Reincarnated In HP world with Power of Destruction

Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control 3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan trope Harem 1.Nymphadora Tonks 2.Luna Lovegood 3.Fleur Delacour 4.Daphne Greengrass 5.Astoria Greengrass 6.Hermione Granger Summary: MC is OP as fk but don't act cold towards people he care and actually listens to them (beta naive mc) He is Heir of an ancient noble family. A lot of MC's ass kissing, cringe af, ya this is it. I won't recommend you reading this shit. There are way way better ff available on webnovel read those than wasting your time here. why am I writing this then? cause I'm a fking loser. You're not right? sorry just got upset due to criticism. Ahh I should just delete this shit and do something productive with my life. You can't satisfy everyone. some like Hermione, some hate her to guts. fking idiots.

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The scene was a dark and empty void, where a white ball of light hovered in front of an old man. The ball of light was the soul of a young boy who had just died, and the old man was a mysterious being.

"Am I dead?" the soul asked.

"You're handling this quite well. I've seen souls lose their minds from dying," the old man said.

The young soul sighed and said, "Well, there's no point in dwelling on it, so let's move on. What happens now?"

The old man explained, "Here's the deal. I will reincarnate you in a world of your choice, and you will get three wishes as your 'cheat'."

The soul pondered over what the old man said. "What's the catch? What do you gain from reincarnating me? Are you one of those ROBs who reincarnate people for fun or to make them do missions?"

'I've read many fanfics where the main character suffers because of those ROBs,' the soul thought.

The old man let out a weary sigh and muttered, "You're overthinking this, young man. It's just that you're in my home without my permission or desire. I just want to get rid of you from the void, that's all. I was being generous to give you some cheat and let you customize your appearance and everything, but if you don't want the reincarnation, I can just annihilate your soul and be done with you."

The soul quickly replied, "I'm sorry for being rude. I would like to go to the Harry Potter world, please."

'I've always dreamed of being reincarnated in the Harry Potter world, defeating the noseless villain and being a powerful and awesome wizard,' the soul thought.

The old man smiled. "Harry Potter world, alright. What year do you want to go to?"

The soul was lost in thought. 'Tonks graduated from Hogwarts in 1991. That's when the original story begins.'

He turned to the old man and said, "I want to be reborn in 1978, and can you please make Nymphadora Tonks the same age as me?"

The old man chuckled at the soul's request and said, "Sure, why not? Maybe you can save that girl from her tragic fate. Now, tell me your three wishes."

The soul felt a surge of excitement and said, "My first wish is to have unlimited power of destruction and have perfect control over it."

The old man shook his head in disapproval. "No, no, no. That's not how it works. Unlimited power of destruction and perfect control are two different wishes. Do you still want them?"

The soul thought, 'It was worth a try.' and said, "Fine, for my third wish, give me a lot of magical power and magical talent greater than Tom Riddle."

The old man rubbed his temples. "You're a stubborn one, aren't you? Fine, hurry up and customize your appearance before I change my mind."

The soul jumped in joy. "Make me an orphan, make me look like young Leonardo DiCaprio, just increase my height potential, that's it. Could you also make me the heir of some ancient and noble house? And do I need to use Occlumency shields to protect my rebirth knowledge?"

The old man, now exhausted by the young soul's enthusiasm and questions, answered for the last time. "Alright, I will make you the heir of some forgotten ancient and noble house, and no, you don't need Occlumency to protect your memories. You have the power of destruction that will shield your mind automatically."

Before the soul could ask any more questions, the old man snapped his fingers and the soul vanished from the void.


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