10 Chapter 9: The Hunt

3rd pov

Bloodied and mutilated, Poseidon lay in a pool of his blood while in agony from the wounds caused by the Nemean lion during the fight, if you could even call it a fight.

*Shuffle* *Shuffle*


A weak pain-filled groan escaped his lips as he tried to drag his body to the only thing he thought could heal him since his divinity didn't seem to work.

While pulling his body to the lake, one thought repeatedly played through his head.

'I need to survive. I need to survive.'

Poseidon's reincarnated human mind somehow triggered his survival instincts even though he wouldn't die with him being a god.

His divinity was still healing him, but at a negligible pace, only slightly higher than the time it would take an average human.

After what seemed to be days to Poseidon, but it was actually minutes he finally reached the lake, his home. Everything in his body was telling him that if he were to enter the body of water, he'd start healing, and he'd be safe.

Without a second thought, that's what Poseidon did; as soon as his body submerged into the lake, he felt a sense of solace. Then, closing his eyes unwillingly, he drifted off into sleep, something that gods don't have to do, and leaves all his worries for when he wakes.


Meanwhile, Hades conversed with his sisters and brandished his new abilities by making diamond and gold necklaces unbeknownst to him of the danger heading towards them. They were all impressed by his capabilities when he offered for them to keep the jewelry as gifts.

Hera and Demeter readily accepted, while Hestia refused.

"With you just being here is gift enough Hades but it's unfortunate that Poseidon couldn't come as well."

Hestia stated to Hades, who was let down by her not taking her gift while completely blocking out the part about Poseidon.

Hera completely scowled at Hestia's statement while Demeter frowned surprisingly not at Hestia's comment.

"Hera there's no reason for you to have such a negative reaction towards Poseidon he's….. our brother as well."

Demeter said to the surprise of everyone there except for Hestia, who seemed to have expected this much.

"Oh, that wasn't your opinion of Poseidon when he first arrived Demeter. What changed?"

Hades asked her, genuinely confused with Hera wanting to know just as much as him.

"I...…. was wrong. The way I treated Poseidon was despicable he's one of us and that's how he should be treated." Demeter answered with unexpectedly legitimate remorse.

"What nonsense are you saying, Demeter!? That monster is no brother of ours!" Hera rebuked Demeter harshly for her change of judgment.

"Hera, Demeter merely noticed her flawed thinking. Something that I hoped you would have realized as well." Hestia stated to her younger ignorant sister.

"Let's not argue sisters. We've finally reunited after such a long time."

"*Sigh* Hades is right we shouldn't be quarreling."

"Hmph, arguing won't change anything that thing isn't my brother." Hera muttered under her breath low enough that no one would hear. But with his enhanced hearing, Hades listened to every word.

'What was it that Poseidon called her again…..ah yes bitch, she really is a bitch.' A wry smile escaped Hades' lips as he could only refer to Hera based on how she acted.

"Um, Hades how are you able to do that. Did Poseidon teach you and can I learn it aswell." So asked Demeter while hoping that she would be able to do incredible things similar to Hades.

"Poseidon taught me how to awaken and use my divinity and I don't see any reason why you three can't learn it." Hearing him say this, Demeter became filled with excitement. You could tell by the bright smile on her face.

"This divinity thing what is it? And is it what you're using to cover your body?" Hestia asked with her sisters, also curious as to what it is.

"Yeah Poseidon showed me how to do it using my divinity. And as gods you three possess divinity as well and will be able to do it too along with a lot more such as....." Hades began explaining to them what Poseidon taught him two months ago.


Meanwhile, in the lake's crystal clear water, Poseidon's wounds were visibly healing at an inhumane speed, albeit not as fast as they would before the fight with the Nemean lion.

"Uggh." Poseidon groaned from pain as he groggily opened his eyes.

"…..What the hell happened?"

After few seconds of confusion, he finally came to, remembering his complete and utter defeat by the Nemean lion.

'A lion, a golden lion why does that seem familiar to me?' Poseidon thoroughly searched all his past life memories, trying to remember anything relating to a golden lion.

"!!!" Poseidon opened his eyes widely as he had a eureka moment.

'The golden fur in the cave it finally makes sense now. There was an golden lion in Greek mythology what was it's name again!? Namekian Lion no Chameleon Lion

that's not it either.' Poseidon racked his brain for the identity of the lion that gave him a humiliating defeat.

