Reincarnated As The Villainess's Son

Living a normal life is boring, but I was happy with what I had. Even when I spent most of my life in regret and misery, I lived because I had someone that I loved dearly. And that said someone took my life... But fate had different plans for me... As if death wasn't enough for me. As if the gods were mocking me. I got reincarnated into a hardcore romance game that I used to play. That too when the prequel game that I played the most ended twenty-five years ago. A game where death is everyone's mistress. A game that people either liked or hated too much. Now reincarnated into the body of the Villainess's son. I became someone that I hated the most... "Hahaha..." I laughed at my own misery. As if that too wasn't enough, I also became the slave of someone else's desires. Now, one might say a mother is a mother even if the world sees her as a Villainess. But what if your mother is the very incarnation of evil? That your mother is the hurdle that you have to overcome? What if your mother is the very reason you might die? Gentleness and love are the last things one could expect from her. "Hahaha..." Again, a hollow laugh escaped my lips as the realization dawned on me. That I have been... Reincarnated As The Villainess's Son... =============================== [Discord link:- MBWUhsk2H7]

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[Oracle of Past] [5] [Inder?]

And it didn't take me long to arrive at a place where four guards were forcefully dragging her somewhere...


Cursing, I reacted quickly, crouching down and hiding behind a vase table placed at the side of the corridor as I peeked my head out.

In haste, they moved in a triangle formation, wearing a full body armour with the insignia of the Ekari kingdom on their backs.

Three of them guarded the man in the center.

He carried Inës on his shoulder as effortlessly as a child, while she was bound by ropes at her wrists and ankles, her mouth stuffed with a piece of cloth.

'Okay, four of them should be easy to handle.'

[...You sure?]

'Don't fucking jinx it!'

[....I mean, they are trained soldiers—far more dangerous than anyone you faced in the academy.]

'...Yeah, but still, I need to kill her before they take her away from here.'

Even though my mind is a mess right now, I haven't forgotten why I am here.

By killing Inës, I will get some freedom, and maybe I might get another kind of agreement with my mother.

Something that will only benefit me this time...

[...You think she will let you?]

'I can at least try, man.'

It's not like my situation can get any worse than it already is if I am not able to kill her....


Fuck, I jinxed it.

Lamenting, I slowly walked out of my hiding place as I took out my axe-hammer from my bracelet.

'...They should have better security.'

I grumbled in my thoughts as I rushed towards them with light steps, making sure to make as little noise as possible.


With a grunt, I leaped from my feet, jumping up at the man who stood at the end.


But somehow, he reacted faster, bending a little as my axe aimed at his neck collided with the back of his armor.


My axe dug into his armor but not deep enough to incapacitate him.

All three of them quickly became alarmed as they turned towards me, their swords scratching against their sheaths as they drew their weapons.


Ignoring the muffled words that came out of Inës' mouth, I focused solely on the three in front of me.

"Neutralize him, but make sure not to kill him."

The one carrying Inës ordered as all three of them rushed towards me simultaneously.

I rushed forward as well, circling to my right, but the gap between the walls was barely two men wide, so I was quickly intercepted by the man on the right.


He swung his sword horizontally, but I quickly ducked low, feeling the blade whistle over my head.


Lunging forward, I swung my axe from below, only to be blocked by his arm guard.


Taking a step back, I dodged the tip of the sword that slid off my shoulder, making a small cut in my suit.


But a low grunt escaped my mouth as the third one joined the fray, kicking me in the gut with one swift motion.

Taking a deep breath, I steadied myself and once again rushed towards them.



But this time, I threw my axe-hammer through the air at one of them while I rushed at another one.

Seeing me without a weapon, his lips twisted into a smile as he swung his sword.



But as soon as those words escaped my mouth,both my hands got engulfed in crystal ice, forming three sharp blades that blocked his sword, extending from my knuckles.

Drawing closer, I twisted my body, making a full circle and aiming my icy blade at his head.


He exhaled sharply in relief as his helmet blocked the icy blade.


But before he could fully relax, I mumbled with a smirk as the icy blade cracked open and a beautiful crimson flame took its place.


He let out a sharp cry as I touched his head with my burning palm, instantly melting his helmet onto his head.


I rolled my body back, dodging the blade that rushed past me.


