Reincarnated as Draco's Twin To Dominate Hogwarts

Finding himself getting thrown into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and being reborn as Malfoy's brother, Skyler, our protagonist, shall unravel the perilous path before him to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Lord and to raise Slytherin's honor. Using his knowledge before traversing, Skyler, who's known as a famous archaeologist from our world, will use all his knowledge to aid him in learning the magical spells. Born from the same mother, how can Skyler deal with the perk of being born as Draco's brother? Will he grow up to be as kind and loving as Narcissa, or will he grow into the proud Pure-Blooded figure of Lucius? This is a translated work with over 400+ Chapters The chapter will be updated every day on 23:00 GMT+7 You can read future 40 chapters ahead at [p][a][t][r][e][o][n].com/Scaramousse !

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Chapter 20 "Summer Life"

Skyler's summer vacation was incredibly productive and enjoyable.

With the Philosopher's Stone and Flamel's address book in his possession, Skyler holed up in the dormitory during his free time, eagerly absorbing every morsel of alchemical knowledge.

Whenever he encountered a puzzling aspect, he fearlessly reached out to Nicolas for guidance, causing his alchemical expertise to soar like a rocket.

His first ambitious project involved crafting a wizard robe.

He had long coveted the versatile wizard robe Nicolas had worn that day.

Once he understood its underlying principles, he asked Dobby to procure over ten such robes.

The pieces of cloth were stacked in his laboratory for experimentation, in which he used alchemy to imprint magical effects onto the fabric.

After a month of intense effort and numerous failed attempts, Skyler, aided by the Time-Turner, finally succeeded in engraving the desired magical effects onto the fabric.

According to his initial plan, he set out to enhance the fitted wizard robe he had purchased from Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

He first endowed it with the "disguise" function, allowing the wizard robe to alter its colors, patterns, and tailoring styles according to the wearer's wishes.

Next, he imprinted protective spells on the robe to keep himself out of trouble for his future plans.

Although spells couldn't defend against exceptionally dark magic, they proved adequate against most malevolent spells, particularly useful in hostile encounters.

Following this, Skyler introduced the "charm aura" to the wizard robe, enabling its wearer to always exude an aura of charisma.

He also integrated the "gravity reduction" function, which increased his speed and agility, making dodging and movement much more efficient.

Finally, Skyler bestowed upon the robe formidable water and fire resistance, rendering it partially resistant to both burn and dampness and affording it a modicum of protection against water and flame-related magic.

Skyler bestowed the painstakingly enhanced wizard robe with the name "Supreme Wizard Robe."

It now boasts nine functions: pocket space, self-cleaning, waterproof and moisture-resistant, temperature regulation, changeable appearance, charming aura, defensive wards, reduced gravity, and resistance to water and fire.

However, Skyler's aspirations extended beyond this.

He yearned to include invisibility and concealment in the Supreme Wizard's Robe, but the only true invisibility cloak known to the magical world was Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak of Death.

Skyler harbored hopes that one day, he might find an opportunity to study it.

With his expertise, he believed he could craft the perfect wizard robe that would rival the famed cloak.

Supreme Wizard Robe (nine functions) acquired!

Skyler had another reason to celebrate. His stellar performance in his first year had brought pride and admiration from his good-looking father, Lucius, within their pure-blood family gatherings.

Lucius rewarded Skyler with a generous one thousand Galleons. Skyler, in turn, handed over the Dragon egg he'd stolen from Quirrell to Lucius and asked him to sell it.

Surprisingly, the Dragon egg fetched one thousand Galleons.

It appeared Quirrell had invested a considerable sum to conquer the three-headed dog challenge, which Skyler never expected to salvage.

Skyler didn't have the Muggle habit of hoarding gold in the wizarding world.

As a Muggle in his previous life, he knew well that wealth only accrued value when it was put to productive use.

Stashing money away served merely as an eccentric collection. With careful thought, Skyler revisited the historical developments of the European magical world from the original books and decided to invest in his windfall.

Through Lucius's connections, he invested two thousand Galleons in a little-known flying broom company situated in the Black Forest, Germany: Ellerby and Spudmore Broomstick Company.

