42 Chapter 29 - Party

My eyes opened due to the knock on the door.

"Razel-sama, Elize-sama, Lily-sama, please wake up. It's time for breakfast."

A maid was calling us.

Last night, my girlfriends were very anxious due to the fact that I will be going to hunt hidden rats soon.

So, we were giving each other affection.

By affection I mean kisses and hugs, not the other kind of affection.

That first night we had was something I won't forget, but at the same time I won't get used to it. I mean these girls change their personality when they are very happy.

So much so, that I felt afraid of Eli's sadistic side and Lily's dark wet eyes.

They were hugging me like lost little girls after finding their daddy.

They were wearing a long nightgown and their hair was down.

Lily seemed to wake up.

Her eyes were still closed and she saw me why I greeted her.

"Good morning."

"Umm... good morning."

With her soft hands, she took my face and her lips touched mine.

This I discussed with them on that night.

If they could kiss me good morning when we slept together.

They agreed instantly.

Once our tongues parted, they left a trail of saliva hanging like a bridge.

Lily's hand was now moving Eli to wake her up.

"Eli-chan, wake up. Breakfast is ready."

"Umm~ five more minutes."

"Breakfast will get cold."


Having lovely girlfriends is very nice in the morning.

After waiting for Eli to wake up, we went to brush our teeth and take a bath.

That's right, together.

It's very early in the morning, so there was nothing more than a regular bath.

What there was that I groped her breasts and ass a little bit.

Without a doubt, Eli has them bigger and softer than Lily.

On the other hand, Lily has them firmer and harder to the touch, showing what her weak point is.

If we're talking about butts, I'd say it's a tie.

Big, soft and pink.

We changed after coming out of the bathroom, I watched as they got dressed while I did too.

Their underwear was white.

Lily's clothes were cute, while Eli's were rich girl clothes.

After arriving at the dining room holding hands, we met someone unexpected.


They both shouted as they noticed the duchess sitting down eating breakfast.

A coffee in one hand and bread with ham on her plate.

She heard her name being called and her beautiful face broke into a smile.

"My girls."

Barbara set her cup of coffee on the table and after rising from her chair, she gave her daughters a big hug.

Lily was an adopted daughter without papers. The paperwork to do so was a lot as the palace does not want to recognize a commoner as an upper class noble.

My girlfriends' heads were buried in their mother's huge maternal bosom.

It is unbelievable that that chest is so big to be crushed by two human heads.

A mature woman's body is the best.

She noticed my presence and smiled in a motherly loving way.

"Good morning Razel-kun."

"G-Good morning."

I greeted her, but I was nervous.

We hadn't met since that night.

She acted as if nothing had happened the next day.

It seemed like it was a one-night stand, too bad.

"Oh! Good morning Cid."

The new third prince in the line of succession was at the table eating breakfast of toast with jam.

I greeted him and he greeted me back.

He was immersed in eating his toast.

After we arrived, so did my new girlfriends.

"Ahhhh~! Good morning~"

"G-Good morning."

Evelyn was well dressed while Celia seemed to forget that she was in a duchess household and not her house.

A thin blouse that marked her breasts and exposed her belly was visible to all. Similarly, very short shorts showed off her long legs.

This makes up for what I lost yesterday in money, thank you.

Once we finished eating breakfast all together, Barbara spoke to me.

"Razel-kun, Eli, I will prepare your best clothes for tonight."

"Is there anything for tonight?" I said curiously.

She said something that made Eli's eyes widen like saucers.

"Tonight will be Razel-kun's debut in society and I would like his fiancé to be with him."

Eli lowered his head.

"Mom, I'm sorry. But I won't go."

"Eli... you still can't forgive them?"

This is something Eli told me while we were sleeping together.

Apparently, way back when the Rosenberg Household was barely suffering from debt. Eli and his mother went to a party so as not to allow their image to be damaged.

But at that party the nobles were talking behind his back and Eli heard everything.

