17 Important Announcement

Dear Reader,

As the author of this story, I want to engage with you and explore the direction that Tom Riddle's journey takes in unlocking his memories of the Harry Potter verse. It's a pivotal moment for his character, and I believe your input can make it even more compelling.

Now, I pose this question to you: Would you like Tom to awaken his memories through a series of trials left by destiny? These challenges would test his character, determination, and capacity for growth, ultimately leading to the unlocking of his sealed memories.

Alternatively, should Tom not regain these memories at all, allowing him to forge his own path without the memories of the Harry Potter universe? Or do you have any other creative suggestions for how he could gain access to this hidden knowledge?

Your voice matters, and I would love to incorporate your preferences into the story. So please, let me know your thoughts and desires for Tom's journey. Together, we can shape the narrative and make it an unforgettable experience.