72 Starsight

In less than a day, Ning was out of the forest. Following the old man named Kaezir Brouch and the young lady named Mikaela Brouch was not a mistake at all for Ning. Aside from his name and place of origin, the old man asked him nothing. So, Ning decided to not ask anything in return either.

As such the rest of the journey had been a silent, awkward one. From time to time, he would see men and women, both single and in the group, walking around the forest. However, no one seemed to want to talk with anyone.

Finally, only after leaving the forest did he see a city in front of him. "Welcome to Starsight City, my young friend," the old man said.

"Woah," Ning said looking at the massive walls. 'That reminds me of the walls back in the southern continent,' he thought.

"Do you guys get a lot of Monster invasions in this town?" Ning asked directly.


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