10 Chapter 10: And so, I went.

I- I told you, that's not me!"

"What are you saying?! We clearly remember your face! How many golden haired children do you think there are in the city of Taizhou?!"

"Eh? But I don't live inside the city though. How many golden haired children do you think there are outside the city of Taizhou?!" Viel retorted, he was very satisfied with his logic.

There was currently a small boy and an old man arguing inside a small house. They have been going on about this argument for almost an hour now and have been repeating the same discussions ever since they started.

Examiner An Da was currently arguing with Viel.

After finding out where Viel lived, Examiner An Da and the female Elder, that was infatuated with Viel, decided to visit his home and ask him to come back to the academy with them.

Their goal was to finish the necessary papers and officially enroll Viel in Taizhou academy.

But alas, Viel has misunderstood their intentions and was afraid that they will make him pay for the damaged courtyard.

"T-this child! Your settlement is still a part of Taizhou territory!", An Da didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This little boy in front of him has been coming up with excuses ever since they started talking.

The female Elder, who has been watching for a while now, smiled and started to speak.

"Lil boy, but ain't this your name? Viel? It is listed in the registrant's form." The female Elder gently pointed and showed Viel his name on the piece of parchment that she was carrying.

"V-viel?! T-that's a funny name. My n-name isn't Viel!", Viel looked away, beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead.

"Eeeh, is that so? What is your name then?" The female Elder cutely asked as Viel in a teasing manner. Although she was called an Elder, she looked particularly young, like somewhere between 25-30.

"M-my name?! Ahhh.. I-it's…", Viel was looking around, trying to find the right words to say.

[Random name based on region.... finalized]

'T-thank you, Mr. Voice!'

"My name... is Ching! Ching Chong!" Viel puffed his chest, once again very confident with his answer.

"Eeeh, is that so? That's a very funny name, ain't it boy?", The female elder twitched her eyes as she heard the obviously made-up name.

"Y…y..yes! My Grandma gave me that name because of my good looks!", Viel placed his hands on his face while doing an awkward pose.

"Eh? but I clearly heard your grandmother shouting your name earlier. I think she called you… ahmm.. what was it? Viel?" The female Elder chuckled as she tried to pat Viel's head. Viel immediately dodged to the right, not wanting to be touched.

"T-that.. that's my brother, Viel Chong Ching! Anyway, I am not who you're looking for! I haven't even seen this old Grandpa before! I am not paying for that courtyard!" Viel pointed at An Da with panic. An Da was about to retort, but was immediately stopped by the female Elder.

"Pay for the courtyard? Is that what you think we're here for?" the female Elder curiously asked.

"W-what? You're not here f-for the…wait, what courtyard?! I don't know anything about a courtyard. W-who are you trying to fool!? He..haha", Viel aggresively pointed back and forth the two visitors.

An Da and the Elder couldn't help but place their palms on their face.

"Examiner An Da and I are here to invite you to the academy to complete your enrollment."


"Yes. If you're worried about the courtyard, then I, Xing Cai, will give you money to pay for the courtyard!" Elder Xing Cai waved her hard, immediately, bags of gold appeared out of thin air.

An Da was perplexed at this sudden turn of events. 'A-as expected of an Elder of the Nine Golden Pavillions. She acts fast if she wants something!'

Viel had his eyes wide open. He had never even seen a gold coin before, let alone a bag of it.

"R-really?! You will give me this money?!" Viel excitedly replied. Although he doesn't truly know the true value of money yet, he knows enough that he can buy lots of candy with it.

"Eh? But I thought you're not who we are looking for? Isn't your name Ching Chong? Where's your brother Viel?" Elder Xing Cai teased as she shook the bag on her hand.

"That was a lie! I don't have a brother!" Viel puffed his chest proudly.

Both An Da and Elder Xing Cai sighed. They knew that arguing anymore with this little boy in front of them would just lead to further headaches.

