Reincarnated Couple : Cold Sweet Husband Book

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Reincarnated Couple : Cold Sweet Husband


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If I could turn back time, I choose not to love you again. I choose to stay away from you. My pure heart won't break into pieces. Even with the broken pieces, my heart unconsciously kept calling you. You broke my pure heart, step on it like garbage, and threw it like it is nothing. I am nothing and will never be anything in your eyes. Your cold eyes always telling, how disgusting I am. I am just trying to know you better but you trample on my pure heart. Whatever I did was wrong in your eyes. If I have another life I hope we will never meet again. But my hopes were in vain. I came back again to hell that killed me slowly. Will I survive this hell? or Is another happiness waiting for me? [ DISCLAIMER: the picture in the cover is not mine, credit to the owner! :) ]


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