Reincarnated as Napoleon

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Adrian, a man from the 21st century, is accidentally killed by the Goddess of Fate. As recompense for her mistake, she grants Adrian a second chance at life in an alternate world. Upon awakening, Adrian is startled to find himself surrounded by a setting reminiscent of eighteenth-century Europe. It quickly becomes apparent to him that he has been reincarnated as none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, the indomitable figure who once ruled over Europe for two tumultuous decades. Disclaimer: This work of fiction explores a speculative narrative in which the protagonist is reborn as Napoleon Bonaparte and embarks on a journey to power, encountering both historical and fictional characters. While the story draws inspiration from the life and historical context of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is important to note that the events, interactions, and outcomes portrayed in this work are entirely fictional and should not be interpreted as a reflection of real historical events.

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New World

As consciousness slowly returned to him, he felt his tiny, fragile body being tenderly wiped down and wrapped in a soft, warm cloth. His attempts to move were feeble, and he struggled to open his eyes against the brightness of the world around him. His senses were overwhelmed by a rush of unfamiliar sounds, smells, and sensations.

Gradually, his vision cleared, and he saw a beautiful woman with flowing, chestnut hair holding him in her arms. Her eyes were pools of warm, maternal love, and her delicate fingers brushed gently against his skin.

It dawned on him that he had been reincarnated into the body of a newborn baby. The chill in the air made him shiver, and he cried out in frustration at his lack of control over his new body. His cries were met with a soothing coo from the woman holding him.

The woman spoke softly, her voice like honey. "My dear Napoleon," she murmured. "You're so cute~!"

Napoleon? Is he calling him Napoleon? The one he read in the history textbook who was said to be the greatest military general of all time?

'Did I just get reincarnated as Napoleon?'

As Adrian lay there, unable to turn his head to see his surroundings, he could sense that he was in a place of great comfort and luxury. The room was adorned with plush furnishings and rich fabrics, and the woman who held him was clearly well-cared for and well-off.

Moments later, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

Soon, the door creaked open and several figures entered the room. Adrian's new mother turned to greet them with a smile.

The first to enter were two young maids dressed in crisp white uniforms, their hair neatly braided and tied back. They carried with them trays of food and drink, offering them up with a respectful bow.

Behind them, Adrian could see the imposing figure, a tall man with broad shoulders and a stern expression. He wore fine, tailored clothes that spoke of his wealth and status. That might be his new father.

"Has it been born safely, Letizia?" the man asked.

"Yes, my love," Letizia replied with a respectful bow. "He is a cheerful baby."

The man stepped closer to them, and Adrian could see his face more clearly now. He had sharp features and piercing brown eyes, and black hair.

"Let me see him," the man said, his voice softening slightly.

Letizia held Adrian out for his father to see, and he gazed down at him with a mixture of curiosity and affection.

"He looks healthy," the father remarked, his eyes lingering on Adrian's face. "And handsome too, like his father," he added with a small smile.

"Geez, you're so silly dear," Letizia responded, giggling softly.

"He inherited your blue eyes dear, and he got my handsomeness and black hair," the father remarked.

"Is that so?" Letizia leaned over and scanned Adrian with her aqua-blue eyes as if looking for those inherited traits. "Uwaah~you're right dear. He got my eyes."

Adrian watched the exchange between his parents, taking in every detail with his newborn eyes. Based on what he heard just now, he was able to understand their words. Maybe it's another skill gifted by the goddess to make it convenient for his transition. He might also not be their only child, given the fact that there was a boy who trailed behind his new father as he entered the room. In addition, the faces of his new parents were young, like they were in their early twenties or younger than that.

In addition, their name is similar to the name of Napoleon's parents. Whether this is a coincidence or not, it can't be ignored. Adrian thought that he'll be reincarnated in another world but it turns out he was just sent back to the past.

Adrian's eyes widened as he took in his surroundings. The lack of modern appliances, combined with the oil lamps, confirmed that he had been reincarnated into a different time period, specifically late-eighteenth century.

Suddenly, Letizia jostled Napoleon, who shifted him in her arms. "Are you hungry, little one?" she asked, her voice soft and soothing.