With a small thud, the man fell to the ground, and the smell of burning hair, flesh, and skin started to fill the place.

"Huff... Neplh."

Exhaling softly, I pushed myself up.

Using Neplh without blood as a medium takes a lot of mana, but I didn't have time to take out another weapon.


Taking my battle stance again, I waited as another one of them dashed towards me.


Dodging his sword, I rushed in using my icy blade hand.

Midway, I willed it to shatter, taking him by surprise.

My hand, now without the blade, punched his face, making him trip backward.


But before he could balance himself, I placed my knuckles below his jaw, willing the icy blade to come back, instantly piercing his body.


'Well, he went down easily.'

I thought as I looked at his figure rolling on his back.

Blood gurgled out of his wound, his body shuddered before going still.



I wobbled backwards as I saw a blade pass through the space my head had occupied.

[...Stay focused!]

'Y-yeah, thanks.'

I shifted my body as I picked up my axe-hammer from the ground before glancing at the one who attacked me.

"Huphh... huphh."

But I was forced to focus on the man who had Inës on his shoulder.

Placing her down, he knocked her out with a single chop before looking at me.

"You fought well, young man," the man said as he took big strides toward me. "...Leave now, and we will not pursue this further."


Instead of replying, I remained silent as both of them tightened their grip on their swords.

They made no move for a while but just stared at me with their emotionless eyes.

[....They are—]

'Yeah, they're waiting for backup.'

Scowling, I rushed toward them while forming a shield of pure mana in my left hand.

Tucking behind my shield, barely hiding my upper body, I moved in quickly.


They attacked me simultaneously. I blocked one sword strike with my shield and intercepted the other with my axe-hammer.

Instead of retreating to safety, I pressed in, trying to stay as close to them as possible.

Ramming the shield into the man's gut made him step back while I narrowly dodged the other sword.

Having a little time, I dispersed my shield and focused solely on the guy on my right.


The sound of metal clashing resonated as I attacked him in succession without giving him time to react until my axe chopped into the wrist of his sword-wielding hand.


He grunted as the axe bit deeply into his wrist.


But my relief lasted only for a second as the other one tried to stab me from behind, the blade grazing past my waist.

As I turned back, there was an explosion of pain in my chest, blinding pain that sent me flying through the air, crashing to the ground, rolling until my head smashed into something solid. White light filled my vision.


Coughing, I quickly stood up, but the throbbing pain made it hard.


I took a deep breath to calm myself down, tightening my grip only to find nothing in my hand.


Cursing, I covered both my arms with ice as the man took a few quick steps toward me, his sword held high in a two-handed grip.


Deflecting his sword, I swung my fist aiming at his side, which he easily dodged.


He swung his sword again, forcing me to deflect it once, twice, and knock it to the ground on the third try.

The ice on my hand began to crack.


Ignoring my dignity, I kicked his groin, making him stumble before digging my fingers into his eyes, plucking them out.

His scream stopped abruptly as I placed my hand inside his mouth, freezing him from the inside.


With a thud, he fell to the ground his entire face freezing cold.

Glancing at him one last time I walked toward the last one, who had my axe deeply embedded in his wrist.

"L-lord, l-lord mercy—."

He dragged his body backward, his eyes locking with mine—fear, shock, hatred, and dismay in them.


He screamed as I yanked my axe-hammer from his wrist before slicing open his throat silencing him forever.

"Huff... Huff..."

Placing my hands on my knees, taking in labored breaths, trying to calm the throbbing pain in my chest.

"...I hate this."

I hate how natural killing comes to me....

How I don't feel much taking someone's life..

It's like killing is in my blood, and no matter how much I try to deny it, I can't feel remorse.


I let out a tired sigh before I glanced at the girl lying on the side.


I let out another sigh as I straightened my back and walked toward her.

[...Are you really going to kill her?]


[...Think it through, Azar—]

'Already have.'


'Her death is already set in stone, El... my mother has already said it.'

[...Your mother's words aren't absolute—]

'I haven't once seen her words turn out false, El, not in my entire life... neither in the entire game.'


He remained silent as I arrived right in front of her, my axe held high in the air...


But I abruptly stopped as I heard her whispering something...


Kneeling beside her, I brought my ear close to her mouth to listen clearly as she whispered again...



Thump-thump, thump-thump.

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