1 Chapter 1 Prayer

I killed myself. That night, at the bridge where cars light zipped past under me like time itself telling me to hurry up and die.

The world is too hard for me, for I am too weak, too naive, too trusting of the people around me. Father and mother threw me away at thirteen, then I was transferred from orphanage to orphanage because of my ethnicity.

I cried and cried telling the god that I am sorry that I cannot live no more in this world. I am tired of scrapping for food in the trash can, I am tired to be kicked around and mistreated by everyone around me.

God. If you really are there, if reincarnation really exists, please give me a life I can be grateful for.

My feet left the railing, then all I heard was the honking of cars and people screaming.


A hundred gods stood in the air with closed eyes. A powerful divine aura spun around them.

"I and my wife have conquered millions of worlds for you, convincing all the people there to kneel and bow under your statues. I killed all the demons and the devils from hell, so they won't disrupt the people's faith. I kill my own kind! To satisfy you! Now give me what you have promised!"

The demon king, Hujarar stood in the middle of the flying platform in the sky.

Suddenly, the gods opened their eyes, glowing bright like the light of the holy sun itself.

"You have done well, Hujarar. Your prayers have not been forgotten. We shall give you an answer. You prayed for your life to no longer be hunted by our chosen heroes, you prayed to have a calm life with your wife, you prayed to have a grateful and powerful son. You prayed to give our holy blessing to him. We heard your prayer, and you shall receive."


Aldred saw light, shining brightly upon his eyes, and he couldn't help but cry, but then he saw a woman with the depiction of an angel without wings, fondly looking at him with a pair of lovely eyes.

Her facial was graceful, and so did her smooth skin of flawless beauty. Her pristine black hair flowed down like a heavenly river. The way it glittered while reflecting the sunlight reminded him of a black polished, finely carved diamond. Looking at her figure, she might as well be the most beautiful of all diamonds.

She brought him into her embrace, lifting her clothes, and putting her breast inside his mouth.

Aldred was too stunned to speak. 'Who is this beautiful woman?

Warm liquid entered his throat, it felt so refreshing like much-needed water after three days in the throat-burning deserts. She caressed his cheek with her soft and slender hand, leaning forward, and whispering to his ear. "Welcome to this world, my baby boy."

Aldred was shocked, his whole body trembled. He couldn't help but cry again. It was a baby cry. The mother lovingly smiled before breastfeeding him again to calm him down.

Her soft touch and the warm liquid entering his throat did calm him down.

The situation didn't let him think clearly at first, but now he understood.

He was reincarnated, but still with his memory intact?

'Why? I prefer if I would forget all the nightmares of my past life. Why does God leave me with these scars when he can remove them why?'

"He's a strong boy," a handsome man said, standing beside the woman.

The woman sat down on a chair. The man leaned in to take a closer look. "You resemble your mother, little baby."

The mother smiled. "And you are as handsome as your father."

The man kissed the woman on the head. "We finally get our happy ever after, Eve."

She kissed back. "It's all because of you, Hujarar, my dear."

"It cannot be done without you, love."

Both of them went in each other's embrace like a loving family.

"Mom, Dad, can I come inside now?" A beautiful voice asked.

"Yes, dear," Eve said.

A woman around twenty years old of age with the same appearance as Eve opened the door before excitedly approaching him. "You're so cute! Who's a good boy! Who's a good boy? Can I name him, mom?"

"No, dear. The name will be given by the blessing of the gods," Eve said. She nodded to Hujarar.

Hujarar pulled some sort of golden jade out of his pocket, then he place it on top of Aldred's head.

It shone with brilliant light mixed with various colors, creating rainbows as they moved about in the air before entering his body.

Aldred felt like he should be panicking right now, but instead, he felt calm. A voice entered his head. It was so ancient so divine. Then more voices came.

[You have been blessed]

[You have obtained unlimited potential. Nothing shall bound your strength]

[You have obtained divine dimension. In this dimension, you are the god]

[You have obtained affinity in all elements: fire, water, wood, earth, air, dark, time, space]

[You have obtained limitless energy. The whole universe will give you energy]

[You have obtained Necromancy. The soul of the dead is for you to command]

[You have obtained extreme charm. Even a rock would blush just by looking at you]

[You have obtained magic affinity. Any spells will be yours to master]

[You have obtained Martial Arts affinity. Any techniques will be yours to master]

[You have obtained Divine Genital. You can control its length and thickness however you want]

[Your name shall be Aldred]

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