In a market dominated by the Lightningbolt Racing Broom Company with their Lightningbolt 2000 and Lightningbolt 2001, which had three times the total sales of all other top broomsticks combined, Ellerby and Able Spudmore Broomstick Company remained relatively obscure.

Co-founder Able Spudmore, a skilled broomstick designer, had previously crafted the Tinder Arrow in 1940 and the Swiftstick in 1952, both of which were competent but relatively unknown.

Nevertheless, Skyler, armed with his knowledge of the original books, was well aware that at some point in 1993, a year later, Randolph Spudmore, the son of Able Spudmore, would astound the world.

His creation, the Firebolt, managed to overthrow the Lightningbolt as the top broomstick within twelve months of its launch. It became the primary choice for international-level Quidditch teams.

Ellerby and Spudmore Broomstick Company, a little-known craftsman's workshop, had a market value of only four thousand Galleons.

Skyler, exchanging two thousand Galleons, secured half of the company's equity, a move he considered astute.

Although the price of the Firebolt wasn't explicitly mentioned in the original books, given the dialogue between Harry and Ron, Skyler inferred that one Firebolt would cost around 500 Galleons.

Even considering the later strikes by Goblins, which would reduce production and possibly raise prices, the investment appeared sound.

Skyler had acquired half of the company's shares for the cost of just two broomsticks.

Skyler's family, however, held a different view.

Lucius, who had spent years in the business world, considered this little-known venture trivial.

He believed that Skyler's investment was a mere display of wealth, a child's act.

Owning equity in a flying broom company could be used for boasting among classmates, but Lucius viewed this as an opportunity to teach Skyler about business and investment.

He felt that early exposure to the world of business was an essential part of Skyler's education.

Little did they know that Skyler's visionary decision would leave the entire family astonished in just one year.

Elleby and Spudmore Broomstick Company - 50% Equity Acquired!

Half of the summer vacation had passed, and August arrived. On a particular day, two unwelcome guests came to the Malfoy Manor.

The visitors were Arthur Weasley from the Ministry of Magic and an Auror named Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Despite being considered as pure-blood traitors by pure-blood families, the Weasley family had a long-standing relationship with the Malfoy family.

Skyler often heard Lucius complain about Mr. Weasley.

It was evident from Lucius's stern expression that the two had traveled quite a distance from London with unpleasant intentions.

Mr. Weasley displayed a warrant signed by Amelia Bones, Director of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, which indicated that the Ministry of Magic had received an anonymous report about the Malfoy family.

The report claimed that Malfoy Manor harbored contraband dark magic objects and forbidden dark magic books in violation of British wizarding laws.

As a result, Arthur Weasley, the director of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, had been dispatched to carry out a search.

He hoped the Malfoy family would cooperate.

Lucius had no choice but to let the Ministry of Magic officials search the house since he didn't dare defy the Ministry.

He clenched his hand to the point that veins protruded from the back, revealing his smoldering anger.

The search lasted all day but yielded no evidence.

The contraband was hidden in the family's secret room, protected by multiple concealment spells at the entrance.

Without knowing its exact location and the proper unlocking spell, an intruder would find nothing but a room filled with mundane cleaning supplies, even if they discovered the entrance.

As the two Ministry officials left in the evening, Lucius, clearly infuriated, shattered his favorite teacup and vented his anger by striking the coffee table.

He swore vengeance against Mr. Weasley and vowed to make him pay dearly.

Skyler, who was familiar with the plot, knew that his father's plan for revenge involved framing Ginny Weasley, the youngest of the Weasley family, as the heir of Slytherin and sullying Mr. Weasley's reputation.

The ultimate goal was to cause him to lose his job at the Ministry of Magic.

However, they didn't know that their old master, who had not yet perished, would soon make his presence felt, causing trouble for the Malfoy family due to Skyler's reckless actions in transporting the precious Horcrux.

Subsequently, Lucius summoned Kalkaroff to the study to discuss how to dispose of some of the prohibited items within the family's collection on the black market.

This would serve the dual purpose of making the Ministry of Magic believe they were cooperating while ensuring that some contraband items reached the market without drawing suspicion.

At least, that was the plan, and Lucius believed that with Fudge's cooperation, this matter could be settled without any lingering consequences for the Malfoy family.

Skyler, who was privy to this plan, found it remarkably interesting and ironic given what lay in store for the family.

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