2 2 – Meeting Athena

It has been 48 hours since John, or rather Poseidon woke up in this place, the famous Mount Olympus.

'It's funny what I have been able to learn in these last hours...'

Poseidon discovered that gods don't need to sleep or eat, they stay on the 220V all day long, which means that Poseidon, who was human until two days ago, was already extremely bored.

'If I had a system or some kind of cheat everything would be cooler, but until now, the only thing I have learned is that I can live underwater forever.'

As Poseidon said, the calm feeling the water gives him has caused him not to leave the lake once in the last two days.

Sure, using the time he had when he was in the water, he thought about some things concerning the future, but it all depended on which phase of Kratos' history he was in.

If it was before Ares manipulated Kratos, everything could be fixed, but if it was after .... Poseidon would have to work hard to change his fate.

There was also the fact he was not the Original Poseidon and did not have his memories. He didn't remember who he was allied with, who he was enemies with, or anything else.

After those 2 days, Poseidon, even though he wasn't so sure, decided it was time to act. Taking a deep breath, he stepped out of the lake.

'It's time to do something other than staying in the water.'

Before leaving the place he thought was his home, Poseidon took a jug of water with him, so that if he got stressed, he could use it to calm himself down.

Confident that he could find a solution to any problem, Poseidon headed for the exit of his 'home'.

30 minutes later

' ... I am lost.'


After 3 hours, Poseidon finally found a way out. 'FINALLY.'

The problem was that Poseidon was afraid that if he went too far from this place, he would not remember where it was. Imagine the conversation he would have with another person : Excuse, do you know where my house is?

Poseidon thought and thought but couldn't find a solution. He was about to give up on leaving when he thought of something that might help, 'If I can control the water from my lake and leave it here on the doorstep, maybe I can remember where I put it?'

Deciding to test the theory, he took some of the water from his emergency jug, put it inside his 'home', and then walked away.

Then he began to concentrate and noticed that he could feel a connection, however weak, with the water. 'Sucess! I don't have to worry about getting lost anymore.'

After checking once more that his powers worked, Poseidon continued on his journey.

10 minutes later.

''... I have no idea where I am...''


With Athena


The goddess of wisdom, after seeing Olympus' treachery against Kratos, became extremely angry.

''How can they be so dumb...!!!! It's not possible, something has to be wrong!''

Although Athena agreed to help Olympus in taking the God of War powers away from Kratos, she never thought of killing him, because she considered him a brother, even with all their differences and, even though she would never say it out loud, agreed with Kratos that the Gods were being more cruel than necessary.

Athena, still very angry about the betrayal Kratos had suffered, began to think of a plan to help her brother.' Maybe I can make some sort of deal with Hades for Kratos' soul... But what would he want in return?'

'Perhaps a city? No, he would have no use for it... perhaps a strong servant... ....'

Unable to think of a bargaining chip good enough, only one thought remained for Athena, 'If I offer a small part of my power, Hades would probably accept a deal... But I can't let Zeus find out about it.'

Now, seeing that she would have to part with a portion of her powers, Athena became even angrier at Zeus, ' Zeus, you fool!'

Extremely frustrated with this situation, Athena decided to take a walk around Mount Olympus.

She left her house and started to walk around, thinking about which part of her powers she would give to Hades, ' I could give my war powers since I rarely attack anyone... but that would leave me vulnerable in case of attack... What about part of my wisdom?'

Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. The next thing Athena knew, she was near the house of one of her least favorite gods, 'Poseidon... Strangely enough, he had no part in the betrayal... in fact, I haven't seen Poseidon in months.'

Finding the situation strange and with nothing better to do, Athena decided to take a look around her uncle's house.

t didn't take Athena five minutes to find her uncle, but the situation was ... peculiar.

Poseidon wasn't acting normal, he was smiling and looking lost, 'There's something wrong with him.

It's amazing how some people have such good eyes and Athena had already noticed several things wrong with Poseidon, 'He seems to be seeing everything for the first time, but how is that possible? This has been his home for millennia.'

Athena also noticed that Poseidon was totally distracted and didn't even notice her presence, 'He's ... playing with his powers...?'

She saw that Poseidon was making water dragons and started to spin them around.

Suddenly, Poseidon assumed a stance and punched forward, and shouted, ''DRAGON PUNCH!''

The dragons made of water went forward and fell apart after a while. Poseidon seemed extremely pleased with what he had done and kept walking.


Athena decided to talk to her uncle and see what was wrong.

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