Reincarnated as an Energy with a System Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Reincarnated as an Energy with a System


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[DISCLAIMER: This is not a cultivation novel, even though it turns into one for a bit towards the beginning] Ning Ruogong died to Zebras as he laid his hands on The Energy System, which reincarnated him to the Southern continent of the Planet Kumia. How strong will he become after cultivating as an undying entity? ********** Read my other books: [ Ultimate Monster Evolution ] [ Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy ] *********** Upload Schedule Chapters will now be up at 10 am and 6 pm GMT+8 (Power Stone Reset Time is 12 am) any extra chapters, if required to drop will come in between these two hours. ******** Disclaimer: The art is not mine and all credit goes to the artist. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/HuMaR7EVm7

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