reincarnated as manager with no wishes(harem)

Harem story with actual story and girls with personalities and no annoying dumb characters.Except a certain karen Even if you hate harem stories you will be like the mc and the story.The mc is transmigrated without any wishes or cheats .he gains everything by himself It will also have what you can expect from harem and at the same it doesn't Normal mc who isn't a beta-check various and diverse harem members-check A story with actual plot -check Characters with actual personality -check SPecial : A mc who isn't a simp A yandere No stupid male bashing Non incel/Otaku/neet mc A Respectable and yet flawed mc

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3rd pov

Justin Ward is just .....Well, let's say he is doing his job with great joy . He wished to live an ordinary life

Let's shift focus on another one

After her victory at con-mart.Karen was in the mood for celebration

She set out for her favorite coffee shop at the local Starbucks

On her way home , she placed order using her handy mobile app

All that she wanted is a simple drink

A grande mochaccino with almond milk, six pumps of syrup,java chips,six pumps of espresso,fresh non-diary whipped cream,and double vegan fair-trade chocolate sauce ,at exactly95 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Hey, welcome to starcups"Justin welcomed Karen

"what can I get you today? "Justin asked

"Uhm, I am here for my mobile order pickup,"Karen told Justin

"sure thing " Justin said

"Name"Justin said to Karen

"Karen"Karen said

"Yet,it's right on the pickup lane to your right "Justin said to Karen

"Okay"karen said

"Thanks"Karen said to justin

the karen drank the coffee but is disapproved the tea and hated it

"Something wrong mam "Justin said to Karen

"yes"Karen said to justin

"I asked for A grande mochaccino with almond milk,six pumps of syrup,java chips,six pumps of espresso,fresh non-dairy whipped cream, and double vegan fair-trade chocolate sauce ,at exactly95 degrees Fahrenheit,"karen said to justin angrily

"This is A grande mochaccino with cashew milk, six pumps of syrup, java chips, six pumps of espresso,fresh non-dairy whipped cream ,and double vegan fair-trade chocolate sauce , at exactly95 degrees Fahrenheit.Karen said to Justin angrily

Justin is shocked by that and said

"Oh I am sorry mam , I will get you a new one, "Justin said to Karen

"Let me remake your order man, "Justin said to Karen

Justin didn't want to mess up his job. He is a workaholic after all

He made a coffee after a few seconds and gave it to Karen with the correct ingredients .

"Sorry for the mix-up mam " Justin said to Karen

"Please enjoy your fresh drink " Justin tried to calm Karen down

"NO that's not enough. I want a refund as well ." Karen demanded

"Yes a refund "Karen demanded more

"I could have been allergic to cashew milk, "Karen said to Justin angrily

"Did you ever think that you might have killed me "Karen said

"Oh well, I suppose you have a point,"Justin said to Karen

"Though all our drinks come with a blanket allergy warning on them,"Justin smirked to the Karen

"I understand your frustration, "Justin said to Karen

"your drink was exceptionally complex though, "Justin said to Karen

"It doesn't matter what I ordered, "Karen said

"That's your responsibility . If you can't serve it better then why are you working here "

"There is a lot to my job than serving drinks, "Justin said to Karen

"you got the drinks you asked for , there is no need for a refund "

"You know what ?"Karen said

"I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER, "Karen said the famous phrase to justice

The entire coffee shop is silent by that voice

Silence followed....

"Maam" Justice said with a mutter

silence followed. Anyone couldn't speak after seeing poor Justin state.


"I AM THE MANAGER, "Justin said with a twist

"HAHAHA,"Justin said with a smile

The Karen is literally terrified and freaked out by that.

"What,"Karen said shocked

"T-That's impossible,"Karen said clearly panicking

"I assure you ma'am, "Justin said to Karen

"I am the manager at this location,"Justin said to Karen

"your name tag doesn't say you are the manager, "Karen said wanting to fight back

"Well it doesn't have to be, "Justin said to Karen

"Trust me though I am the manager, "Justin said to Karen

"You should just leave, "Justin said to Karen

"I am not going anywhere, "Karen said

"I well tell everyone online about this travesty, "Karen said trying to blackmail him

" I am very prolific in facebook groups you know, "Karen said

"No, the old manager got fired after the incident "Justin said to Karen

"I got promoted as the new manager .so that's it "Justin said to Karen

"mam'm this is embarrassing,"Justin said to Karen

"YOU ARE MAKING A SCENE, "Justin said to Karen clearly frustrated

That statement is just a top ten words said before disaster.

THe statement broke Karen . And she got furious and totally freaked out . Her freak out meter became full. and screamed with anger

"I AM MAKING A SCENE "Karen said with rage

"YOU ARE MAKING A SCENE "Karen said with anger

"THE WHOLE COFFEE SHOP IS MAKING A SCENE"Karen said listing herself

Karen started screaming

"REEEEEEE EEEEE EE E EE EE E EE E EE E "Karen started powering up strangely

She took a knife and

"TAKE THIS YOU FILTHY COMMUNIST " She stabbed Justin with a knife killing him '

"AAHAAH "Justin screamed before dying

THe others took the photograph of the Karen killing Justin and uploaded it on the internet .

"What the hell?" One guy said taking a photograph

Karen started breaking and tearing the whole coffee shop apart .

"Damn she went crazy, " other guy said taking photographs

THe Karen noticed this

"Huh" She looked at the guy saying

"You think I am the freak here , "Karen said with anger

"give me the phone "Karen ordered the guy to give her the phone

The Karen went to grab one guy and started beating him up

The other guy went to the toilet and is trying to call the police

Reddit News : INSANE KAREN TRASHES STARCUPS ,get's arrested . The manager dies by karin

The Karen never vaccinates , doesn't wear masks , she gets a weekly haircut , she formed a Karen group ... Get on this link to check more

How did you liked the scence before reincarnation and please just let him rest .

I am doing a fic according to my ideas . So I won't listen to your suggestion much . Afterall don't wish to ruin my ideas after all

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