1 Abducted

31st July 2022

Earth, a peaceful planet faced an unprecedented crisis when 1/1000th of its population suddenly disappeared. An investigation was conducted to identify the cause and pattern of disappearance of people but their efforts were fruitless.

The void left by this incident disturbed the balance of earth greatly. There was no result after the investigation, as to how can so many people disappear at once and at last the case was closed presumed to be 'Act of God'.

How do I know all this, the truth is I don't, it is just my speculation because I was one of the earth's resident, who was abducted and brought before gods to help them achieve their goal.

I am Eric grace. I was living a luxuries life on earth. I was running 2 successful businesses at the age of 22 and had my own harem with 5 beautiful women's from different countries who has joined my harem on their own accord.

I was a millionaire at the age of 22 and was set to become a billionaire in next 3 to 4 years due to all the hard work I have put in but my whole world turned upside down when a golden light suddenly enveloped me and due to sheer pressure of its pulling force my consciousness slipped.

When I opened my eyes, I was not in my office but in long flat grassland which had no end. I was not alone because many people were lying unconscious around me and very few who had woken up were trying to understand, how they got here.

I tried to come up with many scenarios but none of them made sense. That is when my attention shifted to the sky where a holographic screen was floating in midair.



The numbers were increasing on the screen rapidly but it was far from finished. Suddenly I had an idea and I shouted for other peoples to wake up the unconscious peoples around them.

After my shout people complied and suddenly the chain reaction started and the numbers on holographic screen started to increase rapidly.


After half an hour later the numbers finally reached [20,00,000/20,00,000] and then the holographic screen closed and disappeared.

It was clear that total 2 million people have been abducted and from their looks and attire we all have come from planet earth.

I started to chat with some peoples around me but there were no similarities between us as if we have been randomly picked.

When we were discussing something a loud but sweet voice came from the sky above us and everyone became silent. Soon a Women/Milf started to descend from the sky toward the ground.

She was a beautiful lady in her mid-40s; she had purple hair and a royal demeanor. Her eyes were light blue with pure milk like white skin. My eyes refused to look away from her face because she was beautiful to the extent that countries would wage war to get their hands on her. She had six white wings on her back while her clothes were revealing all her skin barely protecting her body parts which we earthling considered private.

Some peoples around me started to shout 'Angel' while some remained dazed by her beauty, few of them even started to have nosebleed. Soon behind her four male angels appeared as if following her like her bodyguard. They all had perfectly jacked body and four white wings on their back. Feeling the pressure coming from them everyone became silent.

Soon the female angel descended in the distance far away from me with four other male angels and a holographic screen appeared in front of each and every one of us.

"Welcome everyone, as many of you have already guessed, I am an angel from the land of gods. My name is Sylph. You all must be confused as to why you have been summoned to this place and it is my duty to explain you everything." Everyone remained silent while she spoke to us staring interestingly at the holographic screen because it is too advance technology compared to what we have on earth.

"First I want to clear everyone's doubt regarding one simple question which every human have in their mind, whether gods exist or not and the answer is 'Yes' God's exist, my presence here is the proof of their existence." She said her voice was so sweet and mesmerizing that it can't be compared with any voice I have ever heard on earth.

"Gods exist and protect us all from the external threat which humanity is not ready to face but just like how there is white and black, Good and Evil there are some good gods and evil gods. We refer Evil gods as Demon Gods and good gods as celestial beings, celestial beings wants all of human race to prosper but the demon gods wants the prosperity of demon race and eradication of humanity." The angel Sylph said.

I don't know the reason but ever since I was a child, I had the latent ability to know whether a person was speaking truth or lie. Whenever someone says lie in front of me, I would feel a burning sensation in the back of my ears.

It was not painful and a very useful ability which has saved me innumerable times, relying on this ability I had avoided many scams and built 2 successful businesses, but now that I am here all my efforts have gone down the drain if I can't return back to earth.

This was the biggest secret of my life and just now when the angel Sylph said about intentions of Demon gods to destroy humanity and celestial beings fighting for us, I felt the same sensation on the back of my ears. It was clear that the angel has just lied to us now but what could she be hiding.

"Can't humans and demons co-exist?" From the crowd of people a voice was raised.

"We have tried to mitigate between two species many times but the result was always chaos and annihilation of one of the two." She replied but it was a lie.

"So what is your reason for summoning us here?" Another human asked.

"That was the part I was about to explain, as I have mentioned celestial beings are continuously fighting against Demon gods and keeping them at bay, protecting the humanity as a whole, but they needs your help in order to achieve their noble task and that is why after careful consideration, you all have been selected to help celestial beings accomplish their noble task and help humanity survive." she concluded and this whole time my ears were etching due to heat, If nothing else she was at least a good liar.

"As I have said you all have been summoned here in order to help celestial beings achieve their goal and I will explain how you will do that and what help you will receive from celestial beings, but if anyone feels like that they are not competent enough to carry on this burdensome task, you can quit now and we will send you back to your planet without any harm, but remember one thing soon your home planet earth will be a mess because it will be invaded by demons, so if you want to be safe and save your loved one, your best option is not to return to your planet now but first gain strength."

An option appeared in front of us asking us of our decision.

[Do you wish to return to your planet?]


Sensing that everything that angel sylph said was a lie about safely sending us back to earth, I didn't dare to push the return button and decided to stay and soon people started to disappear and only half million people remained.

As I have thought 'selected after careful consideration' my ass, every one of us is a coward fearing for our own life but if they didn't return to earth where did they go. So thinking about this I asked my first question.

"The people who disappeared just now, are they dead?" I asked hiding within the crowd.

"No as I have said earlier they have returned to your old world; please pay more attention to the explanation." She said in a polite tone as if I had asked something obvious but I felt a burning sensation behind my ears and the world froze for me for few seconds.

This madwoman has killed one and a half million people just now, hiding the fear away I replied.

"My apologies." I said understanding my situation that if I want to survive I will have to play along.

After that she continued giving us the details about celestial beings and demon gods. Many peoples asked the question and she told few of them truth while lied to most of them.

Basically she explained us that we will have to first complete some trial and the one who fails will be sent back to their old planet, while those who pass the trial will be briefed about the task, sending back us to earth was a lie of course, which means failing the trial will result in certain death.

[Do you wish to start the trial now?]


Soon a screen appeared in front of me asking my decision and I pressed 'yes'.

Once again I was enveloped by a golden light and my eyes closed but this time I didn't fell unconscious and was brought to a sandy beach.

In front of me was an endless blue sea while behind me was a deep green forest and in middle of the island was an active volcano which was continuously emitting grey smog.

[Survive through any means necessary for next 3 days]

[Please select your weapons]

I was presented with the image of many weapons but when I searched for guns I couldn't find them, I guess we have to hunt using primitive weapons and so I selected spear because it can be used in many ways.

[User has selected Spear]

A spear materialized in my hands and the system window disappeared with the best of luck message.

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