3 Realization

Although Thomas Harrier had come from Earth, he'd transmigrated to another world, in a country called Ruthenia Empire.

He was certain that there is no chance of survival on that crash and yet he is his, stuck in a body of a prince named Alexander de Romanoff, the prince of the Ruthenia Empire, that would soon become an Emperor according to the laws of succession.

Alone in his room, the royal maids of the palace made sure that the prince is getting his nutrients while he was resting in his room.

The royal doctor was also summoned by the imperial household to examine the prince's health. 

In addition, Thomas made sure that he is exercising his body by walking around in circles in his room, this is to ready his body for what was to come.

Two weeks later, on the day he finished his recovery, his three sisters threw him a celebratory banquet.

But before attending the event, Thomas decided to explore the palace to ascertain his location.

He came up with an idea. Since some of the technologies present in this world have similarities to his past world what about locations? Landmarks?

And once he exited the palace, Thomas found out that the palace he is currently staying in looked familiar.

Winter Palace, St. Petersburg.

The palace is rectangular, it's four stories high and its facade is composed of white marble.

The castle's grandeur and massive size can't be easily ignored.

A baroque palace, the palace's architecture is a mix between ancient and modern. The palace's exterior is made of red stones that give it a translucent look, white and silver-colored walls give it a shimmer.

Was that a coincidence? He thought to himself.

No, it's impossible. The date is July 2, 1923. He may not be a history nerd but he can tell that in 1917, Russia had fallen from a revolution. Yet in this world, the monarch stood strong.

Not only that, the names of the royal family do not match with the royalty reigning in the Ruthenia Empire.

At first, he thought that he was transported back in time but with the information at hand, It seems that he is in a different world altogether.

He couldn't accept completely the premise he had made while he was resting, however, today Thomas realizes his insane theory.

"Looks like I just have to accept it huh...? That it would appear that I had arrived in a world entirely different from my own."


Dressed in an ornate red military jacket adorned with golden epaulets and a red sash. Thomas...No, Alexander, arrive at the dining hall.

The dining hall is like any formal dining hall- it has a long table with chairs on both sides. Sitting in their respective places were his siblings.

However, there were only two of them. Christina and Tiffania.

"Welcome brother, have you finished your stroll around the palace for today?" Christina greeted him with a smile.

"Yes, I have. The doctor also said that I'm already fit to move around. Saying that I have to pay attention to my health." He said.

"That's good to hear." Christina gave a warm smile.

Oh wait, there's one more person at the table.

"Come on, let's go take our seats." Christina took Alexander's hand and led him to his seat.

Meanwhile, the other sibling, Tiffania, has her eyes glued at the entrance of the dining hall with a pout on her lips while she held a golden champagne flute in her hand.

Tiffania is the fourth child of the imperial family. She is currently a young princess at the age of 16.

Just like Christina and the other two princesses of the royal family, she has silky and smooth hair. It's long, reaching down to her waist. And just like Christina, her hair was decorated with an elegant tiara.

She has a slim, young, and beautiful face. She has a petite body with her height reaching 5'5.

She has a dull, and lifeless blue eyes. Her skin is somehow pale, so pale that it looks like it's made of porcelain. And her lips, as if it's been painted by blood, it's also colored pink, giving her an alluring look.

When Tiffania noticed his eyes fixed on her, she furrowed her brow. "What are you staring at? Creepy."

She said coldly, making Alexander irritated.

"Don't be like that. Why not welcome me properly? You know, it's rude to tell your own brother that he's a creep." He scolded her, just like how the real Alexander would do.

"You're always like this. Shut up." Tiffania answered.

The two have a complicated relationship, Alexander doesn't know why but she's always bitter and cold towards his brother.

Alexander sighed and shook his head. "It's been years and yet your attitude towards me has not changed. How sad. And I thought that you at least will treat me well after my recovery."

"Just shut up and go to your seat." her words were like daggers.

"Alright, alright." He gave up and sat in his seat.

He inwardly clicked his tongue, completely annoyed by her behavior. If he were to meet her in his world and display that kind of attitude, he would've called her out.

"Is this how siblings interact with one another?" He muttered inaudibly. He doesn't know, after all, he doesn't have a sibling in his world.

However, the tension between them didn't go away.

"Tiffania, you're being rude to your brother. Apologize to him now." Christina scolded.

Christina is the third child of the royal family. Compared to Tiffania, Christina is a gentle, caring, kind, and amiable one. Never once in Alexander's life, has he had a fight with Christina because apparently, he likes her. She's the only one who understands and accepts him.

"Not in a million years!" Tiffania harrumphed, glaring at Alexander indifferently.

"That's enough! We're here to celebrate your brother's recovery not so you can make another fight with him. So, please, stop this fight." Christina pleaded.

Tiffania sighed exasperatedly. "Fine, but only for this day."

"Thank you."

Alexander heaved a sigh of relief, grateful the ordeal was over. He looked over at the dinner dishes neatly placed on the table, marveling at how sweet and succulent the freshly breaded cutlets were along with all the other dishes, including apples, pears, plums, and wine.

Christina then gave Alexander a wine glass and poured some wine into it. "Brother, please drink some wine so you can celebrate your recovery."

"I'm alright, I just want to eat some food," Alexander said as he took a piece of cutlet, impressed at how soft and fluffy the breading was, then took a bite and placed the cutlet in his mouth. He then chewed the cutlet and swallowed it. The texture and taste are just right.

Now, this doesn't look like a family dinner. There are four missings, his now-deceased father and mother, the eldest and the youngest child of the royal family.

The reason for that is simple, his elder sister is in a foreign country, married to a foreign prince, as for the youngest...

"It's so sad that Anastasia can't eat with us." Christina had a wistful look in her eyes after saying that.

Tiffania on the other hand looked down solemnly.

He wondered why.

The thing about Alexander's memories is that it acts like computer storage. For example, if you want to look for a specific file, you'll have to type the name of the file down at the search engine, then it will be displayed.

So in Thomas's case, if he wants to know about something that only Alexander would know, he has to focus his mind on a certain subject. Then he just has to hope that information exists regarding the said subject.

Setting that aside, Thomas searched for info about the youngest child of the royal family.

According to Alexander's memories. The reason why she can't come with them is because of her weak constitution.

But that's not all, Thomas widened his eyes in horror after knowing more about her.

She's inflicted with a deadly disease. Tuberculosis to be exact.

Christina's lower lips were trembling as tears began to moist her eyes.

"Poor Anastasia...She's only 12 yet she's already suffering from a deadly disease. It's not fair...It's not fair..." Christina said, sobbing. "I'm sorry brother, for seeing my cry on this occasion."

"It's fine, the feeling is mutual," Alexander said calmly.

Tiffania also had a sad look on her face.

This is the first time Thomas had seen such depressing faces. There is no doubt that they loved Anastasia.

Tuberculosis is considered in this world a deadly disease that if you're inflicted with it and left untreated, you can either die or remain bedridden for the rest of your life.

Though in his world, tuberculosis can be combatted by antibiotics, however in this world, such medication didn't exist yet.

According to the royal doctor attending Anastasia, she only has a year or two left in this world.

To think that Anastasia will die of such an easily curable disease.

It feels weird but Thomas also felt heartbroken knowing that fact.

Thomas lost his energy to eat. He stood up and looked at his two sisters with a determined look.

"It pains my heart to see you two saddened by Anastasia's condition. So I decided, that I will do what is in my power to save her." He announced and continued. "So let me see her."

Tiffania and Christina gazed at him with a shocked expressions.

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