Reincarnated as leviathan

A man dies due stupidity of others and reincarnates as a monster " mm.. Where am I?" " WHAT THE HECK IS A leviathan" System: " leviathan:the most ancient, terrible, terrifying, abominable, cold, ruthless, and gluttonous of all monsters some of the bigger ones of the species are capable of swallowing a whole mountain in one chomp. This species is thought to be extinct" Join him on his journey to... Well he has no goal really... Note: I don't own the picture

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A Very Good Morning

Authors note: " I don't know how to write H scenes so I *borrowed* a little, also I officially added the romance and harem Tag to the novel"



Tey:"Hmm, how rare. Did Skadi oversleep? "

At breakfast, many people were gathered in the dining room. And in there, the figure of Skadi was lacking.

Telling herself "I bet she's still sleeping", Tey quickly got up.

Tey:"I guess it can't be helped, I'll prepare it."

Christine:"Can you do it? "

Tey:"Umu. I'll prepare it."

Tey decided to be the breakfast cook in Skadi's place. While Christine saw her walk off with a bit of an uneasy expression, I turned my head towards her and implied "It'll be fine" with my face.


I uttered some sort of sound. But I couldn't speak a proper word.

Pendragon :"My king, you tired? "

Sapphire :"...I'm so tired I want to die."

Yes, I was exhausted. That was a strong enemy. I was ready to go and I began by challenging her with a saturation attack, but it soon turned into a war of attrition, a game of endurance. However, I began to gradually be pushed back by that bottomless and inexhaustible sexual desire, a losing battle. Both of us had regeneration and SSS rank power, I ended up using *Imperial Privilege*. I managed to stay on top thus far. Even when I fought that deathmatch against Her before as a Leviathan, I wasn't this tired. How frightening, the leviathan Queen.

There was one thing I learned from this; status doesn't have much impact on 'night wrestling'. This is bad. If I don't work out a strategy as soon as possible, the day when I lose draws nearer.

Christine opened her mouth and in a small mutter she said to herself "I wonder...". What's with that "I wonder"?

Tey:"Hey, it's done. Help me bring it."

How fast. It took her less than ten minutes. As I walked up to the kitchen, almost like a zombie, I found six pieces of baked white bread and a platter of fried meat and vegetables. It was quite the combination of colors, still, it seemed to be quite delicious.

Placing it in the middle of a luxurious table, I took some of it with some tongs, stuffing the soft, fluffy bread.

Sapphire : "Ahh. Yeah, it's delicious."

It's pretty good. It gives the feeling of a man's cooking, since it can be eaten even in a hurry. But this is fine, because I like this type of cooking. Simple is the best. A simple home-made breakfast consisting of some staple food and main dishes is something you can never get tired of eating.

Atlanta: "Delicious, maybe! "

Atlanta and Pendragon were wolfing food without thought.


Some time later, after we finished eating, Skadi appeared in the dining room.

While apologizing for oversleeping in an unusually shy manner, I could see a bit of tiredness in her.

Sapphire: " good morning Skadi"

Skadi draws neer.


Skadi: "Good morning"

Tey: "...."

Christine: "...."

Everyone: "..."


Skadi takes out a chair and sits besides me while hugging my arm...

I feel blessed.

Tey: ".....

What is going on?"

Christine: "Apparently Skadi beat you to the punch, you already lost the position of first wife, I suggest you move quickly"

Tey: "...."

Crow: "My king..."

Crow is looking at me with pitiful eyes... It seems he understands the harsh reality of *fighting* an SSS rank monster....

I should double his salary....

Pendragon: "so what are we going to do on our vacation today?"

Skadi: "me and Sapphire are going on a date... The rest of you do as you want"

Skadi declared...

She's already referring to me by name....

I feel blessed....

Christine: " commander not fair, we all want a piece of Sapphire"

Skadi: "mmm.... I guess I can't monopolies the king to myself, fine you may come with"

Hadrick: "where are we going"


Everybody looks at me..

Sapphire: ".....



Lets have a beach episode"

Chapter End