1194 Weird

Ning lay down on the bed as the dizziness finally started to wear off after drinking the medicine that he was given. His pain reduced a bit as well, and the doctors started checking him on what was wrong.

"You have a cut to the head, not a severe one, but you might want to keep the bandage on it for a few days. Your third and fifth ribs on your right chest are snapped in half. That will require a few months to heal entirely."

"As for the rest of your injuries, we have applied some ointments. Those should heal within a day or two," the doctor said.

"Thank you, doctor," Ning said. 

"Alright, now… do you wish to concede from your upcoming matches or will you want to fight?" the doctor asked.

The question made Ning scratch his head as he couldn't choose anything. He hadn't thought of the upcoming matches, but now that he did, he didn't know what it was that he wanted.

"Can I… let you guys know later?" he asked.


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