reincarnated as manager with no wishes(harem)

Harem story with actual story and girls with personalities and no annoying dumb characters.Except a certain karen Even if you hate harem stories you will be like the mc and the story.The mc is transmigrated without any wishes or cheats .he gains everything by himself It will also have what you can expect from harem and at the same it doesn't Normal mc who isn't a beta-check various and diverse harem members-check A story with actual plot -check Characters with actual personality -check SPecial : A mc who isn't a simp A yandere No stupid male bashing Non incel/Otaku/neet mc A Respectable and yet flawed mc

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Justin pov

"I Don't regret i not even one bit "I Said to the goddess

"Why"The godess told me

"I am so tired of being picked up on ,so I studied hard and became manager and you know next some karen killed it "I told the godess

"What would you do if I give you next life or next chance "She said to me

"I would like to live with not being ordered by anyone ."I said to her

"It doesn't matter who it is and who they are I will not fear and get picked up on .No longer ."I said to her

"All I wished was a normal peaceful life .But I don't give a shit about anyone right now "I said to her

"Great . At this stage you will reach Akira fukuhara,Kenta kiyoshi,hela and Amaya and the others If you keep this up " The godess smiled up

"who are they ?"I asked

"Famous reincarnators among us . They are so powerful and have a lot of influence among gods "the godess smiled

Ah The godess told me everything about gods , gods don't care about what is good or wrong and that they only care about and follow strong devors the weak rule

"You are so polite aren't you.And you also don't look at me vulgarliy "The godess told me

Yes I am polite but i sneaked some glances into you , i am pro at it , manager skills , don't question it . The godess can't read my mind .

Even if she read it , I don't care . Better to be myself than to fake it off

"What if i was a pervert and vulgar "I said to her

"oh don't misunderstand me. it's understandable to be a pervert but being a pervert shouldn't be your only trait "The godess told me

Okay let's not talk about my old-world people .Past is past , i need to adapt the new world rules.I belive i can change .

"You are reincarnating to a fancy world with a modern world setting "She said to me

I need to ask her now

"Do i get any fancy wishes "I said to her

"No what made you think so , you will get any wishes and no isekai's are fake . You don't get goddess as harem candidate and get any wishes.You have to earn by yourselves "The godess told me

So even the part being you as harem candidate . I don't think you should encourage people .

"it's understandable,it explains a lot but i don't get how i will survive the world "I raised my doubt

"Don't worry I will set the harem setting. and can only 2 minor things that i will pick "The godess told me

"How about a world there is no toxic masculinity and feminism "She said without giving me any options

"That's quite a lot . You cleared everything wrong with the system . We might actually get peace between the genders "Justin smiled as he wished for a world everyone can live in peace . But he didn't believe it could actually happen after all it was a theory

"No that's not that simple . I just reduced the intensity of the crimes . Well there will be always crimes .There will be brutal criminals . BUt you can finally take rest there ."The godess told me

Justin sighed "Get me a break "Justin said tired of dealing with people

"I Will tell some of the rules . Incest, harem , being a househusband are perfectly legal. yuri , yaoi and fake criminal cases were frowned upon and almost don't exist . Females are more understanding and equal to males physically ."The godess told me

Wait that is quite good for me

With that the godess reincarnated me without answering the questions i have , making me uncertain of the world more .

I am actually okay if i don't get any fancy system and a magical cheat . I am happy with what i have rather what i want for now . But that doesn't mean i stop working for more

3rd pov

Justin hated Yuri and yaoi . But he never badmouthed anyone who practiced them , he respected their views but he still didn't liked them .

Justin's character is pretty simple and yet so complex . He liked his job as a manager and yet wanted more success , he craved for success and he won't settle for any lower but he remains polite and respectful to people and rarely swears to anyone after all he wishes to avoid conflict .

But time changes people and justin is a no stranger to it . Let's see upon how it changes

Goddess pov

Yes my child . Grow and become strong

*sigh* i wish i had kenta ,akira, or amaya as a isekai human .There are clearly superior compared to him . but he is still better compared to other people .

He didn't get excited when i said harem at all .But when i removed toxic masulinity and feminism he got too excited .

What a foolish the world i sent him was far from it .I only said the positive benefits of the world . Slowly he will get influence and he will become perfect vessel to defeat my enemies and rivals .

To be honest . I didn't changed anything . the world was without any toxic masulinity and feminism . The laws exist without me changing .All i gave him was reincarnation .

The family should take care of him .I don't want to deal with him anymore

His personality will not change but will get influence

3rd pov

Justin stared making deductions . That if toxic masulinity and femnism don't exist . Then both gender trust each other very much and it makes relationships go well . He hope for the best but he was prepared for the best

Justin is never a simp . He like the women but he will never tolerate them disrespecting him . Afterall he has self respect

Justin pov

Start your day by respecting yourself .

No matter how attractive a person may look , if they are asking you to do act in ways that violate your respect , your own rights , and your own values , Walk away

It's not a good idea to chase women . Because some women like independent man and the man who can do his own things . They like the man who respects himself more . After all if you don't respect your own self and your gender and your race then how do you expect people to like you , It doesn't take a woman to realize that .

I have seen some guys bashing other males in order to look cool . Trust me it doesn't make you look cool , you look like an incel and a simp , the women will use you as a butler . It's disgusting to think and I fear becoming one of them . But I don't have to as long as I have my mind I can control my desires .

Rather than chasing women and making them like you , why not chase success and get some achievements job , if you do that women itself will follow you , trust me the feeling is just pleasuring .

You are awesome person , people should chase you . you shouldn't chase people .pls have some self-love.Even some terrorists proudly say that they killed millions of people and think they are great , if they can why I can't

this is philosophy if others don't like it . It's perfectly fine , I will follow my philosophy to the end . Afterall i wish to live my own life as i want

A new world where rules play different , so forgot what you know about and enjoy the aspects you like .

If you don't like a certain thing please be sure to ignore it .

If you don't like the novel entirely you can just check other novels .

Please don't spread toxic messages . Let's just enjoy the novel and release our stress . This novel is meant to relieve stress

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