She doesn't want to be in the same place with those people despite the fact that she was once a spoiled child and the villainess.

"Mom, what about me?" asked Lily since she wasn't named, maybe she was afraid of something.

But Barbara immediately reassured her.

"I'm sorry my little one, but you are not yet a noblewoman. To take you would be detrimental to your image. I would take you even without it, but you must understand that image for the nobles is vital. Ah, and I'm not talking about me or the house, I'm talking about the other nobles speaking negatively of you without being one, that worries me."

"I understand, don't worry." She showed a beautiful smile at her mother's concern towards her adopted daughter's image.

She was a good mother without a doubt.

"Then... I guess I'll go with Razel-kun to that party."

For a moment, I felt her eyes sharpen at the sight of me.

"Sounds good to me, Mom, take good care of Razel."

"I will."

Barbara looked at me normally.

"Razel-kun, later come to my room to take measurements for your outfit."

"Is that necessary? And on such short notice, too."

"We have personal tailors so it's no problem."

"I see..."

With that said, we finished our family breakfast which included Cid.


Eli was walking down a hallway to get some tea sets.

Lily wanted to learn etiquette and Eli was happy to teach her.

She still had a way to go before she reached the room where the tea set was.

Her eyes focused on an open door, it was the library.

She entered curious to know who was inside.

The servants could access it as there was nothing confidential or obscure to hide.

Inside, she observed Evelyn bringing down a large number of books.

"Anything good to read?"

Noticing Eli's presence, Evelyn reacted startled.

"Eeh, Elize-san!"

She almost fell to the ground if she hadn't grabbed onto the stairs.

"Do you need help? There are a lot of books, most of them are gifts from the palace. So I don't know if I can help you find what you're looking for."

"D-Don't worry! I was looking for certain books and yes there are!"

"Certain books?"

Eli looked at one of the books in Evelyn's hands.


(It's an obsolete type of magic these days. I don't remember any classes on it or history?)

"If you need anything, let me know."


Eli took his leave, but not before noticing another book that was hidden by a larger one.


(Aren't those things stories these days? They are treated as fiction since there has been no solid proof of them.)

She walked out of the room straight to the tea set.

But Evelyn watched her out of the corner of her eye after she left.

"Close enough..."

I came to Barbara's room as a maid called me.

I knocked on the door and she said.

"Come in."

I opened the door and went in.

I closed it as she asked me to do so.

"Please close it."


I still don't understand why she wants to take my measurements herself when we have tailors. Although, I've never seen those tailors?

"Tell me, is it true about the dukes?"


She was behind a locked room, asked me about yesterday. No doubt Glenn was the one who did it.

She doesn't seem to be worried about me, unlike her daughters.

"Sit on the couch, I'll be right out."

I listened to her and waited quietly for her to come out.

My eyes were closed due to still being sleepy.

I heard the door open.

"Open your eyes."

Her voice sounded a little shy, I heeded her and as I did so.


My eyes as they opened, opened wider at what they saw.

"So, do you like it?"

Barbara was in a corner, her outfit I wouldn't know whether to say sensual or erotic?

She was wearing leopard underwear.

The size was very, very small.

Her body was almost fully exposed.

Her long white legs were magnificent.

The underwear that covered her intimate part, looked like a dental floss thong.

Her belly was slim despite having given birth to a baby girl.

Above that waist were two huge fleshy fruits.

The flesh was a little out as only the center part covered the pink area that was a bit marked by the size.

She was embarrassed, seeming to expect a complicated.

Before I said anything, she half turned around innocently and I observed something even more perfect.

Her big, fat ass seemed to be wearing not a little string covering it.

It's certainly a beautiful sight.

I think I understand what you called me here for.

I responded immediately.

"Yes! I like it! It's fucking hot!"

"Your body is great, but what you're wearing brings out every aspect of it!"

Barbara blushed when she heard that.

She moved closer.

Her walk was very sensual and her big ass pressed against my pelvis.

I hugged her.

