Hello all, I deeply apologise for the delay on chapters on all my fics

I had a lot of priorities which kept stacking up ontop of one another.

My course which was £2300 worth was the main priority over 6 months

Applying for a new job is another

My aunt going to hospital and I attending to her bedside to keep her company

And unfortunately a month ago, she passed away in hospital and her funeral/cremation was 2 weeks ago

I was quite depressed since then and didn't really know what to do despite having already come to terms she would pass away

I am quite happy though since I was able to give a proper goodbye and accepted it unlike how I did when my mother passed a decade ago

And now in the last few days I have been re reading all my posted chapters of my fics so I can catch up on the plot and narrative of where I left of in each story.

I'm currently writing a few chapters as of now and just getting back into it.

As for Star Wars: Rise of Mandalore fanfic, while this fic does have some OC elements and a multiversal element in it such as Ulthaan and such, I have decided thar based on some comments I read about the dissatisfaction of it not being purely star wars, I will make a Star Wars universe inly fic. It will be 2 chapters a week, one on Monday and one on Friday. This will be a side alt version I will do alongside my main Star Wars Rise of Mandalore fic. The new alt star wars fic will have no wishes, mc will be purely a reincarnated person under specific circumstances, will be reincarnated and approximately around the age of Anakin (19) and Ahsoka (14) when the Clone Wars begins so mc will be between age 14-19 which happens shortly after the 1st battle of Geonosis which is the second movie and maybe before or after Christophsis, which is where Anakin meets Ahsoka for the first time and go on the mission to save Jabba the Hutt's son.

I hope that all of you who have read my respective fics are still reading and/or waited patiently for my return. I look forward to giving you all more chapters to read from.

Cya soon.

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