17 Strained Relationship

Is that Aphrodite?

"What are you doing!", I bellow angrily.

"You're not supposed to be awake at this point!", Aphrodite says fearfully.

I'm still fully dressed in my tuxedo, so I know nothing has happened yet, but I'm still so f*cking pissed.

The ground starts trembling violently and shaking from my rage.

These f*cking gods! Giving them the benefit of the doubt was stupid.

"What's happening!", Zeus and a bunch of others suddenly burst into the room.

"Poseidon tried to r*pe me!", Aphrodite quickly spits out with a fearful and scared tone of voice, though a wicked gleam flashes in her eyes.

They all gasp in surprise.

"F*ck this sh*t, where is Demeter", I say angrily.

"Did you try and r*pe her!", Zeus screams at me.

"No! Why would I r*pe her! Haven't you seen my rejecting her advances!", I yell back even more angry than before.

"Let's not do this here in front of all the guests", Hera says, though not before shooting me a disgusted look.

I'm fuming and frustrated, all I wanted to do was chill at a d*mn party!

"Let's go then, don't forget to call all of the council", I respond, knowing Hades would take my side.

Then we all flash to the throne room.


"What happened?" Hades questions me once he arrives.

"Demeter and Aphrodite framed me for r*pe", I growl out.

Hades sucks in a deep breath.

"I side with you, that's not something that you would do", Hades says firmly.

I give him a grateful nod, but I am soon once again consumed by anger.

I'm barely holding in taking out Stellamaris and killing all these assholes.

Soon everyone arrives and the meeting begins.

"Aphrodite accuses Poseidon of r*pe, does anyone have anything to say?", Zeus say angrily.

"Poseidon has never raped anyone before and it does not seem like he would do that ever, though Aphrodite is another story", Hades says angrily.

"She constantly lets herself be used like a public restroom", Hades finishes.

"Hey!", Aphrodite yells as she glares at Hades.

"Demeter, Aphrodite, I'm going to f*cking kill you", I say through gritted teeth as I look at Demeter who is across from me and Aphrodite who is next to me.

"Hey Zeus! I swear by the f*cking river Styx that I did not try to r*pe Aphrodite", I spit out.

Seeing nothing happening everyone goes silent and Aphrodite and Demeter adopt fearful looks.

"Why the f*ck did you drug me", I say as I glare at Demeter.

"I-I'm sorry, Aphrodite said she knows where Persephone is", Demeter stutters out.


Persephone isn't supposed to even be born yet, did the event timeline change due to all my actions, no, that's to be expected.

F*cking Hades, why didn't you tell me you kidnapped someone.

That explains a lot, but f*ck forgiveness.

"And what do you have to say for yourself?", I spit at Aphrodite.

"It's your own fault! Who told you to not want me!", Aphrodite screeches.

"I'm going to deal out your punishments", I say out loud.

Hades nods and agrees, but I shoot him a pointed look and he shrinks back.

"They don't deserve any punishment", Zeus says.

"And, why is that?", I say while gritting my teeth.

"There was no harm done, so it shouldn't matter", Zeus responds.

"You should be forgiving", Hestia adds in.

"Okay, how many of you agree with that?", I ask.

Hera, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hestia, all raise their hands.

I nod like I'm about to agree with them.

"F*ck you", I say normally with a shrug.

They all look startled.

"Demeter, I was going too let you off with something easier if you accepted a punishment due to you just wanting to find your daughter, but you decided that what you did was not wrong", I say.

"Aphrodite, you were always going to face my wrath", I continue, "and to the rest of you, I had no hope for except for Hestia."

They all look confused and slightly scared.

"What are you saying?", Hera asks.

I look around at all of them then choose the punishment, and decide to take a page out of the mythology book—Tantalus style, though this only works on beings weaker than you.

"The very water itself curses you", I say with a wicked and furious gleam in my eye,"any time you get close to water it will be just out of your reach."

"Any time you want to take a drink, it will disappear before even a single drop touches your tongue."

"Stop!", they all scream frantically while trying to attack me, even Hestia.

Due to them not training at all these past years they are a lot weaker than me, I easily dodge out of the way and avoid all of their attacks.

I turn Stellamaris back to its trident form and slam it down.

The enchantment use to blend its aura into mine turns of and full powered blast of its aura breaks free. Though, I still take care to make sure its true attributes are hidden.

Just the aura alone makes the very Mount Olympus tremble to the core.

I'm tempted to kill them right now, but if I do they won't actually suffer their punishment.

Hades comes and joins me at my side and I nod at him.

"You all will suffer an unbearable thirst that can never be quenched."

"Any of your descendants that dares to travel through water shall face great calamity," I continue,"This is the curse that all of you shall bare for all eternity."

"No!", they wail in horror.

Zeus throws a lightning bolt at me, but I just deflect it out of the way with Stellamaris.

"From this day forward, I hereby swear on the river Styx that, I and Atlantis will have nothing to do with Olympus!", I roar.

"From this day forward, I, Hades swear on the river Styx that I and the Underworld have no more relation with Olympus!", Hades yells.

We both then flash out to Atlantis, just nearly avoiding their attacks.


(Third Person)

"Sh*t, what should we do!", Hera mutters out fearfully.

"I shouldn't have sided with you guys!", Demeter cries out.

"It's okay, as-long as we have family it's alright", Hestia says to them nervously, although she herself threw an attack at Poseidon and Hades.

They all look at her incredulously and she flinched.

"I can try seducing him again", Aphrodite spits out quietly.

"It's your fault we're in this mess in the first place!", Hera and Demeter scream at her in unison.

"You should have just told me where Persephone was!", Demeter screams furiously.

"Well I don't know where she is! Who told you to believe me in the first place!", Aphrodite screams back in response.

"Will you all just stop!", Zeus bellows.

"If it's a war he wants, it's a war he will get," Zeus says with a malicious glint in his eye.


(First Person)

"Was that the right course of action?", Hades asks.

"You least of all people gets to question my decision!", I respond angrily.

"Why didn't you tell me that you f*cking kidnapped someone!", I yell at him.

"It was love at first sight! I knew she would love me too if we had some time with each other!", Hades responds loudly.

"But you couldn't tell me? You couldn't tell Demeter that you had taken her daughter?", I ask him sarcastically.

"I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do now, it's too late", Hades responds.

A ringing blares on in my head.

"Poseidon, where are you?", Delphin asks me.

"In a f*cked up situation after following your advice," I respond.

"What happened?", he urges.

"Just come back here soon, and bring any Atlantians you see there too," I say while shooting another glare at Hades.

"We all have something to discuss."

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