Reincarnated as The Strongest Lycan With System Book

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Reincarnated as The Strongest Lycan With System


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Rei was renowned hunter with terrifying skill and tenacity. After his death, his soul was reincarnated in a body of a Lycan by the God of Wolves due to his karma as hunter. “Are you not interested? This is your karma as well as your true destiny!" said the God Of Wolves. Rei whose always pursuing power and insatiable curiousity of course didn't want that chance slipped away. Alas, he was reincarnated in Magus World, Ezeroth. The most wicked world in all universes The weaklings were trampled, the poors were enslaved by the corrupted monarchies. Elf, Dwarf, Beast Tribe, Lycan, Vampire, all Demi-human races were marginalized. With his power as Lycan and the help of his System. Will he be able to conquer and bring revolution to Ezeroth? Rei's journey as Silas Carnielle to survive and overrule in the bewildered world has just yet to begin. If you like this story please support me by voting! Comments and Reviews! This is my first story and I would like to see how far it can get. I'm not a native english speaker, but I will give my best! If this get good response I will update more regularly! 100 Collection+100 PS = 1 Chapter / Day 500 Collection+500 PS = 2 Chapter / Day 1.000 Collection+10 Golden Ticket per week = 3-4 Chapter / Day! Please support me! I know you would since this story just too good!


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