Reincarnated as Venom in the DC universe

MC gets reincarnated as Venom but realizes hes in the DC universe. Decides to try and attach to batman first. Not to do crime fighting but to be Bruce' ally and of course, use his money. Will be focusing a lot on Smallville as well as bits of Flash CW AU Details: Less Action, more billionaire wasting his money and messing around. Making video games, dating hot women, starting a side business, etc. Nolan Trilogy x Smallville x Flash CW AU more details : MC is a symbiote, bonds with people to copy their powers and eventually make his own body using copies of people he bonded with. Identifies as a male due to past life. Copies male bodies so he can have his own human form. Possible love interests : Supergirl, Wonder Woman But they wont appear till much later on the timeline. Small note, Cover image is what I imagine his hero look to be ---------- Newbie at writing here. I don't know if you would like this or not. All I can say is, this is my first attempt so I would hope future comments would be civil and take it easy on me. I am not overly familiar with DC universe hence I may choose to remove certain concepts and characters to serve my story better. No specific schedule or minimum word count since I'm not earning anything

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Chapter 45: Full Dive Pods

[3rd Person POV]

One Afternoon, as Ven was playing around with the full dive prototype in the Vgames office, he suddenly remembered how Green Lanterns use their willpower to create constructs and thought to himself, what if. So he got out of the prototype and called his main programmers to make alterations to the function of the full dive pod. Since this was going to be an experiment, he used an extra prototype then proceeded to tell the programmers what to do.

Since the pod utilizes the dream state and project assets onto the said dream of the user, what if the other way is done as well? What if the user in dream state was given more control than simply affecting its own avatar? And whatever the user affects can be exported onto the programing of the pod. 

So he had his people create a state of lucid dream like situation and placed the user in an empty white space. The user would then have the ability to control not only his avatar but also his environment. The user would then be able to create structures and constructs using willpower alone and would have the option to lock in said construct. If the construct is not locked in, the construct would dissolve as soon as the user looses concentration. Since thoughts are generally like that anyway, the lock in option would finalize the construct temporarily or even permanently. The constructs would originally look like green lantern constructs but will have option to change texture, color and material once finalized. And the database of 3d assets would be accessible to be applied to said constructs. 

This would normally be impossible as this requires the program to be connected mentally to the user, but since this was largely based on Ven and how he connects to a host's thoughts, this had a lot of possibilities including the creation of constructs.

After several days of fine tuning, this particular pod was named Matrix Full Dive or Matrix FD for short. The purpose of this was to make it easier for a single user to design entire levels or environments with just thoughts alone instead of manually creating assets from scratch. Combined with the original Matrix program, Ven was able to create a pod that focuses on game creation instead of just the full dive game playing. And this was not meant to be used on a multiplayer network but on a separate private server that cannot be accessed by others unless given specific permission. Another feature was that only one designer can exist at a time in said server, and others will only be able to enter as an observer or player mode to test constructs. So only one user's thoughts can affect the space at a time to avoid chaos and conflicting ideas.

If one had enough ideas and vision, technically he or she could create an entire base game alone.

Long story short, Ven was able to create a full dive program with his team that utilizes green lantern like constructs to create game levels, environments or assets. This plus his Matrix software makes game developing much easier. Ven had planned to have this in-house only as well. 

'Can't believe this idea worked! Thanks Ryan Reynolds! LOL' Ven thought to himself.

After a few days of testing, he immediately had his team produce a few for his staff. 

Because of the Matrix FD, it became several times faster to create games as long as it was already planned and had environments already in concept art. Instead of taking months to design an entire game level for example, it now took a single day to outline the whole map, and a few more days to complete the textures and props. This made games much faster to make.

But Ven didn't intend to pump out games left and right. He wanted his staff to have proper time to relax and unwind. After all, these things required a huge amount of brain willpower. Ven also had his teams focus on making the expanded world of DCU and several planets for multiple purposes. He made sure to have a few planets that were like that of the OASIS in Ready Player One like Casino space stations, theme park planets, and more. He also thought about a planet doom for some chaotic PVP action however he planned to have that feature unlocked much later on.

