Reincarnated As An Impotent In Another World Book

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Reincarnated As An Impotent In Another World


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THIS NOVEL IS ON A TEMPORARY HOLD!! Imagine, you are a guy who got countless girlfriends and has everything you desire. But you die and get reincarnated in another world with erectile dysfunction. A nightmare, isn't it? The same happened to Arsh. He was a pop star and a pervert, gaining the advantage of his fame and riches, he slept with whoever he wanted. But one day, he tried to make out with a girl and died of shock because he came to know that she had a penis. He got a choice to get reincarnated in another world to atone for his sins but ended up insulting the goddess of the void. So he gets thrown into that world while having erectile dysfunction. He now has to find a way to treat his impotence. He will learn new things, have experiences that will change his views on manhood, and even the world, entirely. Follow him in his new journey on self-discovery where he faces new challenges in a broken world of sorcery and different races. What will happen when an impotent pervert is chosen as the protector of humanity? I hope you will like it! (The cover doesn't belong to me. If you are the artist or the owner, contact me if you want me to remove it.)


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