Nobita inquired, "So what kind of super power do you possess?" I let out a laugh and replied, "Honestly, I'm not sure..." 

Nobita, his voice filled with rage, asked, "Well then, how are we going to take revenge?" 

Curious, I asked, "Can I ask you something?" 

Nobita responded, "Of course, what is it?" 

Thinking for a moment, I inquired, "How do you want to take revenge, if I may ask?" 

With a smile on his face, Nobita answered, "I want to beat Suneo and Gian and I want Shizuka to apologize to me." 

Shaking my head, I thought, "This guy doesn't even know how to take revenge😭 . They pushed him to the brink of death and yet he wants to let them go..." 

"Why are you so quiet?" Nobita questioned. 

With a mischievous grin, I suggested, "How about you show them who's the boss by... indulging in their moms?" 

Horrified, Nobita exclaimed, "Eww, how can you even say that? I thought you were a nice guy, but thinking so low... I know they bullied me, but if I do that, then I will be worse than them." 

Sighing, I agreed, "Fine, let's just do what you wanted." 

"Don't worry, brother. You won't even realize that I've already taken revenge because those people deserve it. They need to be punished, and what's a better way to do that?" I mused. 

Nobita interrupted, "Hey, you got all silent again..." 

Apologizing, I noted, "Oh, sorry. Are you tired? You must be sleepy." 

"Yeah, I am tired. Do you also sleep?" he inquired. 

"Of course, everyone needs sleep. Good night!" I wished him. 

As Nobita dozed off, I activated the system,

The vessel's surrender to the host's control has commenced, rendering it incapable of retaining any memories without the host's consent.

Furthermore, during this period, the vessel will remain in a state of slumber. The system has been activated, granting the host dominion over their bodily sensations and neural functions.

As the host's proficiency grows, new abilities will be unlocked. To progress, the host must accumulate Feeling points, which are acquired through the emotions of others. Currently, the host is at level 1, enabling them to manipulate the sensitivity of individuals. To ascend to the next level, the host must amass 20 points.

The elucidation concludes.

Hmm... well, it's midnight. Let's pay a visit to her room. I entered Mio's room...

Look at this seductive creature peacefully sleeping after leaving a lasting impression on his life. Your sensitivity will be so heightened that even the slightest touch will make your tongue burn with desire. Hahahaha, I can't wait to see your tongue savoring tomorrow's tea. Hahahaha, as I chuckled silently with a twisted smile, I returned to sleep...

Next morning!

AHHHHHHH! A loud scream...

(+5 Feeling Points)

The scream echoed throughout the neighborhood. Nobita suddenly woke up from his dream and hurried towards the kitchen, but he stumbled on the stairs...

Ouch ouch ouch! Nobita groaned in pain...

"Why are you so clumsy?" 

"Shut up, I just woke up," Nobita said, lying on the floor...

As he rushed towards the kitchen, he witnessed an intriguing sight. Mio's tongue was receiving an ice treatment from Nobita's mother...

"What happened?" Nobita asked, intrigued by the scene...

"It's Mio. She burned her tongue with the soup," Mom said, gently rubbing ice on her tongue...

"What! Hahahahahaha!" Nobita laughed so hard that tears streamed down his face. But then he was met with an intense glare from Mio... Unfortunately for her, she couldn't speak back now. Hahaha, I laughed too...

"Nobita, sorry, but I had to shift. Hahahah, this looks fun! Let's see now, your sensitivity towards touch is so heightened that even a simple touch to your body will feel like a tight slap. So let's see what happens when someone pets your back, you slut..."

"Okay, okay, Mio, everything is fine. Don't cry!" Mom tried to comfort her...

"Okay, Tamako, put your soft hands on her back. Let this historical moment be witnessed by all of us..."

As Mio finished crying, Mom's left hand waved in the air and slammed onto her back!


(+20 Feeling Points)

Mio fainted, her eyes filled with tears, and her nose started to bleed...

Now you enjoy nobita shift back!

"Mio, my dear, what has happened?" Her mother's voice trembled with concern, beads of perspiration forming on her forehead.

Nobita, sprang into action. "I will call for an ambulance immediately," he stammered. As the ambulance arrived, Mother and Mio swiftly made their way to the hospital.

"Did you do something?" Nobita inquired curiously.

"Why don't you go inside? It would appear odd if someone caught you chattering away in the middle of the road," I advised

"Oh, you're absolutely right!" Nobita hastily rushed back home.

"And don't forget to call your dad," I reminded him.

"Oh yes, I will definitely call him."


You have achieved level 2, unlocking the ability to create illusions!

But be cautious, as you only have a two-minute time limit!

Additionally, you now have control over your sense of sight!

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