Reincarnated as leviathan

A man dies due stupidity of others and reincarnates as a monster " mm.. Where am I?" " WHAT THE HECK IS A leviathan" System: " leviathan:the most ancient, terrible, terrifying, abominable, cold, ruthless, and gluttonous of all monsters some of the bigger ones of the species are capable of swallowing a whole mountain in one chomp. This species is thought to be extinct" Join him on his journey to... Well he has no goal really... Note: I don't own the picture

Fate_go_Player · Fantasy
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177 Chs


Sorry this is not a chapter

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately but I'm kind off busy with some other stuff...

While I have you guys here I wanted to ask you guys something about the future of the novel

I know the last chapters didn't involve Sapphire

And I'm sorry that the next few chapters will be the same as well

But don't worry the action will be back before you even get the chance to say "supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus"

As for the other thing I wanted to ask is:

Do you think I should add Christine to the harem (Gopher's Grandma)

Now before you answer...

I want to think carefully for a minute (with your upper body part)

And decide do you guys want this or not.

Also don't worry wherever you choose Gopher will be first