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Xuan Yan: "What? Where am I?" ???: "Oh! you woke up! Well, you can think of me as God! So coming to the question, Do you want to live or die and reincarnate in another world?" A melodious feminine voice ran inside his head. Xuan Yan: "Wh-What? Y-You are God?" He only saw a golden light ball. ???: "But you can only have one wish regarding your reincarnation." *Sigh* Xuan Yan: "I can have only one wish?" ???: "Yeah only one! But you can't ask for more wishes as your only wish!" "..." ???: "Oh! and also don't act like a smartass and say I will write my wishes in the paper and consider that as my only wish." "..." Xuan Yan: "The rules are good, but you choose the wrong opponent for the wish." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -I don't own any characters except my OC and some of my 'inserted' characters. -Handsome Mc -Overpowered Mc -Harem -R-18 -English is not my first language. So in the starting chapters, there may be some errors. But I am improving myself. -The beginning chapters will be cliche because I still didn't have a solid plot in my mind at that time...but believe me it will get better later. - I first tried to write in First person POV, but later I changed to Third person POV. I think the story gets better at that time. -Pictures are copied from Google. So whoever you are, let me borrow it for reference, Thank you. But if you don't want, just let me know and I will delete it. ... My Discord link : https://discord.gg/vHmG6YxfTm Character pics are in the discord and many more 'good' pics even NSF- ahem anyway join and lets have fun. My patreon: patreon.com/user?u=65886118 or you can search Akkuzz_69

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Second spirit ring!


[Congratulations! Host for completing the first mission perfectly!]

[Received rewards: 300 points, 5 silver token, Spirit Ring Replica x3]

[Sub missions have unlocked!]

[Spirit Ring Replica - If used on a spirit ring, the age of the spirit ring will double.]

Hm...If I used this on my spirit ring now, my spirit ring's age will become 9000.(4500x2)


I glanced at the four of them and smiled.

Bibi Dong: "Yan'er, do you have any pain in your body? Do you have any discomfort in your soul flow or body?" asked worriedly.

I shook my head : "No teacher! I am perfectly alright"

I smirked and showed my non-existing biceps indicating that I am strong.

She chuckled and then sighed in relief.

"Congratulations! Yan'er, now you are officially a Soul master!" she said.

I smiled and nodded.

Hu Liena directly came in front of me with starry eyes: "You are awesome little brother, your physical strength is super. You actually absorbed a purple ring as your first spirit ring, breaking the theory!"

Hehe, I just smiled ' Don't worry. I will make it all red in the future ' I said in my heart.

Bibi Dong: 'He already obtained his first spirit ring. He soul should have already reached level 20. Get the second spirit ring now?' thought in her heart.

Then she looked at me and asked: "Yan'er, do you want to get the next spirit ring now or do you want to stabilize your strength?"

Huh?..What stabilize shit, I am not a human. I am a Transcendent. So, I don't have those problems.

Hearing she asking this, others were stunned and looked at me deeply and shocked, already at level 20?

Yue Quan: "How is this possible? Even though he got a purple ring as his first ring, he can only reach up to level 15, unless his innate soul power is... "

Bibi Dong: "Yes! his innate soul power is level 20!"

She put a bomb!

"Innate soul power 20!!!" x3 they exclaimed in unison.

'Monster' that's what they thought in their hearts.

Seeing this I only laughed wryly scratching my neck.

"Teacher, Its okay for me to absorb my next spirit ring now because I have good physical strength!" I said.

She looked at me worriedly, I just smiled.

Then she sighed :"Ok! then lets get your next spirit ring now!"

I nodded and then we went deeper in to the forests.


[Mission: Get your second spirit ring! age limit: More than 5000 years]

[Rewards: 300 points, 5 silver token, 10 Soul fruit (low), 5 Spirit ring fruit(low), Spirit Ring Replica x2]


I can see that the beasts here are more than 5000 years. I looked around and saw many beasts, mandala snake, spirit wolf, a man-faced spider.

Seeing man-faced spider, I remembered Tang San. He must be serving food for his 'lovely' father right now.

Yep! I am one year older than Tang San, the son of luck!

I sighed and walked.

The beasts did not came near us, because of the strong aura released from teacher and the elders.

While I was walking, I heard a loud sound, I saw a big red ape fighting a black wolf.


The ape punched in the face of the wolf. The wolf fell on the floor with a thud. Then it got up again and went to fight.

Bibi Dong frowned: "Hmm...Brute Ape and Cyan Wolf. The Brute ape is 9500 years old and the wolf is 9000 years."

"Yes teacher!" I said.

Bibi Dong looked at me and asked "Do you want to absorb their spirit ring? Can you handle it?"

"Yes! I think I can absorb it! " I said confidently.

After a while the Brute ape gave a fierceful punch at the abdomen of the wolf ending its life.

At this time, Bibi Dong :"Yue Quan!"

Yue Quan :"Yes! Your Highness."

With that he rushed forward and used his martial spirit Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum and shouted "Blossom of a Thousand Flowers"

Many gold color petals surrounded the Brute ape and turned into sharp razors and pierced the ape, injuring it heavily.

"Thank you, Uncle Quan!" I said.

Then I released my martial like last time, but this time I controlled the aura.

I rushed forward with my Ea sword and slashed at its head.

Its head got cut off and rolled in the ground.

Then a purple spirit ring with black linings in the end emerged from its body.

I sat down and began to absorb the spirit ring.

After a while, I can feel the similar feeling, soul power increasing in my body. I have reached level 25!

I stood up and stretched my body. I clenched my fist, I can feel the power surging.

Then I glanced around and saw a giant tree. I walked towards it and released my martial spirit, two rings lingered around my body. Purple, Purple with black.

I didn't summon my Ea sword, I directly used my second spirit ability, Brute strength. The second in my body shined and red energy formed in my fist.

[Brute Strength - Can increase the power of the physical body 200%, 300% for the third spirit ring and so on...]

I punched it only with 30% my strength and the tree broke and flied in the air and fell down with a loud 'thud'.

I smirked.

I then turned around and saw that they were shocked. Especially, Sister Nana, her mouth is wide open like a O.

I laughed seeing her like this.

Then I explained them about my first and second spirit abilities.

First spirit ring ability...

[Phantom Slash - Create a red aura around the sword and a powerful slash can cause destruction. The power increases for every spirit ring added.]

I am quite satisfied wit these abilities.


[Congratulations! Host for completing the mission perfectly!]

[Received rewards:300 points, 5 silver token, 10 Soul fruit (low), 5 Spirit ring fruit(low), Spirit Ring Replica x2]

Then we left the Star Dou forest and entered the carriage.

Then we rode towards the Spirit Palace.


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