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Reincarnated Dark Lord


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In this Harry Potter fanfiction, we follow the story of a brilliant but cruel orphan who is suddenly reincarnated as Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. Gifted with his knowledge from a past life, the young orphan quickly realizes the power that he holds and begins his quest for ultimate domination. With a thirst for greatness that knows no bounds, our protagonist uses his knowledge to push the limits of magic to terrifying extents. His intellect and cunning quickly earn him the admiration and respect of his peers, as he ascends to the position of the most feared and revered dark wizard in the wizarding world. As he rises to power, he leaves a trail of destruction and chaos in his wake, crushing anyone who dares to stand in his way. But with every victory, his cruelty grows, and he becomes more ruthless and sadistic with each passing day. As he plunges the wizarding world into darkness, our protagonist's legacy is etched in history as the greatest dark wizard to have ever lived. With its richly imagined characters, intricate world-building, and spine-tingling plot, this fanfiction will take you on a journey into the mind of one of the most infamous villains in literary history, revealing the true nature of power and the price of greatness. Note:- I do not own Harry Potter and the cover picture as well. If the owner of the cover picture wants me to take it down just contact me through the comments section of the story.


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