Because of Matrix FD, the DCU plans were finished a lot faster than anticipated so the base solar system was complete. It was then time to create other solar systems based on whatever game they wanted to connect to it. Example, they created a solar system for Xenogears and traveling to the main planet there would alter the user into the main character of said game and it would be a single player experience. This also meant they recreated several other star systems for their other games like GTA, NFS, Final Fantasy games and more. But because Matrix FD was almost like a cheat, it did not take them very long to actually create said planets. 

Since all the testing was mostly completed for the full dive pod, Ven and his staff have already secured private factory assemblies. Ven had Hiro create several robots and mechanical assembly lines so the factories will have minimal humans and therefore avoid spies. Full dive pods were now being mass produced. That being said, Ven was still using temporary servers in Vgames for now. Since this was a temporary set up for servers, he had to limit the user count to 10,000 players for now. He then felt generous and gave his entire staff and all of his employees one each.

He also sent team flash a few since Cisco helped a lot in its creation. But he specifically told them that this was only a closed alpha testing for now. He also had a few set up in Wayne Manor just in case Bruce wanted to relax in one of the relaxation planets. He also prepared for Alfred and a few extras for the future when he gets Grayson and more of his bat family. 

Ven's plan was to use Vgames servers for the testing and then change to kryptonian servers once the fortress was created. So until then, he had limited user count.


After setting up the pods in Wayne Manor, he called both Alfred and Bruce.

"Let me get this straight, this device works by using dream like state to let users play while asleep physically? So it doesn't have any side effects?" Bruce asked.

"Nope. We did months and months of testing. This is some serious tech here bats. Just like having an entire adventure in your normal dreams, you can have an entire gaming session here and wake up completely refreshed." 

"I've read these safety protocols and they do look secure and safe enough. But I have to say, even I can't crack these programs. How did you do this?"

"Simple. I cheated haha. I used future tech for security. I don't want anyone to abuse my tech after all. But the rest, including the actual full dive tech, were created in this timeline."

"So...you were able to do some actual time travel already? I have to say that feels...dangerous."

"Not yet. But don't worry, I'm not an amateur when it comes to all that. I know to be careful enough and not erase us from existence. Believe it or not, I'm actually one of the more responsible time travelers out there. And I intend to keep this timeline safe and stable best I can. After all, I wouldn't want some random speedster to go screw up our world because he wanted to change something way back."

"...So what can one do inside one of these?"

"Anything really. I've already created a base planet with a few cities. Though said cities are still somewhat empty. I'm still planning on negotiating with real world companies and stores on which ones want to have a virtual store but that's not gonna happen for a while. Right now, one can go skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, racing, practically any sport you can think of. I have several planets and space stations already created for entertainment so far. And all of our games have been recreated for VR and are already accessible via their own planets. Basically, if you want to have a vacation while your real body sleeps, this is the way to go."

Both Alfred and Bruce were already tempted to try it out but Ven told them the servers would be accessible the following day but they would be able to log in and start creating their avatars first. 

Ven had also told Team Flash this by email. But they were also excited so they had started creating theirs as well. The staff and employees of Vgames were also excited to start trying the full dive. But since Batman was active at night and sleeps at day, Ven decided Batman would have earlier access so the moment morning comes, Batman would be the only player to be able to access the DCU but he would be able to do anything he wanted there. 

DCU was already pre programmed to have countless NPC's though they had basic AI for now. At least they will be able to assist users on anything. 

After everything was set up, Ven was looking forward to the next day. But for the time being, he logged in on his private Pod which had access to all of it including Matrix FD. So he accessed Matrix FD first and started playing around with possible designs for the watch tower. Of course he based his designs on watch towers he remembered from several animated shows like Justice League Unlimited and Young justice. Of course he added quite a few of his own inputs as well. 


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