1 Chapter 1 - Prologue 1: Vessel of The God

"Quick! The Lord is soon to perish! Retrieve the chosen vessel from the ancient coffer! Hurry!"

"S-senior… i-it's not here!"


In an immaculate palace seemingly made with clouds, up above the skies. A group of white winged-men in robes are running around, full of panic and distress. Perhaps white winged is not the right term to describe them, as their wings are more akin to the rays of the sun.

The men continued with their plight as they try to find this chosen vessel. Suddenly, a man with a noticeably larger wing barged in to the palace room, carefree and seemed to be eating something. The man was surprised to see his brethren panicking and running all around the place.

"What's the commotion all about, my friends?"

"E-elder Chen! Where hast you been!? No… I suppose it matters not. We humbly require your assistance in finding the Lord God's chosen vessel!"

"W-what!? Very well."

Even though Elder Chen was taken by surprise, he still nodded and calmly placed the food that he was consuming on the nearby table. To his bewilderment, all the winged men were staring at the food he put aside.

"E-elder C-chen… With respects, b-but what did you just place on that table?"

"Oh, this? It is my ration, my friend. I did not get the chance to finish it because of an emergency expedition. Thus, I am eating it now. It is very savory and strong, if I may say so myself", Elder Chen casually licked his fingers.

"A-and… Where did you get it?", the small winged man started to sweat.

"Huh? Are you questioning me? What do you mean where did I get it? Of course I got it from-"

As Elder Chen was about to point at one of the glass coffers on the corner of the room, his expression writhed in regret as he suddenly realized something. The one beside the glass coffer he was pointing at has a huge label plastered on it, "Elder Chen's Daily Sustenance". Relatively, the glass coffer he was pointing at had a label as well.

"The Lord God's Vessel. Please Do Not Touch."

Elder Chen's expression becomes even uglier as his wings made of light started to flicker. Everyone else present could not help but stare at him and to the glass coffer he was pointing at in silence. Some of them already crying.



Elder Chen is currently kneeling in front of a throne. Seated on the throne was a bright light. Or more specifically, a human shaped light.

"L-lord God! Please! Forgive this foolish servant! I shall take my life and condemn myself to hell if the Lord God desires it… No, I shall do it even if Lord God does not order so!"

As Elder Chen was about to pull his wings off, the light sitting on the throne waved its hand slowly.

"Stand, my servant. It matters not as it is already done."

"B-but… Lord God, I-"

"Enough! It is done.", the light stood up. Suddenly, everyone in the throne room felt a colossal pressure dawning upon them. Some almost choked to death at the majestic presence. Not one of them dared to move, afraid they will perish if they do so. But as soon as the pressure came, it also went away as swiftly.

The title Lord God is bestowed amongst those who have transcended immortality. It is a title that carries utmost authority and power. A being that is superior to all minor and senior gods alike. The pressure emitted by the Lord God is as strong as being toppled by a thousand mountains.

"My servants, my light is disappearing. I can feel it, the time for me to perish has come."

Hearing this, the winged servants all carried a grave expression. And even though they can no longer feel the heavy pressure on them, they all still kneeled on the floor and started to cry. Elder Chen was the most affected of all, even though no tears fell from his eyes, his wings started to dim and his expression blank.

"Lord God! Please, tell us what to do!", all the other winged men shouted in despair.

"Bring me the Soul Searcher!", the light waved its hands.

Elder Chen, who was still kneeling on the floor, suddenly vanished.

A few seconds later, a flash of light suddenly appeared, and Elder Chen can once again be seen kneeling on the floor- carrying what seems to be an orb made of glass.

"Lord God, I dare not ask for forgiveness again, I only wish to help you find a suitable vessel as soon as possible!"

The light nodded as Elder Chen handed him the Soul Searcher.

In the hands of the Lord God, the Soul Searcher lit up. It was bright enough to even blind the mortals. Suddenly, the light scattered like a hundred billion fireflies.

Everyone held their breath as the Lord God stood up from his throne and looked at the orbs of light floating around the palace.

A minute,

an hour,

a day,

a week.

The servants watched as their Lord God continue to fail to find a suitable vessel. And, for once in their existence, they can feel it.

Their Lord God is dying.

The light that once surrounded their Lord God slowly disappear.

In place of the divine light that veiled their Lord God, is a woman. A frail old but beautiful woman.

Seeing this, the tears that Elder Chen has been holding back started to fall like a storm.

'This… this is all my fault. The Lord God is dying because of me… what… what do I do.. Lord God… please.. tell me what to do'

Elder Chen once again looked at their Lord God's face who was still calmly trying to find a vessel. The other winged men only saw a calm woman, but not Elder Chen. Elder Chen can see the desperation in their Lord God's eyes.

And just like that, Elder Chen's expression suddenly seemed to be full of resolution.

"Lord God… this life, I offer to you", Elder Chen smiled as he ripped his wings calmly.

The rest of the winged men saw this action and couldn't help but be filled with admiration. Each one of them closed their eyes and bowed their heads in respect. Even the Lord God, who was concentrating looked in shock.

Elder Chen's wings slowly turned into a ball of light. That soon grew bigger and bigger until it resembled the sun.

"Lord God! I offer my soul to you! Use this lowly one's life to find your vessel!"

The Lord God, who now resembled an old beautiful woman, smiled and nodded. She closed her eyes and spread her arms wide.

The ball of light was quickly absorbed by her as if it was sucked into a vacuum. As the ball of light was almost gone, the Lord God spoke.

"Little Chen Fan… Your life, I receive.", The Lord God looked at Elder Chen with a very warm expression.

Hearing this, Elder Chen smiled and gasped at the same time. Hearing his name being said by his Lord God after a million years again. He was full of joy and also sadness, for he knows that this is also the last time he will be able to hear it. His Lord God's face also grew younger and younger until her skin is as smooth as porcelain, revealing a beauty with no comparison.

"T-thank you, Senior Lu Ying… I-"

Before Elder Chen can finish what he wanted to say, the light faded from his eyes as he fell down. Like a puppet with its strings cut.

And just like that, he was gone. The oldest servant of Heaven has died. A sacrifice needed for their Lord God to live. For a servant of God, is this not the most honorable thing in the universe?

"Everyone, prepare the assimilation! I have found a suitable vessel and wish to transfer immediately!", The Lord God commanded.

"Yes! Whatever your Lord God demands!"

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