"I thought that night was a one-time thing."

"It was."

Barbara stood up and didn't cover her body.

"You see. What happened that time was special and wonderful for me, you really made me happy both as a person and as a woman."


She looked a little sad.

"I'm an old woman, I'm forty years old, my body in a couple of years will get horrible due to aging, what man would like a woman like that?"


She put her finger in my mouth to cover it.

"Even if you try to say it wasn't a repressed desire. I'm still a woman, I don't want an adventure, I'm already old and I have a daughter. You are her future husband, my son-in-law, besides. Do you understand the kind of relationship you wish to have with your mother-in-law?"

Everything she says is understandable, it really is a logical thing to think that.

I stood up and walked over to her to hug her.

"Duchess... Barbara."

My face buried in her breasts for a moment, but then I averted my gaze to her eyes.

"I understand perfectly what you're saying! I know I may seem to you like a brat who only pines for a mature woman! But believe me when I tell you this."

"I do not go back on my words. I, just like when I defended your daughter. I tell you the truth when I confess that I love you."

"You are a wonderful woman, you have endured so much, fought for your home and your daughter. A woman like you deserves a prize, your daughter wanted you to be happy, that's why she was willing to be with that stupid prince. But I don't want you to suffer. I want to make Eli, Lily and you happy."

"Barbara, be my wife!"

I leaned in a little and my lips kissed hers.

Our tongues met and savored every moment.

She held me affectionately.

After a while, we stopped kissing.

Her beautiful red eyes looking at me, we went to lie down in the bedroom.

As we walked, I watched her ass wiggle a little from side to side.





I couldn't take my eyes off that perfect ass.

That ass is mine and no one else's.

She tossed me onto the bed, the part on the husband's side.

"Are you serious?"

She said as she put one knee on the bed.

I looked at her and replied.

"Yes. I'm totally serious."

"An old woman like me you want to make happy?"

"You are not old, you are beautiful and I will make you happy. You and your daughter I will make happy."

Her eyes showed a little moisture as she looked at me.

"I'm your girlfriend's mother, your mother-in-law, you're knowing what you're doing aren't you? If my daughters find out about this..."

"I'll tell them."

She opened her eyes in surprise.

"I don't like lies, so, I will tell them the truth. I want them to know that the reason their mother's womb is growing is because my son is there."

She looked like she wanted to cry.

"At my age having a child is something almost impossible."

"Then let's try every chance we get."

"... Really? Do you want to..."

Her hand touched her belly.

"Put a baby here?"

"Yes. I'm sure it would be a beautiful boy or a beautiful girl like its mother."

She touched her cheeks and the color red flashed across her face.

"You want me that badly? This old woman, a non-virgin woman?"

"I have no problem with one of my women being unchaste. What matters to me is if she wants to be with me."

"Women? ... Do you want to have more?"

"... I learned that having a harem is about having a lot of money, I settled for my current girlfriends and you."

She climbed onto the bed, crawling like a baby, but those huge low hanging fruits didn't look like one's.

She came up to me and placed those huge fruits dangling like a pendulum in front of me.

I want to play with them.

"Geez, telling me something like that... I hope you're prepared since your first duty as the future head is to have lots of babies."


"Of course. Rosenberg Household no longer has any relatives, it's your duty as the only male to leave offspring. Eli I understand that and that's why I accepted those girls, not only my daughters, also with your mother-in-law you have an obligation to leave your inheritance ❤"

He seemed really happy to say that.

"So... as a token of being your first mistress."

Her breasts were crushing me.

"Let's have a moment of intimacy to celebrate our bond, my darling ❤"

I was in heaven, two huge fruits were crushing me and I enjoyed the sensation.

We arrived at the party venue.

It was a celebration of a random nobleman.

Important nobles went just to show off their presence, in other words, they were gatecrashers.

I arrived at the party with Barbara, everyone was watching us.

They noticed that a completely normal ugly guy was well dressed with a beautiful woman by his side.

