Reincarnated as leviathan

A man dies due stupidity of others and reincarnates as a monster " mm.. Where am I?" " WHAT THE HECK IS A leviathan" System: " leviathan:the most ancient, terrible, terrifying, abominable, cold, ruthless, and gluttonous of all monsters some of the bigger ones of the species are capable of swallowing a whole mountain in one chomp. This species is thought to be extinct" Join him on his journey to... Well he has no goal really... Note: I don't own the picture

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The After party

All the generals are in the throne room to handle the aftermath

Sapphire: " Alright tell me the report"

5 minutes later

Sapphire: " I see...

So all Atilla generals lost...

But we also took collateral damage

For starters... Although there was no casualties The south have been completely destroyed...."

Pendragon: " *whistle*"

Sapphire: "....."

Sapphire: " and the there seems to be damage from the explosion... "

Hadrick:" *whistle* "

Sapphire: " and a farm was burned.... "

Emerald:" *whistles badly so only blowing air sound comes out.... And some fire* "

Sapphire: "and after Vlad caught the Illy five girls, they tried to offer to be his harem...

So Fay murdered them in a very graphic way..."

Fay: "..."

Sapphire: "..."

Sapphire: " well despite Ati- Bubbles confusing escape...

We still won...

Although we have a lot to do

We should all be glad"




??? : "MY BABY!!



Sapphire: "...."


It might be the bump on my head but I'm confused for the second time today...

Please explain what just happened "

Ruby:" sure, the goddess of life from the ceiling and crashed on top of your head then she whacked you with a mace than ran to Jeanne "

Sapphire:" thanks "

Ruby:" you're welcome, you may swear at will"

Sapphire: "later, for now I need to clear the confusion"

I put an annoyed smile on my face and head to Alein...

Sapphire: " Oh look who we have here, Alein, to what do we owe the pleasure of seeing you today"

Alein copies my smile and retorts at me.

Alein: " Ara, it's the Demon King, how are you doing I didn't expect to run into you here"

I sense malice from her smile...

It seems she is still pissed at what happened at the conference

I heard that some information got leaked through the the head priest's daughter about what happened, then a small cult of women started worshipping Alain by assaulting their husbands in the bath...

And another cult started worshipping her as the Ero God/ BDSM and started using experiment with life magic on erotic spells...

Both cults were crushed

Now that I think about it, doesn't she get all the information about spells like that from her domain... If thats the case I wonder what have she witnessed her followers do untill now

Alein: " ARA ARA, your face says you're thinking of something amusing"

I might have let a perverted look appear on my face while I was Thinking about that

She might have caught on...

Sapphire: " Oh no I was just trying to clear my confusing thoughts, it seems something veryrrrrrryyyyyy heavy fell on me....

And after that I think a mace tapped my head or something...."

If looks can kill than I would already be dead

Alein: " sorry, I saw a bug on your head and decided to squish it"

Jeanne: " mom you can flirt with the king later, what are you doing here"

Alein: "oh right, I was having a luncheon with Eresh, when a few SSS rank souls came down, after I learned what happened, I grabbed the holly mace and ran as fast as I can."

Sapphire: "since when is there a holly mace"

Alein: " from about 20 minutes ago"

She says with a smirk

So she actually made a holly artifact on the spot and ran here

Seriously is this goddess an Air headed or what.


Alein: " sorry for breaking the sealing but as I haven't been here before, I had to teleport to the temple then fly all the way here then jump down"

So She says

But I can tell from her smirk that she looked at the life signs in the room before entering that purposely crashed on top of me....

Jeanne: " don't worry mom, all is well, let's go to the kichen and I'll make us some sweets"

Sapphire: " *sigh* help me mousy"

And so the day passed on and I head for my room....

seriously... This birthday was a headache ache

All these extra unwanted guests made it heavy

As I was thinking that I opened my room door and look inside...

Skadi: " you sure took your time"

Honey : "we've been waiting you know"

On my bed....

Skadi and Honey were under covers....

And although I can't see it I can tell they're naked...

Skadi: " can you tell which is which"

I can tell from the hair but it's better if I don't say anything...


They say a wolf's howl can be heard from the Demon king castle that night

Chapter End