'Nemean Lion, that's what it was name! If my memory serve correctly it was Heracles (Hercules) who killed it for his first labour.'

The small amount of excitement that Poseidon had quickly extinguished as he realized something.

'If Heracles a demi-god could kill it how did it defeat me so easily. It can't be the same Nemean Lion that Heracles fought, I doubt that Typhon has been born yet that means it shouldn't exist yet so how is it here?'

'Maybe it's from a different timeline or some Flash like shit; with Kronos being god of time it isn't impossible but a bit far fetched I doubt he's that strong.'

Poseidon thought that Kronos made a pocket dimension connected to other timelines, but he didn't fully believe this. He thought Kronos too weak to be able to create a place like that.

'Taking a big leap I'd say it's an evolve version of it as well since it negated my use of divinity with its claws that given that I could use my abilities just fine to defend the first time before its attacked hit me.'

"TSK!!" 'To think that I'd feel so weak again almost human; that bastard I'm going to kill it when I find it doesn't hit me.'

'First I'll have to find out where it went there was golden fur in the cave when we came here that means it's been here before; this place is most likely its territory.

What I can remember from my previous life memories lions are very territorial animals and we trespassed on an mythical lion's territory it's definitely pissed off.

It's going after Hades next and I'm guessing it already has his scent considering how abruptly it left me, it probably thought I was going to succumb to my injuries and went after him.'

'Hades is visiting Hestia and the other two I might as well get going.....' Saying this, Poseidon looked at the gaping wounds on his chest and stomach.

'Right after my wounds finish healing.'


While Poseidon was going through his internal turmoil, Hades was assisting heir sisters to awaken their divinity.

"That's quite impressive Hestia. You didn't even take half as long as I did when I tried to awaken my own." Hades remarked, impressed by his sister's achievement.

"This divinity thing... it's like I've felt it before somewhere deep inside of me." Hestia commented while a small red heart-shaped flame appeared above her hands.

"Well, given that you're the oldest of us, it's plausible. So you were probably going to awaken it naturally at some point.

"Argghh!! This isn't working! Are you sure you even know what you're doing Hades?" Hera exclaimed as she does what she usually does when things don't go her way throw a childish tantrum.

"Hera don't be such an insolent brat it worked for me so it will work for you. You just have to be patient." Hestia reprimanded Hera the exact way she was acting like a childish brat.

"I know what I'm doing Hera if you don't like it go ask Poseidon to teach you. Though he'll probably cut your head off the very second he sees you." Hades said to her with a slight frown.



"Did you hear that?" Hestia asked as she looked around for where the noise came from.

"What?" Both Hera and Demeter asked, confused as to what she was talking about.

"Good it seems your senses has already began enhancing. It's probably some stray monster I'll go take care of it."

"But usually there aren't any monsters that approach here. That's why we stay here you should know that Hades."

Demeter says to him with worry in her voice, and from the look on Hestia's face, she agreed as for Hera, she didn't show any interest.

"Don't worry I'll take care of it." Hades told them as he walked in the direction of the sound.

When he got closer, he saw a creature with glistening gold fur and eyes staring right at him. Something in Hades was telling him not to approach the beast; this was the instinct that he and his sisters have honed over the years to survive.

'This monster I've never seen it before it's dangerous. I have to keep my distance.'

"Hestia, Hera, and Demeter stay behind me and if I give the go ahead run."

The three goddesses nodded in understanding and slowly started to move behind Hades in a formation that would easily allow them to grab him and run if anything went wrong.

From the way, they moved it was apparent this wasn't their first time doing this.

Hades had realized that the Nemean lion wasn't taking action. He took this as it being cautious of him, realizing this Hades wasn't going to let this opportunity go.

So he started to channel his divinity through the ground to find any form of precious metal or rocks. He soon realized that there weren't as many here as there were at the cave.

'Guess I'll be testing out my new ability here huh. Then again Poseidon always said the best place to test an ability is during a fight.' Hades thought to himself as he started changing the properties of rocks and dirt beneath the area around him.

All while this was going on, the Nemean lion was tilting its head in curiosity at Hades as it sensed Hades's divinity; it has only encountered divinity two times before in its life.

