Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata

(This Story Takes Place In AU So, Don't Expect To Go Things As It Was In the Original Mahabharat.) A Young Boy From Kalyug Named Jaswant An Orphan But Was Hardworking And Caring To His Fellow Orphan. But When He Was At The Age Of 16 Years Old When He Died Mysteriously And Got Reincarnated- As Karna From Dwapar Yug With Boon As A System. Let's See What A Boy With a System From Kalyug Does In His Second Life, Will He Live As the Original Karna, Will He Walk On His Path? Disclaimer: Remember, This is fanfiction of Mahabharata. Not "Original" Mahabharata. I have no intention to harm anyone's religious belief, I am just writing what-if story from my perspective. If you don't like it, So I kindly request you not read further this. 4 Chapters/Week Minimum. Bonus Chapter Depends On Mood Teehee~

Suryaputra_Karna01 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
192 Chs

Chapter No.174 Vs Krishna

A deep azure aura explored out from Krishna clashing against the purple energy emanating from Karna, creating a powerful ripple effect that reverberated through the throne room. The clash of energies filled the air with crackling intensity, signaling the confrontation between two formidable forces.

"Karna, you know the consequences of unleashing such power," Krishna's voice remained calm yet firm, his eyes piercing through Karna's with unwavering resolve. "This path leads only to destruction and despair. You must find another way."

"They killed Mandodari, Krishna...your sister-in-law, They killed her just to...control me..."

Krishna's eyes widened as a flicker of rage crossed his gaze. He took a moment to absorb Karna's words, understanding the gravity of the situation.