Reincarnated As The Strongest Ancestor With a System

Reincarnating into another world without having to start from the bottom was certainly a good thing. However, what if the first place you appear is inside a coffin? This is what Qin Yuan experienced. While he had boundless strength, he was already at the end of his age so he had to seal his body. The only thing he could do was to leave with a Spiritual Body whose strength was extremely limited. The good thing is that there is a system that suddenly appears. Ding [Collect Karma Points.] [You can buy anything with Karma Points.] [Use 100 Karma Points to purchase a one week life extension.] ... https://discord*gg/kbDVTN8V

Dark_Crow1111 · Eastern
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381 Chs

Cultivation List

1. Houtian, 10 Stages

2. Xiantian, 10 Stages

3. Core Formation, 10 Stages

4. Nascent Soul, 10 Stages

5. Sage, 10 Stages

6. Sovereign, 10 Stages

7. Transcendent, 10 Stages

8. Paragon, 0 Stage

9. Divine Emperor, Saint Ancestor, Divine Beast, 10 Stage.

1. Divine Emperor:

To become a Divine Emperor, you need to rob Divinity, every single Divinity represents one stage.

Every generation (5000 years), there are only 30 Divinities that appear and every genius has to fight over them.

Note: Tenth Stage Divine Emperors are referred to as Great Emperor.

2. Saint Ancestor:

To become a Saint Ancestor, you need to create a Saint Fruit.

You will be considered Saint Ancestor as long as you possess a Saint Fruit.

But to be considered a First Stage Saint Ancestor, you need to have a hundred Saint Fruits with ten of them integrated into one another. Otherwise, you can only be considered a Zero Stage Saint Ancestor.

For the second stage, you have to integrate your 20 Saint Fruits.

And for a tenth stage like mc, you have to integrate your 100 Saint Fruits.

Note: The Tenth Stage Saint Ancestor is called the Eternal Saint Ancestor. Our MC is at this stage.

3. Divine Beasts:

This was the ninth evolution level of Spiritual Beasts on par with Divine Emperors and Saint Ancestors.