Barbara was wearing a beautiful black suit with sequins.

Heels that made her look taller than she was.

The dress was long and blatantly showed off one of her legs, you could also see a bit of her underwear if she was careless.

Her ass showed the silhouette of her underwear.

Her back was totally uncovered.

The only thing holding that dress together was that it was tied at her neck in a knot, not to mention her luminous cleavage.

Her huge breasts were so firm that a bit of flesh was showing on the sides.

The chest area was largely uncovered and only a button fastened with a hook prevented those fruits from being shown.

It seems to have been designed exclusively as a show-off dress.

In fact, she wore it to show off.

We came in a carriage accompanied by Glenn and then he would return to the mansion.

These parties usually last all night long.

The atmosphere is relaxed and high class.

Musicians played jazz music and waiters served alcoholic drinks.

Barbara took me to different people to say hello.

As expected, no one wanted to see me, let alone her.

I think... it had been an hour or two since we arrived.

I sat down in an armchair.

Barbara left me for a moment to watch some drinks.

Attending these kinds of places is very tiring because I have to smile at idiotic people who also dislike me.

I loosened my tie a little.

I heard footsteps and it was Barbara coming with a couple of drinks.

Hers was liquor and mine was water.

I still can't tolerate alcohol, I don't know if it's because of my previous life as a minor or because it tastes awful?

She sat down next to me, her legs touching mine.

"Thank you."

I thanked her for the glass of water.

"How was your first party in high society?"

"I want to go home."

"Fufufu, I understand you, but this is a normal thing. You'll have to get used to it once Eli is your wife and accompanies you."

It really is annoying.

People were dancing or chatting. I want to leave.

Suddenly, I heard someone approaching, my eyes wandered to those footsteps and I was in awe of the person I saw.

A beautiful woman was approaching, her dress unlike Barbara's was decent.

Her color was blue and she was wearing a transparent sweater.

Her hair was extremely long and reached her hips, the color was silver like moonlight.

It looked both fluffy and wild because of the spikes that almost made her look like a pine tree.

It was tied back in a ponytail.

Her eyes were a beautiful blue-green, similar to a cocktail.

The detail that surprised me the most was not how beautiful she was, but her two large fleshy bulges that stood out because of how firm they were.

Once the woman approached us, she greeted us as we stood up.

"Good evening, Duchess Rosenberg and Baron Bartlet."

"Good evening."

After the greeting, she introduced herself and my eyes widened in surprise.

"I am the older sister of the current Margrave Attley. Clarice von Attley, Lambert's aunt."

(I didn't know that guy had an aunt!)

"I know. Is there something you want?" said Barbara in a respectful tone, but one that showed she did not wish to speak to this woman.

"Yes. I came to apologize personally for what my nephew did."

"We received the letter. We replied that we accepted them."

Clarice looked a little sadly at Barbara.

"Can we talk in private? Somewhere where the music won't bother us."

We looked for a room away from the party and a servant handed us some keys.

For some reason, the guy winked at me.

What the hell was that?

We sat across from each other.

Barbara was next to me and our arms were intertwined.

Clarice looked curious as to why we were like this, in fact, I was too.

"Well, Miss Clarice, you may speak."

"Thank you."

"You see, I had a talk with my nephew about what happened. I really gave him a lecture, but..."


Clarice seemed to have a knot in her mouth.

"He... he really doesn't feel that whatever he did was wrong - don't get me wrong! Lambert's not a bad guy, he's just a big fool."

"I... I don't understand what happened. He has a fiancé, thanks to that girl's family who is very understanding, the engagement wasn't called off. I came personally to apologize on behalf of Attley Household."

Barbara sighed a little and then said.

"Miss Clarice, I understand a little of your motives. What the former third prince and those boys did was an embarrassment to our house."

Clarice ducked her head.

But then Barbara said.

"There is nothing to forgive as such misfortunes were good for us."

Raising her head, she asked for an explanation.

"My daughter went through pain and shame, but because of that we got something we thought we'd never get."

