1 Chapter 1: Was I Kidnapped and Thrown into A Dungeon?

Lights, lights that reached even the skies littered the ground as cheers filled the air. Howls that could reach even the stars.

Millions of people chanting a single name.

"Blake! Blake! Blake!"

The shouts of the people seemed like they echoed as they repeated to call for the name of their idol. Some of the women are even showing their bare breasts, etched on it the name of the one they are calling.

The people have been waiting here for an hour, not minding the heat and the sweat.

But it didn't mean that the people were calm, some were already starting to get impatient as their excitement in seeing their idol is creeping into them. Some of the people were starting to fight as they looked like rabid dogs, wanting to get their fill of addiction, women and men alike.

But before things were about to become a riot, all the blinding lights turned off.

Only one remained-- a spotlight in the middle of a stage. Instantly, all the people became quiet as their breathing become ragged.

And slowly, the cheers started again. This time, in unison. Slowly becoming louder and louder.

"Blake! Blake! Blake!"

And once the howls and cheers peaked, an exploding sound erupted on stage.

"What's up Blake Nation!?"

A voice reverberated in the air, it didn't come from the huge speakers that surrounded the area, no.

It came from a single man.

Without even using a microphone, his shout reached the end of the crowd.

The cries and cheers of the people became uncontrollable as a man suddenly appeared right in the center of the remaining spotlight.

It was a man sporting green hair, with a length reaching his waist. The man's face was chiseled, but not too robust, as if his face was sculpted by only the gayest of gods, only accepting perfection in beauty. He was wearing a long coat, with artificial wings attached to his back.

"Are you ready!?", the man once again shouted, this time using the microphone in his hand. His voice could be heard clearly, clear, pure, and without flaw. As if it was tuned by the gayest of all angels.

Some of the women fainted as they heard the voice of their idol pass through their ears, some even experiencing the best orgasm of their life.

"We love you Blake!", a group of women shouted as they flailed their banners.

"And I love you!", replied the idol as he blinked his eyes towards the cheering while lightly sticking out his tongue, releasing all of his sex appeal.

And truly, the women did orgasm.

The man that was standing in front of all the crazed people is called Blake Batson, or widely known as the Voice of God. But Blake was not part of any church or religion, his title was bestowed to him by his fans and the people due to his godly voice that serenaded the world.

He became famous at the early age of 13.

He became the world's best-selling artist at 15.

And at 19, he held the biggest concert in the world.

At 20…

He died.

All of the cheers meant nothing as he laid on an empty street alone. Ran down by a passing truck, his green hair drowned by red.

Blake tried to reach for his mobile phone, but his hand was not moving as the shards of his broken bones protruded through his skin. He tried to crawl, but even his feet were twisted beyond recognition.

He tried to scan with his eyes if there were any people around him, but to his dismay, only the empty sidewalks greeted him. Why weren't there any people? Where were the millions of fans that were shouting his name?

Truly, it all meant nothing. The cheers were replaced by the sound of his bones breaking.

Why was he even here in the first place? Right…

He wanted to escape. How foolish of him, to escape a life that many dreamed. A life where one can spend as much money as they want, and still spend the same amount the next day.

A life where he only needed to smile to get what he wanted.

Regret. Regret was the only thing that was on his mind. Why did he even want a normal life in the first place? And as soon as he did so, he realized how unimportant he really was to the world.

As if the world was saying that if he was not performing, then the world doesn't need him, literally.

Blake coughed as he felt his consciousness slowly fading. If there was a next life, he will never try to escape his fate as the world's most beautiful human being, he thought. He would go all in.

He will conquer the world.

But alas, it was only a pipe dream of a dying man.

Once again he coughed, his vision already turning black. However, there was one thing that was still alive within him, his voice.

He opened his eyes wide. And even though he could no longer see, he pointed them towards the heavens.

He slowly opened his mouth, and with his dying breath, he shouted…

"Fuck you!"


"Fuck you!"

"Brooding titties of the ancients! What the hell is the matter with you!?"


Blake was perplexed by his current situation. Did he survive? If so… what kind of hospital is this!?

He scanned his surroundings, his breath getting ragged by the second. This kind of hospital was in a word, inhumane.

He was currently inside a small cage. And along with him, also kept in small cages, were tens of other people with a collar on their neck.

He looked at the voice he heard earlier, only to gasp in shock. The person too, has a steel collar around his neck. But that was not the thing that shocked him. The man's skin was black. And not in the way he was accustomed to.

The man was covered in black scales, like a lizard.

"Oh fuck…", Blake's breath became even more uncontrollable as he came to a quick conclusion. The collars, the costumes, the skimpy clothes. Blake thought this could only mean one thing-- that he was kidnapped, and placed in a…

"a sex dungeon…"

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