14 14 – ” No more Gods!”

With Poseidon

'' Ughhhh.''

After an unknown time, Poseidon woke up. The first thing he noticed was the Shield that Hephaestus considered undestroyable had a big dent.

' But how..!'

Then, he realized that his Trident was also damaged, and Poseidon suspected one of his hands was broken.

Ignoring those injuries for the moment, Poseidon started to look around to see if he could find Athena or Isis.

After looking around and seeing that there was only debris, Poseidon started shouting, '' ATHENA! ISIS! Where are you?''

Poseidon shouted some more, but no one responded, so he used his powers. He gathered what was left of the water in his Emergency Jug, and used it to search inside the debris.

At first, it didn't get any results, but after 5 minutes, he found Athena and Iris alive, ' Thank God!'

Poseidon rushed to the area where they were buried and started to dig. As he had superstrength, he dug in less than 20 seconds, until he found them both.

Athena and Isis were on the ground, with Aegis on top of them.

' They are unharmed but unconscious... It seems I got the most damage.' Poseidon sighed in relief. Both the Godesses are okay so Poseidon relaxed and sat down, ' But who could be so strong to this...?'

Poseidon looked at what used to be Athens. There was nothing here. The only reason why the place where they were was still around, was because the 3 Gods used their powers to defend it.

' If I had not made the barrier smaller, we would be dead...'

'' Something isn't adding up... WAIT!'' Poseidon, realizing something, spread his powers around to see if could find anything suspicious. And he did.

' EVIL is all around us...! Some Gods have died!'

Gathering the pieces of this puzzle, Poseidon made the most plausible guess, ' Zeus killed the Gods and absorbed their powers.'

' Why now and not earlier? Maybe our rebellion made his mind go totally crazy, and this is the result... I hope Hephaestus is alive.'

Poseidon, realizing that the situation wasn't as positive as he hoped, filled his emergency jug with water. Then he healed his broken hand.

After doing that, he went to wake Athena, '' Love, it's time to wake up.''

Poseidon shook Athena until she woke up.

'' UGhh.. what happened?'' Athena, still dazed by the attack, was carried up by Poseidon.

'' It was an attack... I suspect that Zeus is behind this.''

Athena, realizing the situation was serious sent the dizziness away and asked Poseidon to put her down.

Poseidon did as she asked and Athena looked around at what used to be her city. She said nothing and went to grab her shield and wake Isis up.

' She is pissed and angry at Zeus.' Poseidon noticed Athena's emotions.

Poseidon watched as Athena woke up Iris and brought her close to Poseidon.

Iris said nothing and looked around with fear, '' Who did this?''

Athena explained to her, '' We think it was Zeus. He killed the Gods and took their powers... and by doing so, he realized Evil on Greece.''

Iris was stunned, '' At least we took some Mortals to safety before this happened.''

'' But will Hestia and Demetria's powers hold Evil?'' Poseidon asked.

Athena thought for a while, '' It should be. Both are our best protectors when it comes to the supernatural. Besides, all of the other Gods in our group also helped with the barrier around that piece of Land. The Mortals are fine.''

'' At least that has gone with what we planned... now what?'' Iris asked.

'' We need to trust Kratos and the others. They know what they have to do, and if they succeed, we should have the same power as Zeus.'' Athena said.

Poseidon suddenly asked Iris, '' Can you please go check on Hephaestus? He was alone when Zeus attacked.''

'' No problem.'' Isis patted the dust on her body.

Just as Iris would go away, Poseidon said, '' Wait!''

Iris looked at Poseidon, '' After checking with Hephaestus, go to Olympus! The final fight will be there, and we will need all the help we can get!''

Iris nodded and departed.

Only Poseidon and Athena are left in what was once Athens.

Silence dominated the place.

'' So this is it, huh?'' Poseidon went close to Athena.

'' ... Yes. So many things changed in less than a year. I was loyal to Zeus and hated the old you, and now we are going to kill Zeus and will probably marry you.''

'' I think it was a blessing in disguise. Sure we lost a lot, but now we have the opportunity to do better than Zeus could ever do.'' Poseidon was inches away from Athena.

'' Evil really changed us.'' Athena looked at Poseidon eyes.

Poseidon said nothing and kissed Athena.

'' To be honest, I'm glad Evil took my memories away, otherwise, we would not become what we are today.'' After breaking the kiss, Poseidon wore his tattered armor.

Athena also put Aegis on her back and her sword on her waist.

Poseidon then used his water powers to write a message, ' If you're reading this, go to Olympus. The fight is happening there.'

Athena looked at him weirdly, so Poseidon explained, '' After they complete the mission, they would probably feel what happened to Athens and check here. I'm putting this here so, after they read it, they follow us to Olympus.''

Then, Poseidon approached Athena.'' Are you ready?''

Athena nodded.

'' Hold on me.'' Athena did as Poseidon asked. Poseidon then jumped as high as he could and went to the sea.

The duo was heading to Olympus, to face Zeus one last time.



Kratos, Pandora, and the group of Gods all got out of the Time Portal.

While all of them were tired, the energy in their eyes was there. Their mission was a success.

The Titans were killed, and Kratos now had his power back, with some Titan's power in the mix.

With the Blade of Olimpys with him, Kratos looked in the direction of Olympus, '' ZEUS! RETRIBUTION IS COMING!''

After Kratos said that, he looked at the Gods with him, '' What are you going to do?''

'' We are going to check on Athens, and see if anyone survived.''

Kratos nodded and turned his attention to Pandora, '' And you?''

''I'll follow you.''

Kratos said nothing and looked at the Gods again, '' Thank you for your help!"

Then Kratos grabbed Pandora and went to Olympus.

The Gods were stunned because of Kratos's gratitude, but they recovered sometime later and headed to Athens.


With Zeus

Olympus was painted with blood. Zeus killed all Gods he could find, including his wife, Hera.

Not even demigods escaped the massacre.

Zeus was seated on this throne of gold, that now resembled a throne of blood.

He looked at the scene before him and smiled, '' What a beautiful scene... Now I just need to find those who escaped. Then I will be the only God of this realm!''


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