Barbara put her hand on my knee.

"This boy is my daughter's future husband, he stood up for her when no one else was going to. He paid our house's debt despite being an outsider and restored the prestige we once had. Unlike that stupid prince, this boy was a miracle."

"And not only that."

"The palace apologized to us and presented us with gifts. We also got the support of the new third crown prince. And, I got a new daughter, a girl that I and my daughter loved as if she was our blood."

"We saw misfortune and sadness for several years, but weeks ago a bright door opened for us. Now we will smile and laugh remembering those moments."

Clarice had her eyes widened in surprise.

"For that reason, there is nothing to forgive as we forget."

"If that's all, we'll retire."

"Duchess, wait a moment! Even if you say that, it's not enough for me in erasing the shame my nephew put you through. Please ask me for anything to erase our mistake!"

"As I said, all right, we must go..."

"I'm sorry! But. I won't move until we talk about it!"

"Uh, no, I..."


I shouted due to some discomfort.

"Oh dear, it already took effect and in this place..."

I could feel a part of me growing of its own volition, it was really annoying.

No, seriously.

It's annoying since it's not only squeezing that part of me, I feel hot like I'm in a sauna.

"Duchess-sama! What did you give me?"

She looked at me with a sad face.

"Sorry, but I gave you a certain medicine that it's usual for them to give at parties like this."


Really squeeze that part, I want to tear off the cloth and breathe.

"Don't worry, it's nothing harmful to your body. Consider it a stimulant that unconsciously awakens sexual desire."


"I mean..."

" You gave him a steroid pill?!"

"Duchess! Why did you do that to your future son-in-law?"

Clarice followed and watched as I covered a certain area with my meek ones.

"If it hurts, let me check to see if I can help you!"

Clarice reached over and removed my hands from my hands.

"... Huh?"

She stared at it.

"Why is this that size?"

Her reaction was somehow innocent, as if she was a pure girl.

"Are they... are they all like that?"

"Miss Clarice..."

Barbara was calling Clarice, but her tone was strange.

"Is this the first time you've been in the presence of one?"


I watched as Barbara's cheeks were red and her red eyes put on a sharp predatory look.

"By 'one' I mean it. A..."

Barbara made an obscene shape with her hands, that startled me and Clarice averted her eyes.

"Oh wow!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Now her cheeks were red, she seemed to be in ecstasy of happiness.

"I thought you were an experienced woman to be the current margrave's older sister, but to think you were actually an untouched flower. It's something..."

His tongue savored her lips as if tasting a delicious delicacy.

"Really wonderful, aah~"

She has totally changed her personality!

Is this a normal mother-daughter thing?

She stood up and one of her hands grabbed Clarice's chin.

"You said you wanted to reward me. Well, I came up with the way."

Her other hand affectionately grasped a cloth-wrapped stick.

Clarice watched that.

"Pure girls like you are the ones men lust after. You may think this is that man's fault for making me watch him have fun, but in this case, it's for the good of my house."

The rod was happy to be touched, but at the same time the cloth around it ached.

"Do you want to know what it feels like to be a real woman?"

Clarice didn't know what to answer.

"It's okay if you feel confused, but a part of you is curious about the opposite sex, so..."

Barbara slid the cloth off the wand and finally took a breath.

Clarice opened her eyes and red cheeks at the sight of her.

She seemed to have swallowed saliva.

"Hey, Clarice-chan. How about sharing together the experience of tasting what a real man is like? I won't pressure you to be a concubine, your family is from another faction and that brings trouble. I don't intend to force you to be one, but at least trying it is something that won't hurt you, right?"

Clarice nodded slightly, she seemed genuinely interested in the staff which she kept looking at.

"So, ufufu."

The eyes of both of them, the look of a predatory woman and an innocent victim looked longingly at that wand.

"Let's have fun tonight ❤"

And so, the rod greatly enjoyed the soft feeling of being pampered all night until it could not explode anymore.

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