"Okay, I will give you this bag of gold and even pay for the courtyard… as long as you promise to visit my sect, Nine Golden Pavillions, after you graduate from the academy. Do we have a deal?" Elder Xing Cai smiled, she almost drooled imagining Viel being a part of her sect and training under her guidance. She imagined the things they would do, like dressing him up and putting him into woman's clothing.

An Da couldn't help but sigh again, this female Elder is certainly cunning. Elder Xing Cai was the first one to approach him when he was searching for Viel's whereabouts, saying that she would help An Da to find Viel. He knew that she had ulterior motives, but Xing Cai was one of the Elders of the 5 respected sects, he couldn't just refuse her.

"Y-yes! I promise, Miss Xing Cai!" Viel excitedly grabbed the bag of gold from the Elder and started to dance around like a bunny.

Elder Xing Cai immediately covered her nose as she spouted a mantra, trying her best to restrain herself from just gobbling about the little boy in front of her. Examiner An Da feeling something was amiss, coughed and spoke immediately.

"N-now that this issue is over, WE will talk to your guardians next in order to settle you down in the academy." An Da emphasized that both him and Elder Xing Cai should talk to Viel's grandparents. He was afraid that if Elder Xing Cai remained in the presence of the cute boy any longer, she would commit a crime here and now.


"I am very sorry about the actions of our Grandson!" Both Grandma and Grandpa Ling were currently kowtowing to their guest.

"There's no need for that. Your grandson is very talented. Can I ask where his parents are?" Elder Xing Cai asked, very curious as to what kind of parents would sprout such an offspring. Since both Grandparents didn't exhibit any form of power of being a cultivator, Elder Xing Cai assumed that their daughter must have married a powerful cultivator from the west.

"T-this… her mother died from child birth, and his father died fighting in the war against the Evil Monarch.", Grandma Ling has practiced this line many times over. She knew that someday, someone will inquire about Viel's origins. So she practiced a line she knew would sound convincing.

"I-I see, I am sorry to hear that" Elder Xing Cai and examiner An Da have heard this story a thousand times. A child being orphaned because of the war was not uncommon just a few years ago, thus, they didn't pry any further. An Da was about to speak, but was once again cut by Elder Xing Cai.

"Anyway, the academy has decided to accept Viel as a student. All of his fees will be paid by the Nine Golden Pavillion, all we wish is that Viel will visit our sect after he graduates", Elder Xing Cai said with a smile, holding the hand of Grandma Ling.

'T-this! The academy has already decided to waive Viel's student fees ourselves, what is this old lady doing!?!' Examiner An Da scratched his face lightly. Why go through all this trouble? Why not just invite Viel in her sect directly and skip the academy all together? No one can refute the academy's number 1 sponsor.

Examiner An Da was right, Elder Xing Cai can just immediately invite Viel in their sect. But although Elder Xing Cai was infatuated with Viel, she wasn't stupid. She knew that it was impossible that Viel was this strong without having any external factors helping him.

Viel spending the time in the academy can help her surmise and analyze where Viel's strength is coming from. His strength was extraordinary, even compared with the top geniuses in her sect, she believed that no one can match up to Viel, specially at his age.

"This humble mortal thanks the Elder!", Grandma Ling tried to cover her tears as she bowed the Elder Xing Cai. Grandma Ling was very happy to receive news that his Grandson would no longer have any troubles in the future, being a cultivator ensured that their grandson will not have problems with money.

But all of a sudden, Elder Xing Cai and An Da felt a heavy pressure fall down upon them.

'T-this?!' Elder Xing Cai hurriedly look towards the direction of where the pressure is coming from.

"What... did you do to Grandma?"

There, Viel was currently looking at them with ill intent. His cute demeanor from earlier was totally gone. Elder Xing Cai couldn't believe that this little boy could put pressure on her like that. Sure, she wasn't really putting her guard up, but to release this kind of pressure against her can be considered impossible.

"Viel! That's very rude!" Grandma Ling immediately slapped Viel's buttocks.

"G-grandma!" Viel immediately cried as he touched his butt. Although he didn't really feel anything, he knew that he did something wrong because Grandma Ling scolded him.