Adrian realized that he was, in fact, quite hungry. He felt a familiar ache in his stomach that he had experienced in his previous life. Letizia lowered her clothes and Adrian caught a glimpse of her breast. He knew what was coming next. But as he tried to process this new experience, he found himself conflicted.

He was a grown-up dude in his previous life, so the thought of sucking the breasts of a woman who seemed to be younger than him feels unethical.

Letizia, unaware of Adrian's internal conflict, cradled him close to her chest and began to breastfeed him. At first, he felt a sense of disgust, but as the warm milk flowed into his mouth, Adrian's hunger dissipated and a blissful calm washed over him.

Being an infant is scary. To think that his instincts took over him just like that made him realize that he has no full control over his new body.

'Is this going to be a problem in the future?' he thought to himself. Well, there's only a limited thing an infant can do. He'll have to wait a year or two to be able to control his body fully.


Five years have already passed since Adrian's reincarnation. As an infant, Adrian took time to learn languages and letters. It wasn't until two years later that Adrian became proficient in language skills, which is still relatively early compared to other children. Despite this, Adrian still had the tendencies of a young child when it came to basic communication skills such as talking and gesturing. Adrian made sure to maintain a pleasant relationship with his parents by playing the role of an ideal child, and he was surprised to find that he genuinely enjoyed their company.

Now that Adrian has reached the age of five, he finds that he is capable of much more than before.

He was able to read books that allowed him to learn about the world.

He was born on the island of Corsica, which was once a part of the Republic of Genovia; he learned of its struggle for independence in 1755. Despite the Genovese efforts to quell the uprising, the Corsicans refused to back down, and after a fierce battle, emerged victorious and gained control of the island. However, the Republic of Genovia faced financial difficulties and intense pressure from Franconian, leading to its decision to sell Corsica to France in 1768, marking the end of Corsica's independent rule.

He was born in the year 1769, making him a citizen of the Kingdom of France.

As for his family, his father, named Carlo, was a Corsican politician and a fervent supporter of the Corsican nationalism and was respected in political circles for his advocacy of the Corsican cause. But soon after, his allegiance began to shift towards France when he was appointed as a representative to the court of King Louis XVI.

However, this decision was not without consequences. Carlo's support for French rule was seen as a betrayal by many of his fellow Corsicans, and his political career in Corsica suffered greatly as a result. Despite this, Carlo remained steadfast in his belief that Corsica could achieve greater prosperity and autonomy under French rule, and he continued to work towards this goal in his position as a representative of the French court.

As for his mother, Letizia, she was a devoted wife and mother, who took great pride in her husband's achievements and her children's education. Letizia was a strong-willed woman, who had been raised in a noble family, and she had instilled her love for culture and education in her children. She spent countless hours reading to Adrian and his siblings and encouraged them to learn as much as they could.

Speaking of siblings, he has one sibling, which was his elder brother, Joseph Buonaparte. The one that he saw in the room where he was delivered. Their mother was currently pregnant with another one, and if history is the same as his previous world, then the next one would be Lucien.

While he is learning the history of his new world, he is slowly accepting the fact that he was sent back in time instead of reincarnating in another world.

Could it be that the Goddess of Fate wants him to follow Napoleon's destiny? Adrian knew a lot of things about Napoleon, how he got to his position and he lost it. Is the Goddess of Fate giving him an opportunity to change the course of history and follow a different path? The idea excited Adrian, and he felt a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. Or perhaps maybe this is his purpose.

Thinking about it, the Goddess of Fate gave him abilities that are basically cheating in this world. He has access to information on modern technology, politics, and records of battles within a hand's reach. He can use it to gain a huge advantage in this world.

In his previous life, he was playing a popular real-time strategy game about creating kingdoms and civilizations. It was his favorite game, and the thought of him becoming the supreme ruler over a kingdom is tempting as he can experience it in real life.

"I know my destiny now!" Napoleon pumped his fist.

At that moment, Adrian took the name of Napoleon. He is one of the best generals in history but Adrian can make it even greater.