Reincarnated in Custom Made Demon King

This story is about a man that got reincarnated in CMDK and trying to get to the top. Here what you can expect in the story: *The mc is a villain and he will do a lot of horrible things. *The mc will act more like a devil and use his brain. *I changed the system so it will be less artistic and more like the system read his mind and create what he picture. *there will be a harem of 3-4 but it will be a sub plot later. A little about myself- English is my second language but don't worry I'm pretty good at it. This will be my first book. I plan to update twice a week in Monday and Thursday. I hope every one will enjoy my book and if you have any constructive criticism feel free to write it in the comments.

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Chapter 1: the day a new demon was reborn


On a dark and ominous beach unlike any other, where columns of eggs setting on the smooth black and hot rocks waiting for there chance for life. 

Just like the turbulence sea, inside one of the little eggs a storm of emotions was brewing as the little demon inside was starting to awaken and open his eyes for the first time. 

As the newborn was opening his eyes, he started to remember who he was and what happened to him. It was just like any other day in the life of Marcus Myers he woken up at 6:50 am shower and eat his breakfast and left is the apartment at 7:30 for some light jogging, Marcus took a break at a bus stop and just as he closed his eyes for a moment a truck come rushing at him and before he could react, he died. 

'What happened to me did I died?'

Marcus looked at his surrounding and all he saw was darkness. He tried to scream but when he did what came out of his mouth was some kind of a warm liquid, in a panic he tried getting out of where he was at but then he felt some kind of moist walls all around him sealing him in. 

'NO NO I can't die again I want to live.' 

Screamed Marcus in his head and then punched in all his strength at the wall. 


Marcus looked in hope at the hole he made and kept breaking the shell until he got out and took a breath of air and look at his surroundings. 

"What happened to me? Where am I?" 

Said Marcus as he looks at the eggs around him and the volcano close by. Suddenly, he felt a hunger like he never felt before and he looked around searching for something edible and when he saw his egg, like an instinct he knew what to do and he took a bite out of the piece he broke. 

As Marcus ate his egg, he felt good and the egg tasted delicious to him, when he finished the egg, he suddenly felt a stream of memories enter his brain and he knew where he is and who he become. 

"I... I am a demon inside the novel I was reading." 

[Custom Made Demon King System 2.0 has activated] 

As if to confirm his suspicion he eared the system notification and a screen appeared Infront of him. He then saw the big red eye in the middle of the screen blink and take his picture. 

What he saw horrified him, he looked like a snake monster with gray scales and rows of teeth, sharp claws, big snake like tail although he still has two legs, and 2 black horns. 

Marcus was speechless he liked snakes and even had a snake pet, but it wasn't like he wanted to be this monstrosity. 

"Whatever I can always change my appearance later with the system I have bigger problems now, system status." 

[name: Marcus 

Race: Demon 

Bloodline: at least three different kinds 

Demon True Name: Abraxas Dagon Grigori Moloch Amon... Morgoth Apophis 

Form: Newborn 

Hierarchy: Bottom of the low rank 

Attribute: Dark 

Strength: 15 

Speed: 17 

Magic: 9 

Vitality: 16 

Loaded Materials: None

Skills: None 

Talent Ability 1: soul peer 

Explanation: After living beings die, you can discover the location of their souls. 

Talent Ability 2: Demon Blood 

Explanation: The demon race is bloodthirsty and warlike. It is quite easy for you to go berserk whenever you enter combat. In addition, demon blood gives you better affinity with negative energies. 

Talent Ability 3: Soul Devouring Addiction 

Explanation: it is in a demon's nature to devour and play with souls. It refers to the pleasure and ecstasy brought about through devouring souls. 

Talent Ability 4: Poison 

Explanation: Many of your ancestors were of snake origin that give you the ability to produce venom through a gland in your skull. 

Talent ability 5: Shedding 

Explanation: Many of your ancestors were of snake origin that give you the ability to shed and regenerate your wounds. 

Items: None 

Number of Souls in Possession: 0 

Evaluation: Your bloodline is relatively not complex, and you obtain two of your bloodline powers. Your potential is high, you awaken a little early… Top level threat on this beach. 

Marcus smile at the system evaluation of him, he even told himself that his snake form was a blessing and not a curse. 

"Wait maybe now that I'm a demon I should sssay curse and not a blessing whatever I don't have a lot of time." 

He then walked to the egg closest to him and slashed the shell which broke, and the imp spilled out of it to the ground. before he could react, Marcus grubbed is arms and wrapped his tail around his legs and bite his neck. The little imp struggle and trash while he felt the venom entering his system but to no avail in less then 30 second the imp stop moving, and all his muscles stiffen up when Marcus felt the demon soul, he released him and took the exposed soul and put it in the system. 

"Wonderful with how easy that was I can harvest a lot of souls before everyone will wake up." 

With a smile on his face and blood dripping from his mouth, Marcus started his killing spree. by the time by the other demons woken up Marcus already harvested 22 souls. 

"I still have time they should start going after the ones still in the eggs let's design a weapon wait, I think I have just enough for a skill." 

'System create skill' 

[Define the usage of the skill] 

'Stealth- Disappear and become invisible to all 5 senses and all forms of detection' 

[ Imagine what you want the skill to look like] 

Marcus imagined himself being surrounded in a forced field and disappearing from the naked eye. 

[Special effects received]

[Skill setup complete] 

'Create the skill' 

[Insufficient souls' skill 1% completed] 

'What but it just basic stealth, wait come down let's try to change it a little.'

Marcus took a breath and tied to concentrate while keeping an eye on the other demons, that right now where attacking the ones that are still in the eggs. 

'System change the skill usage to stealth- become invisible to the 5 senses but when I attack, I become visible again.' 

[Affirmative skill usage has been changed] 

'Also change the special effects instead of a force field turn my scales invisible' 

[Changes as been set, skill setup complete] 

'Create the skill' 

[Skill created] 

As the system said this Marcus saw his souls drop to 2 and he felt the skill become part of him, all his old scales begin to fall off, and new ones took their place. 

Marcus grin as he saw his new scales, he got down on all four and activate his stealth as he slowly started crawling toward the nearest demon. while trying to be as silent as possible, the demon was busy beating up another demon that just emerge from his egg, and when the demon finally killed him. Marcus pounce on him biting him in the neck while trying to restrain his limbs when the demon died shortly after Marcus stored the two souls in the system. 

And as the big melee fight started Marcus stayed at the shadows while sneak attacking demons, a few times demons that notice him and tried to attack him, where easily killed by Marcus as he simply bites them and then retreat waiting for them to die from the venom and then took their souls. 

And when he felt the volcano was about to erupt, all the imps roared and made their way into the volcano, Marcus followed them into the upper abyss. 

My first chapter it feels like a big milestone for me

I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter

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