed her mouth with her hand. She looked to the side and saw Xiao Wu and Ah Rou are still sleeping.

He stroked his head hastily "Husband...Now is not th-*Umngh~!* they are s-sleepi*Yangh* They might hear us." Ah Yin said suppressing her moans as Xuan Yan kept licking her boobs.

Xuan Yan smiled "It's in your hand. If you moaned loudly they will wake up." He said and again chumped the strawberry in his mouth. His tongue circled her nipple tasting it.

Ah Yin bit her lip and sighed helplessly. She patted his head softly like a Mom caressing her child during breastfeeding.

Xuan Yan bit her nipple and pulled it hard before letting it go. Ah Yin's body curled up due to pleasure but she is still holding back her moans.

"Husband...Hmmng..Nothing will come no matter how hard you suck it." Ah Yin mumbled in his ears.

Xuan Yan moved and get on top of her. "Then we will have to do the process to make it ooze milk, right?"

Ah Yin's eyes widened. They are gonna fuck right now? She shook her head "N-No, Husband, that's a bad idea."

Xuan Yan smirked and pinched her lips "Wifes should never say No to their Husbands."

He raised her robe revealing her soft legs and panties. He caressed her soft thighs making Ah Yin tremble in delight. He rubbed her pussy over her panties and asked "Will you say no to me?"

With heavy breath Ah Yin shook her head "N-No, Husband.." Xuan Yan smiled "That's how a good wife should act."

He lowered his pant showing his dick to Ah Yin. Then he moved the panties near her pussy to the side and stroked his dick on her moistened pussy lubricating it.


*pakh* While Xuan Yan is rampaging her pussy, grabbing her waist. Ah Yin is holding back her heavy moans as she is grabbing the Headboard Top Roll of the bed and shutting her eyes. "Hhnghh~!..."

Xuan Yan stopped and crouched down as he whispered "Wife, I enjoyed seeing your face holding back your moans. You can release your moans as I already placed a noise barrier around us since we started."

Ah Yin lightly opened her eyes and saw a transparent barrier around only them. She was shocked. Then why didn't he tell that quickly? She looked at the smirking face and she understood. He again teased me.

"Humph!" She snorted and looked to the side. Xuan Yan chuckled and caressed her cheek "Is my wife angry?" Ah Yin didn't say anything and stayed like that.

Xuan Yan smiled and increased his pace directly hitting her womb. Ah Yin's eyes widened with the jolts of pleasure and she moaned loudly as her body flinched.



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