"Grandma Ling is just too happy to receive good news, that's why she cried! What did I tell you about staring at people like that?!" Grandma Ling continued to reprimand Viel for his actions.


The guests saw this as their time to exit. An Da handed Viel's Academy Identification card as they left and bid farewell to the Grandparents.

After they left, Grandma Ling sermons continued after a while.


"An Da, what do you think?" Elder Xing Cai asked An Da with a serious expression.

"Hm, the boy is truly not ordinary"

"We know that already! Do you think that there's some immortal running around behind the scenes?"

"Hm, if there was, the academy should've already known. There's also the possibility that Viel is truly just gifted by the High Heavens. Maybe they gifted him to us for finally defeating the Evil Monarch."

An Da theorized, convinced that there wasn't an immortal behind Viel.

"…I forgot that you Taizhou people were hardcore believers… and also, we did not defeat The Devil, the Hero of Freiden did that alone", Xing Cai replied, clearly disappointed about something.

Both them continued to discuss for a while before bidding their farewells.


Viel was standing in a hallway, walking back and forth, obviously thinking about something.

If you see this scene in the modern day, you would probably see a young little boy nervous about walking in on his first class of kindergarten. But contrary as to what modern day people would believe, Viel was currently deeply thinking of how to make his entrance as shocking as possible.

Viel had been the very first person to arrive in the academy, but he decided not to go to inside so he can cook up a surprise for his future classmates. But the harsh reality is, even if he just entered the class, those who remembered him from the entrance exam would probably pee themselves.

Viel's eyes glowed as he thought of something.

[Soul 02: Form of The Beast]

Suddenly, flaming small horns grew on Viel's shoulders. His golden hair turned black and grew even longer and strands of fur can be seen forming on his face, claws appeared on his fingers and his teeth grew longer and sharper. Examining himself, Viel was very contended with his current beast-like form.

Inhaling a deep breath, Viel barged into the classroom.

"PREPARE YOURSELF MORTALS!" Viel shouted with his cute little voice. Maybe if he was older, this would have been very scary. But alas, his small frame and cute face didn't really make much of a monster. He looked more like a baby cow.

The students, who were currently talking with each other, just stared at him, not knowing what to think of it. Most of the students in this classroom were the ones who scored the highest on the exam, this was after all, the elite class.

Diao Mei, Wei Song, and Violet was also already present. Out of everyone, the only one that held a surprised expression was Violet. The rest of them were just staring with a blank expression.

"…r-roar?" Viel tried to imitate a roaring beast, but he only looked like a kitten purring. The other students smiled and were jubilant, like when a child sees a cute stray kitten.

Viel was disappointed with the outcome, so he retracted his powers and returned to his usual look. Bit by bit, the furs on his body went back in. The horns grew smaller and smaller until you can't see them anymore. He was back to normal.

When the students saw his original form, their eyes opened in shock. Some of them froze, and some even ran away out of the classroom. The whole class was in a state of panic.

Seeing this, Viel was initially started, but realized that this was his chance to surprise them. He spread his arms wide and… he laughed maniacally.

"HAHAHAHAHA! RUN! RUN FOOLISH MORTALS!", Viel shouted, completely forgetting that he was no longer disguised as a monster.

The other students started to panic even more, one of them even jumped from the window. Only a few of the students remained on their seats.

Diao Mei's eyes were shining, seemingly full of admiration. 'So, this is what having strength looks like!'

Wei Song remained seated as he sweat buckets.

Violet had a curious gaze.

Aside from them though, the whole classroom was in chaos.

Children howling like monkeys and calling for their fathers and mothers, a small little boy laughing maniacally in front of the class, what is this if not chaos?

In the doorway of the classroom, a boy with a huge scar on his face can be seen entering the room, this was Xiao Pei.

When he noticed what was happening in the classroom, he stared blankly for a few seconds and…

closed the door and left.

Xiao Pei didn't want to have anything to do with what was happening in the classroom right now.

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