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Reincarnated Golden Emperor


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Yamada Saito, a descendant of one of Japan's aristocratic families, died as a result of his family's inheritance being partitioned. He made sure to leave a nice present for his 'killer' before he died. Yamada Saito was taken aback when he awoke in another realm as a spirit after his death. Soon after, he hears the noises of a nearby brawl. When his spirit arrived on the site, he discovered a struggle between a demon and a human who seemed to be quite similar to the heroes he had read about. The Demon soon killed the hero. "Do you desire to utilize this body to build your dominating body?" a voice asks Yamada Saito as the demon goes away to recuperate. As a result, the tale of a man who would conquer this fantastical world unfolds! ~~ A/N: Hey guys, it's Evil_Dragon. This is a tale that I wrote a long time ago. Before I commit to a daily release schedule, I'll mass-release a large number of chapters. I'm not sure how many chapters I can add. It would be dependent on how much I could write in a day. I'm now working on turning one of my previous works into a manga. In comparison to books, I know most of you prefer to read the manga. I hope you would at least have a look at it because it will be free on the internet. Follow me on my Instagram: reveriecreations04 (I will be available over there and you can talk to me personally.) In addition, depending on how well this novel does, I will release additional chapters. ~~ 500 Power Stones or 50 Golden Tickets = 5 Extra Chapters on that week. Or 2 Extra Chapters on that day for every 100 followers on my Instagram profile (reveriecreations04). Please support and assist me. Thank you very much.


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