Reincarnated In Mahabharat with Seven Deadly Sins System

Greek × Indian × Norse mythology) This is the journey of a man from the end of Kaliyug, named Aryan, who got Lord Vishnu's boon and survived the end of the world by reincarnating to Mahabharat period in a parallel universe with a seven deadly sins system. Now Aryan has to navigate in this dangerous world, all the while trying to figure out how to use this system of his to gain the seven abilities from the famous anime seven deadly sins. May be this time, the ending will be slightly different with the addition of a man from Kaliyug into Dwaparyug? But wait, why are there Greek gods and Norse gods in this world too? A total of three Pantheons? Follow Aryan on his journey and see what different choices he will make and how are they going to change the bigger picture? * [ Those who don't know the story of Mahabharat can also read. I have tried my best to make you understand everything. ] [ PS - This is only for entertainment purpose and I don't want to hurt anyone's beliefs and religion. So if you have any problems with these then please don't read further. ] * I'll try to make 5 chaps / week, unless something urgent comes up like exams and all. *********************** Hungry for more chapters? Support me on Patreon and read 5 advance chapters, along with advance chapters of my other novels .  patreon.com/Daddy_strikes_

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Shocked Aryan

After teaching Duryodhan a lesson, Aryan left the court room and headed for his entourage to depart for Udra.

But on his way there, he happened to meet Krishna who seemingly waiting for him specifically.

"Greetings Vasudev! "

Aryan and Karna greeted him with a smile.

"Greetings Udra Naresh and Anga Raj! "

Krishna returned their greetings politely and continued with an amused smile.

"I must say Udra naresh, this new ability of yours is really very insidious. "

"Hahaha! "

Aryan couldn't help but laugh out loud after hearing this and added sarcastically.

"Well Vasudev, it may be so, but you can't deny it's destructive ability."

"Hahaha! "

Krishna also started laughing after hearing this, imagining the scene where Aryan stepped on a battlefield and with a wave of his hands, he immediately stripped the whole army.

Subsequently Aryan and Krishna entered the guest room and started having a light hearted chat while Karna left to get the entourage ready in the meantime.

At this moment Krishna was asking Aryan about Subhadra's well being but suddenly, a bright light flashed in the room along with the appearance of a sage carrying Veena and Khartal in his hands.

"Narayan... Narayan! "

That characteristic catchphrase along with a Veena and Khartalin his hand immediately gave away his identity.

"What a pleasant surprise Sage Narada. What brings you here at this time? "

Krishna asked pleasantly.

"Greetings Vasudev! Although I don't want to trouble you but today I am here for a very concerning matter. "

Sage Narada said solemnly while secretly hinting at Aryan.

Krishna also understand what he meant but reassured him with a smile.

"Don't worry Sage Narada, there is no need to hide from him. You can confidently say whatever you want. "

Although Sage Narada couldn't comprehend why Krishna trusted this man so much but since he had already said it, he had no reason to hesitate either.

"Well Vasudev, it's about the Greek Gods. Narayan... Narayan! The Greek Gods, led by Zeus, are planning to send their champions to invade Yavan."

Sage Narada revealed.

"What? Greek gods? Zeus? What are you guys talking about? Are there other gods in this world beside those in Devlok? "

Aryan asked in confusion because he couldn't believe his ears for what he heard.

Seeing his confused expression, Narada had no choice but to explain to him briefly. "Narayan... Narayan! Yes, Udra naresh, there are indeed other gods in this world. The Greek gods, led by Zeus and the Norse gods led by Odin, each govern a different pantheon in a different realm.But thanks to the Trimurti's intervention in the past, they created some barriers to separate the territories of the three Pantheons to avoid any intersection between them. "

While Aryan was still trying to digest this shocking information, Sage Narada dropped yet another explosive piece of information.

"But since the last few months, we have been unable to contact any of the Trimurtis. And the Greek gods are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. "

"Can't contact the Trimurtis? "

Aryan exclaimed in shock while Krishna also looked at Narada in confusion.

"Although I don't know the reason but it seems as if they have dis.... disappeared from this world. "

Sage Narada revealed hesitantly.

Aryan's expression turned serious as he processed this information. He had a feeling that somehow all this is connected and this disappearance of the Trimurtis had something to do with his reincarnation in this world.

On the other hand, Krishna, seemingly unperturbed, calmly asked for more details.

"The Gods themselves can't cross the barriers for now, but they plan to send their champions. And this could lead to a significant disturbance in our territory."

Sage Narada explained.

Aryan, realizing the potential consequences, frowned. "What's their real intention behind this invasion? Is it just to cause chaos in our territory?"

"Their primary goal seems to be taking advantage of the absence of the Trimurtis. With the barriers weakening, they believe their champions can spread their Pantheon's influence in our territory and possibly weaken the barriers further or at least extend its range. After all, the barriers are not exactly placed in a certain location, instead their location is based on the region where your Pantheon has influence. So they want to send their champions in our territory and indoctrinate their Pantheon in our territory after winning it over thus including it into their side."

Sage Narada elucidated.

"This is.... Insane. "

Having already adapted to the new information he just got, Aryan expressed his honest appearance.

May it's because of him being a traverser, but he accepted all this rather quickly and he even had a little excitement of exploring the other side.

Meanwhile Krishna leaned back, considering the situation.

"This is indeed a very dangerous issue and we must address this issue strategically. But,"

"But what Vasudev? "

Narada asked in confusion.

"But I can't help you in this matter Sage Narada. My calling needs my presence here at this time so although I would have loved to help you but unfortunately I can't."

Krishna said helplessly.

Sage Narada's face immediately dropped down like a wilted eggplant.

Meanwhile Aryan understood what Krishna meant by his words. It's probably related to the Pandavs and the upcoming ' Dyut sabha ' that will set the stage for the great Mahabharat war.

On the other hand, seeing Sage Narada's distressed expression, Krishna suddenly seemed to have thought of something as a smile appeared on his face.

"Sage Narada, although I can't help you myself but my friend Aryan here can certainly help you. "

"Huh? Are you... sure Vasudev? "

Narada asked in hesitation.

"I think Vasudev is right. In fact, now that my curiosity has been piqued, I also want to meet the Greeks myself. "

Aryan said with a thoughtful smile.

"Narayan.... Narayan, since Vasudev Krishna believes in you Udra naresh, then so will I. Alright then, I will inform the other gods about this too. "

With that, Sage Narada disappeared from the room in the same way he appeared.

But even after Sage Narada disappeared, Aryan kept pondering over the new information that he has gotten, a myriad of thoughts racing through his mind.

And at some point of time, Karna had also returned to the room and after having a few exchanges with Krishna, Aryan and Karna left Panchal kingdom the same day.

Meanwhile the twelve champions had already crossed the barrier and entered Yavana kingdom.

And without a warrior like Kalyavan, who was previously killed by Aryan, it was impossible for the Yavana forces to contend against the overpowered champions and their troops.

Although they didn't have Astras but their divine artifacts and overpowered attributes easily made up it.

Before long, the Yavana army was forced to retreat. If nothing miraculous happen, then following this trend, Yavana's army will likely be defeated in just another three days at maximum.

Hungry for more chapters? 

Support me on Patreon and read 5 advance chapters, along with advance chapters of my other novels . 


Hungry for more chapters?

Support me on Patreon and read 5 advance chapters, along with advance chapters of my other novels . 


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