The first is when it was just born and immediately teleported by a mysterious swirl of purple, not even exploring the outside world. The second time was when it encountered Poseidon, but it was unable to observe Poseidon as its instinct urged it of how dangerous Poseidon was. Therefore, it neutralize him as quickly as possible.

But this time it seemed to has struck gold, for neither is it a newborn cub nor is the person who possesses this weird energy a threat to it.

'Good I've finished I managed to turn the whole underground around me into platinum and gold since these two are the easiest and quickest to work with. Now then!'


Hades stomped on the ground and less than a second later.

*Crack!* *Whoosh!* *Cling!*

More than a dozen golden spikes emerged from the ground and pierced where the lion was standing.

'Did I get it?'

"Hades behind you!!"

Hestia warned Hades as the Nemean lion appeared behind him with its claws raised. Without looking back, he rose a thick wall made of platinum and jumped away. Looking around, Hades saw the lion's claws slowly cut through his defense until it became nothing more but scraps on the ground.

"Tch!" 'I'll have to stay away from its claws; if only I could make diamond faster I could rely on it for my defense.'

With the Nemean lion having the advantage by being on the side that the three goddesses were on, Hades became worried. Noticing this, the lion looked back at them and gave a disinterested growl.


'Is it saying it's not interested in them good then I don't have to worry about protecting them.'

Hades started raising his right hand in the air as two dozen mix of gold and platinum spears more than 12 meters in length started forming.



Saying that, he brought down his index and middle finger and pointed it at the lion; instantly, half of the spears launched off, creating a sonic, creating a sonic boom as they surpassed the speed of sound.

The lion jumped to the right expecting to dodge the attack but was surprised instead as they changed direction and followed it.

Nemean lion could only run as the spears chased it; the god responsible for this only made hand gestures controlling the spears. With the spears locking on to him, it was difficult for the lion to dodge, but it still managed it.

However, that was soon over as it made a mistake and took a leap in the air to avoid another attack knowing that it wouldn't be able to defend itself when it's in the air.

"This is my chance."

Hades took advantage of this and launched all his spears, even on standby when they surrounded the Nemean lion. Finally, Hades made a closing gesture with his hand, and all the spears rained down onto it.

*Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!* *Crash!*

Unfortunately for Hades, the spears immediately break upon contact; they only left behind scratches that instantly healed.

"What the hell!!" Hades stared wide-eyed at what happened so did his sisters they were all expecting that that would have finished it off.

"ROOOOOAAAAR!!!" The Nemean lion was enraged at Hades, who managed to pierce its defense that it thought to be impenetrable.


The Nemean lion landed and was about to rush Hades when


Hestia threw a fireball at the lion that didn't even leave so much as a mark; usually, the lion wouldn't even recognize her, but in its rage-filled state, it dashed towards Hestia at an incredible speed that it didn't show before.

Appearing in front of Hestia with its paws risen, it brought it down, but before it could come in contact with her, Demeter pushed her out of the way and took the full brunt of the attack.



Three gashes were formed on Demeter's face to her stomach. Then, realizing that it missed its target, the lion became more enraged and lashed out at Hera, who came running to Demeter's aid by ripping out her stomach with its teeth.


Next was Hestia, who was frozen in fright from what happened to her sisters. "Die."

With a cold-blooded look in Hades's eyes and a spear the size of twenty-five meters made from diamond hovering over his head that he poured all his divinity into. Hades launched it, but the lion didn't back down as it went running straight towards him.

When the lion and the spear were about to make contact at the last second, the lion grew to half the spear's size. It raised its claw and clashed with the spear; the two attacks created shockwaves that blew away everything around them.

Nothing was spared, not even the battered bodies of Demeter and Hera.

When the dust cleared, what revealed itself was the battered and torn body of the Nemean lion, which began to heal fibre by fibre.

"No….. impossible." Hades looked on with distraught in his voice as he watched the lion heal until there wasn't even a sign of their previous clash.


The lion approached Hades as it roared in victory and dominance; opening its mouth, it got ready to devour Hades's head and claim its kill.

*Craaccck!* *Craaccck!* *BOOOOM!*

Out of nowhere, a shockwave came and sent the lion flying and crashing into debris from its fight; when it stopped, blood was leaking from its mouth.

"Now, now, I can't let you eat him…." Poseidon said as he looked at the distressed Hades.

"Not after he provided me with such good information."


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