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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant


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I'm really loving this novel, the authors righting style is unique and I love how the characters were developed currently at chap 90 and ngl this is another one of the few novels I really like since I hardly comment but keep up the good work😁

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Personally, I really enjoy the detailed and feelings put into this novel. I do notice a lot of people putting simp as the description of the Mc but I feel like that applies to the Mc before he's in the magic world. As it seems (while unclear) to be more of a merge of personalities where the major parts of his past memeries are kept as knowledge/dream for the magic world Mc to remember but that's the main personality aka the child being influenced by the older memories. I think this story would have better takes as long as it was written clearer on that point bc it helps explains a lot of why he acts the way he does. Only reason I noticed is cuz he refers to his past memories as aku's memories not "his" memories. Other than that I'm enjoying this novel a lot and hope u keep up the good wrritings :)


If you looking for simp mc this story is for so all simp over the world this story is dedicated to you .........................................


Honestly I liked the book but if you looking for an mc that is calculating and cold helping out a villainess with all her schemes then this isn't the book. The mc is a good kid who expresses a lot of emotion and is more on the naive side. The villainess is not really a villain but more a cinnamon roll. The novel is kinda cringe but I like it. Even though the mc has lived an extra life he still acts like a child (his body age) rather than how he was before rencarnation. Idk if it has to do with how he reincarnated so feel free to point that out, but I do find it a little annoying. Pretty good novel though 4.4/5


A story about a Gega Simp who has no personality of his own. The plot and world are generic. The novel is just a basic otomo setting but pov is a boy who is A massive simp.


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enjoyed the authors previous novel (though "a bit" behind due to school and work.) so thought I would see how this one looked. have to say it has an interesting start and personally could see it becoming more interesting then the last one (The Villainess andI, her Zombie)


Is the mc is reincarnated?If so,then why the reincarnated mc is so different compared to the past mc? ...... .... . ...... ..... .. . ......


Read this review that I took a picture of. This is the worst book that I have laid my eyes upon im starting to think that a otuku that couldn’t get a girlfriend made this. I mean this from the bottom of my heart because this is probably the second review I wrote after reading probably hundreds of novels I could I would give the character design a negative if I could


Writing Quality - 4/5 Story Development - 2/5 Character Design - 1/5 [for MC] Updating Stability - 5/5 WB - 3/5 I thought that you would improvise on MC's thinking but no. I quit after 107 chapters.... Sorry, But not my cup of tea.


I haven't read to far into the story as of the time of writing this review so some of my points may be obsolete at later chapters. (possibly mild spoilers below) As many other reviews have stated this is a story about a guy who is obsessed with giving a villainess in a game he played a 'good' ending and like many other similar story's in one way or another ends up in that game world. personally I enjoy these types of story's or at least the few of them I have read, this story begins quite good, the only blaring red flag is the MC constantly thinking about the villainess which I originally thought was just to drill into the readers head about our mc's determination to see this character have a good end (like people wanting to find all the secrets in a game). if this was the case however after entering the world of the game the MC should calm down and we can actually see some character development of the MC figuring out how to survive in his new found situation right? wrong! the MC does a basic rundown of his situation then proceeds to continue thinking about the villaness without even organising a basic plan for his own survival. that is just the MC's personality, the rest of the supporting cast of characters (whom I have read very few of at the moment) also don't have extraordinary character design an example of this is a trained knight of a noble house crying over the deeds of the MC nearly killing himself to save some random person he doesn't know while calling him a hero, there are more characters that I could mention but I honestly think it is better to read for yourself to see whether you like the character design. so yeah this story in my eyes has a lot of potential in terms of its world and the general idea the author seems to want to convey however gets dragged down heavily by its 2d and shallow characters. I believe my views on this won't change too much unless in a later chapter the MC gets some sort of wake up call and gets some character development to make him more than a piece of cardboard simping over a game character.


Bruh you better fix up your mcs in both of your novels or im bout to transmigrate there into that universe and fix them for you whilst only destroying the brat in the other novel as this one is okayish like seriously is your mcs okay like they only interact with those brats once and then boom they are now eternally loyal and they never ever and I'm mean never have moments where they question their loyalty which is very odd as that is what a normal person experiences when you get abused like in the other novel pls add a little more character depth to mcs with them questioning their loyalty like real peeps like I would understand if you introduced the mc like this in his previous life mcs was a boy with no name no home and nobody to look after him and either brat looked after either mcs for multiple years and took on dangerous things to protect either mc which caused him to become eternally loyal to either brat which would be reasonable unlike just seeing this brat for the first time and them becoming eternally loyal which is unrealistic from my point but other than that this novel is very good and interesting but your other is trash


I'm very much enjoying the novel as of chapter 86, but misunderstandings between characters are becoming a bit annoying. It was fine when it just begun but now MC is being a bit too dense and obsessed with villainess, I hope some progress will happen between them soon because I would much rather enjoy reading about how their relationship progresses and how they deal with the problems associated with it rather than about this game of cat and mouse. My other problem is the fact that MC is a bit too focused on the villainess, I'm not sure what is his personality other than him wanting villainess to be happy, especially because from what I understood he did not get all of his memories from the past life, only information about routes he played, and he is supposed to be different person than the guy from our world. Also it's nice to see some work from the fellow Polish, keep up the good work :)


I had a lot of hope for this novel but unfortunately, it has really fallen below my expectations. My problems are similar to other peoples but truthfully, I wouldn't even mind a simp mc or dense mc. honestly, it would probably be an improvement. My main problem is how toxic their relationship is. it starts off as a typical well written Isekai romcom between the mc and the villainess he wants to protect. A few dozen chapters in though, it devolves into two borderline psychopaths locked in a toxic codependency that is uncomfortable to read about. The main character and heroine repeatedly have inner monologues about how little everything else matters and how they don't care about anyone but each other. Heroine at one point almost kills a girl for trying to talk to the mc and the mc stops her. Then thanks her for holding back (she didn't, he held her back.) And afterwards, tries to shift the blame and punishment to himself. The story basically becomes a few paragraphs of fluffy rom com interactions between mc and heroine followed by a few paragraphs of one of them being deplorable to random other characters and the other accepting or justifying it. Maybe it gets better but I'd rather leave it up to the imagination than continue to suffer through their toxic and hard to read interactions. the author certainly has talent but the story just isn't there.


Overall the story is amazing, writing is good and it's slowly developing. My biggest problem is that the MC is super obsessed with the villainess. He's mindset is all about the villainess. Everything about him is stupid. One word to describe him is that he's a Big SIMP. If you ignore the MC it's an amazing story.


At first I liked it, the first chapters were very entertaining. But, the protagonist is too dense (to the extreme) and that doesn't change him at all and the worst thing when he finally confesses to the villain, she practically becomes a secondary character (he rarely appears in the story if it weren't for the fact that the MC cares about her I would say she is an extra). Also, it is too frustrating to see that the MC makes the same mistakes, for this reason I think that the MC is not dense but stupid or autistic. (Use translator)


Ain't this from wattpat? Are you the original author? I already finish the story and the plot pretty good I guest.The problem was the plot twist at the end of the story. Not really cup of my tea.


The story is nice and interesting specially the emotional scene so im looking forward to the progress of the story my only wish is the will rise through the rank in the hierarchy and have a HAREM yeah i want harem specially in fantasy setting like this


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So far seem very good. I hope the villainess and prince get together and the mc remain as her knight. Maybe mc get together with heorine or side character.